Monday, March 26, 2012

The Price

I have been exhausted all day and I’m not sure why to be completely honest. I slept just fine but still seemed to be completely off my ass tired all day long. So that being said I’m not sure either why I decided to bring home extra work to get done tonight after working both jobs and working out. Oh well I guess I’m the eternal optimist or something like that. On a similar vein is the fact that I am now planning to wake up early to get the same stuff done tomorrow morning. It will happen… It will happen… It will happen. That is my new mantra for the next 10 hours or so.

Elliptical Machine: 2.94miles and 525calories

The Price
The Enterprise and Captain Picard are playing host to trade negotiations for exclusive rights to a newly discovered “stable wormhole”, the first to be discovered apparently. Involved in the negotiations are The Federation, The Chrysalians, The Ferengi, and one other group that really doesn’t matter a whole lot. Picard takes the stand that the Federation won’t negotiate until the Wormhole is further investigated to determine if it is stable and thus they are granted the right to study the wormhole. Meanwhile one of the negotiators, Devinoni Ral, develops feelings for Counselor Troi and they begin to have a romantic affair. During the course of the romance Ral reveals that he is ¼ Betazoid but keeps this a secret to give himself an advantage in negotiations. Troi feels that this is unethical because it is for personal gain and the two seem to end their affair then and there. Geordi and Data enter the wormhole in a shuttlecraft and two Ferengi also enter in a shuttlecraft of their own. Geordi and Data quickly discover that only the Barzan end of the wormhole is fixed but the end wanders around the galaxy. The Ferengi refuse to believe the two and they wind up getting trapped in the Delta Quadrant. Ral makes a back handed agreement with the Barzan but only moments before the truth of the wormhole is revealed. Troi also pulls a fast one and reveals Ral’s secret to the delegation group.

The episode really has a complex plot that twists and turns a bit so it is really hard to write a short review of the episode today. So sorry the above summary is a bit choppy. The episode also contains footage of the actual “Star Trek The Next Generation Workout” as Troi and Crusher do their Jane Fondas and talk shop about the sexy Devinoni Ral! It is so funny LOL

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Enemy

So I didn’t do my elliptical workout yesterday because I went for  bike ride with friends and have officially decided to buy a bike in the upcoming week! Anyways back to the interesting events of the weekend and most of them happened when I went to go grocery shopping at Wal-Mart on Saturday. At Wal-Mart I observed a few shocking things.

1-      I saw a woman on a payphone! I was one shocked that there are still payphones because I have not noticed one in a long time. The other shocker is that the woman was on the phone when I entered the store and the when I left the store about 45 minutes later she was still on the payphone. Apparently she had a lot to say on this Saturday morning.

2-      Two Words- SIDE BOOB! I was walking in the dairy section and walked past a larger lady in a sleeveless shirt (that she made herself) and out of the corner of my eye I noticed that there was no bra in sight. UGH No one wants to see that so please folks wear shirts with sleeves or wear bras or just cover up and look in a mirror before you go outside!

3-      MULLETS! OMG people please don’t cut your hair short in the front and long in the back, it hasn’t been cool since the 80’s and I didn’t look good … EVER!
4-      Bikes are so fun and I really need to find places to go biking

Elliptical Machine- (forgot to track the calories but I do remember it was over 400)

The Enemy
The Enterprise is investigating an emergency beacon on the planet Galorndon Core. Worf, Riker and Geordi beam down to the planet which is continually ravaged by electrical storms that result in scanner and communication interruptions. Worf and Riker find a destroyed Romulan ship and a stranded Romulan officer. They return to the beam down sight and are forced to return to the ship when Geordi doesn’t come back to the ship. Geordi meanwhile falls down into a cavern and is left to fend for himself. Geordi is attacked by a Romulan officer named Bochra and the two must now come to some type of agreement in order to work together to stay alive. We all know how these stories work, initially they hate each other, then they build some trust, then there is a betrayal and finally they become friends and help each other out. Meanwhile on the Enterprise Picard is dealing with a Romulan commander who demands that his officers be returned. Worf is dealing with a request from Dr. Crusher to donate ribosomes to save the wounded Romulans life. He refuses even after a Picard talks to him about the risks of not donating the ribosomes. In the end a war is avoided and Geordi is returned safely.

This is the episode that almost every sci-fi show does at some point during their run, and I think that The Next Generation pulled it off pretty well. I do believe to that every other Star Trek series did a “two enemies must work” episode almost every series. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Booby Trap

A great day today even though I slipped again and went to the Pizza Ranch, though today I only had one slice of Pizza and a big salad so that isn’t too bad. I also found a cute shirt to wear tomorrow so that is a high point. I have been putting off the big clothes shopping trip for a few more months and I have decided to just make it through until the really cute summer clothes come out in the stores. For those of you who know me this is going to be like Lent on speed and taking crack at the same time. I love shopping and in particular I love shopping for clothing and shoes for me!

Elliptical Machine- 530calories and 3.00miles (max cardio workout)

Weekly Weigh-In: 215pounds!!!

