Monday, March 26, 2012

The Price

I have been exhausted all day and I’m not sure why to be completely honest. I slept just fine but still seemed to be completely off my ass tired all day long. So that being said I’m not sure either why I decided to bring home extra work to get done tonight after working both jobs and working out. Oh well I guess I’m the eternal optimist or something like that. On a similar vein is the fact that I am now planning to wake up early to get the same stuff done tomorrow morning. It will happen… It will happen… It will happen. That is my new mantra for the next 10 hours or so.

Elliptical Machine: 2.94miles and 525calories

The Price
The Enterprise and Captain Picard are playing host to trade negotiations for exclusive rights to a newly discovered “stable wormhole”, the first to be discovered apparently. Involved in the negotiations are The Federation, The Chrysalians, The Ferengi, and one other group that really doesn’t matter a whole lot. Picard takes the stand that the Federation won’t negotiate until the Wormhole is further investigated to determine if it is stable and thus they are granted the right to study the wormhole. Meanwhile one of the negotiators, Devinoni Ral, develops feelings for Counselor Troi and they begin to have a romantic affair. During the course of the romance Ral reveals that he is ¼ Betazoid but keeps this a secret to give himself an advantage in negotiations. Troi feels that this is unethical because it is for personal gain and the two seem to end their affair then and there. Geordi and Data enter the wormhole in a shuttlecraft and two Ferengi also enter in a shuttlecraft of their own. Geordi and Data quickly discover that only the Barzan end of the wormhole is fixed but the end wanders around the galaxy. The Ferengi refuse to believe the two and they wind up getting trapped in the Delta Quadrant. Ral makes a back handed agreement with the Barzan but only moments before the truth of the wormhole is revealed. Troi also pulls a fast one and reveals Ral’s secret to the delegation group.

The episode really has a complex plot that twists and turns a bit so it is really hard to write a short review of the episode today. So sorry the above summary is a bit choppy. The episode also contains footage of the actual “Star Trek The Next Generation Workout” as Troi and Crusher do their Jane Fondas and talk shop about the sexy Devinoni Ral! It is so funny LOL

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