Monday, February 29, 2016

Faces & Jetrel

So this boy has once again hit point where I just can't accept that I've foolishly let myself put on ten pounds since the holiday season. Running or no running this is not acceptable folks! Now I'm motivated to change and correct my mistakes and yes it will help a little bit that I can start running tomorrow :) I'm able to make this change, I've done it before, I'll do it again and I'll make it happen.

I've laid out a map for the next several months to get me to the Goldy's Run 10 Mile race, the Salk It To Me 5K and the Buffalo Triathlon. I'm just not decided if it will be the sprint or olympic distance. The only part that worries me is that swim the rest I can fake my way through and still succeed. You cannot fake it in the water.

205 :(
1/4 mile swim
Upper and Lower Body Weight Lifting

The Vidiian's are at it again and this time they feel that a Klingon will be able to fight off their disease. The split Torres in two and things are just odd but its interesting for character development.

Neelix's past as a warrior is brought to the present when a war criminal turned good comes to cure him of a disease that he has potentially become infected with. Once again Star Trek at its character plot drive best.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Today I didn't want to go to the gym because I honestly just was not feeling it at the end of my work day but.. I went and I am very glad that I did. Lifting has been interesting and I'm sure I'm not doing as much as I should be but hey I am doing it and that counts for something, Right?

The week has been going well and today went super great to be honest. I had my review with the school principal. I was a bit nervous to start but I didn't need to be I know. The kids were extremely well behaved and were able to help me show what they have learned while the principal watched. I have not had my formal meeting yet but I got an email with a very positive message. Days like this make me remember why I love my job and it helps to energize me.

Workout: Upper Body Lifting, 30 minutes on the Elliptical, 15 on the Bike, 1/2 mile in the pool

Cathexis: An alien being has invaded the ship and lots of crazy stuff happens. Turns out that Chakotay's spirit, which left his body is trying to help the crew from total disaster. Not a great episode... once again.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Heroes and Demons

One thing that I hate at the gym is when I am on the bike and about 10 minutes in... for lack of a better word my "undercarriage" goes numb. I am then stuck with numb bits and a whole heck of a lot of time left on the bike. I then think to myself "this can't be healthy for me boys, why am I doing this?"

Apart from my junk going numb it was a great day at the gym today! I have been on a kick of weight lifting at the gym to help my knees gain some strength. I hope it is working because I get to run very soon and I couldn't be more happy. I am also happy because I have been paired up with a running buddy through a program called I Run 4 Michael which pairs a runner with a child who has disabilities as a social connection. I've been paired since December but now I actually get to start running for her and I can't wait to get a T-Shirt and other swag to show off at the races.

Today: Lifting (Legs), Bike and Swim

Heroes and Demons- Voyager meets Beowulf and it sucks! Nothing further is needed!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A few days in one post!

Valentines has come and gone and I'm in LOVE :)

Life is good thats all really.

Emanations- The crew accidentally stumbles on a society's burial grounds and messes stuff up.
Prime Factors- The crew has a chance to get home but the prime directive gets in the way.
State of Flux- The Voyager have a run in with the Kazon and Seska is a bitch and a Cardassian. WOW

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ex Post Facto

Happy Snow Storm Minnesota! It is coming down pretty hard out there and the wind is blowing like none other. I love these storms especially when I get to hang out in the house and I don't have to drive. I do love the winter and it is so strange that when the winter is rough I hate winter but when we are having a mild winter I long for snow storms.

Day 2 of lifting- upper body focus today

1/2 hour on the Bike

15 minutes on the elliptical

I am feeling fat and unhappy with my body right now. I know it is a number on the scale and I am letting it take too much of my thought but I can't help it.


Ex Post Facto- Tom Paris is accused and tried for murder so Janeway and Tuvok investigate and it turns out that he was set up to be used as a spy between two governments. AKA this is the one with the crazy stupid feather/bird head folks.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Voyager starts the trek home!

Today I looked at the scale and I was anything but happy! I got down on myself frequently throughout the day and in my head all of my clothes fit like they were about two sizes too small. Through all of this mental self hate and down talk what did I do more than other days you ask... well it is simple. I ate. A handful of Chex Mix here, a piece of chocolate there and a few airheads. This of course left me feeling like an airhead. I've always had a love/hate with food and today was just another battle in the struggle of my life.

I turned it around through a good workout consisting of the bike, the elliptical and weight training! Yes folks I've decided that I need to start lifting to support my life and to help strengthen my knees.

woo hoo!

Parallax- The ship is caught in an event horizon and things get confusing but on the upside Torres and Janeway bond!

Time and Again- The crew stumble upon a major catastrophe that destroyed an entire planet and now they work tirelessly to stop it as they have found themselves transported back in time three days.

Phage- While trying to find dilithium Neelix is attacked and his lungs have been removed. The crew has its first encounter with the Vidiians who are infected with the Phage.

The Cloud- The ship heads into a cloud that they feel is a nebula but it turns out to be a living environment that must now be repaired.

Eye of the Needle- Kim discovers a wormhole and the crew gets excited. Eventually they figure out how to transport along the wormhole but sadly the wormhole leads to a time 20 years in the pass.