Booby Trap
The Enterprise is surveying the remains of a thousand year old battlefield in space when it comes upon a derelict space cruiser from that war. The two races involved in the war destroyed each other but this ship is one of the only artifacts left that oddly has not been found over the last 1,000 years. I find this all hard to believe that the ship really has not been found and that no one has surveyed this battle site! Picard and a small landing party beam over to the ship to discover that something strange happened to the ship and it was stranded in space. Upon return the crew finds that they too are stuck in what appears to be a 1000 year old booby trap. Geordi is now faced with the task of getting the ship’s power system to work before the shields drop and the crew is exposed to deadly radiation. He goes through the trouble and wastes the ships power to create a holographic representation of Dr. Leah Brahms, who designed the Enterprise’s engines. Geordi and the fake Dr. Brahms find a solution and the Enterprise and its’ crew are rescued in the nick of time.

As a sub-plot Geordi is looking for love in all the wrong places and gets the rejection from a date on the holodeck in the first five minutes of the show. He eventually falls in love with the hologram of Dr. Brahms so again he is looking for love in all the wrong places. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Bonding

Some guys are sleazy douche bags! I was at subway today and the guy who was supposed to be helping me out decided to chat with some girl instead. Apparently he and this girl were dating or something! She had just cashed his check at the store and then he asked her to go and fill his tank but wait for it… he didn’t give her any cash with which to fill the tank. It gets better, this girl had a baby out in the car that she had to transfer to the DB’s car so she could fill the tank. I am not one to say that we need to be chivalrous or anything but this guy was a dick. What self respecting woman would be dating this guy and not seeing him for the sleazebag that he really is. I hate to make judgments but I’m guessing she has issues or something. Other than the ridiculousness of the Sub-Way sandwich shop my day was really great. I got a tone done at work, the second job was fine, and then rehearsal was good.

Elliptical- 513calories and 2.88miles (Strength Builder routine)

The  Bonding
A crew member dies while on a mission on a barren planet. The death brings up a lot of issues for several people on the ship. Captain Picard remembers why he doesn’t think children should be on board starships. Wesley and Dr. Crusher both remember when they lost a family member, father/husband, during an away mission under the command of Captain Picard. Worf feels guilty for leading a mission and losing a crew member. Data is trying to comprehend death and the way that humans cope with the loss of friends and loved ones. Meanwhile Troi is placed in the middle of everything trying to keep everyone on the right track to grieving in a healthy way. The dead crewmember had a son, Jeremy Astor, who is now an orphan. The young man isn’t dealing with the loss well and the situation only gets worse when a mysterious life form from the planet comes on board to help the boy heal. The only issue is that she is trying to pose as the boy’s mother to make him happy. The life form later reveals itself to be a survivor of a war who is determined not to let the old war impact any other lives. Picard, Troi, Worf, and Wesley convince the alien to leave and the boy to move on. In the end Worf and Jeremy participate in a Klingon bonding ceremony which links them as “brothers” for the rest of their lives.

Gabriel Damon… AKA Spot Conlon from NEWSIES stars as young Jeremy Astor. I wonder what he is up to now and if he is still as cute as he was in NEWSIES. Well I looked it up and he isn’t up to much except the occasional acting gig and nope he isn’t that cute anymore. Still it makes me want to watch Newsies so I just may have to over this upcoming weekend. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Who Watches The Watchers?

I was a bad kid today and went to the Chinese buffet for dinner and even though I stopped eating before 6 I still ate too much food. I know that I am allowed but when I get on the scale I can’t help but feel a little bad about my decisions. So to make up for it I worked out tonight instead of slacking which makes me feel better.
Elliptical Machine- 530calories and 2.5miles

Who Watches The Watchers?
The Enterprise is in route to help do some repair works for an outpost on Mintaka IV when they receive a distress signal from the outpost. The researchers are completing a “Duck Blind” mission in which they are studying a native people in the equivalent of Earth’s “bronze age”. The distress signal reveals that they have lost their power and are visible to the natives. While attempting to provide medical assistance to the researches the Enterprise crew is discovered and thus they have broken the prime directive. The crew is now faced with the challenge of setting things right, but there is still one researcher on the planet that must be retrieved. In order to find the missing researcher Troi and Riker beam down surgically altered to look like Mintakas so they can infiltrate the people and look for the missing man. They discover that the infestation has become much worse than they could ever imagine, the Mintakas believe that their savior of old has come back and that his name is “The Picard”. Picard decides to educate their leader and in the end it works but Picard gets shot by an arrow in the process. The Mintakas are apologized to and everything seems to be set back into place and the Enterprise is off to its next mission. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Survivors

I’ve honestly had nothing happening today other than the usual Work then Work then off to rehearsal. I did manage to muster up the strength to get on the elliptical so there is a bright spot of the day.

Elliptical Machine- 400calories and 2.26miles

The Survivors
The Enterprise answers a distress signal from a planet only to find it completely devastated with the exception of a small two acre chunk of land complete with two lifeforms. A landing party beams down and finds two elderly people who are aware of the devastation but seem to have moved on rather quickly. The two, Kevin and Rishon, seem extremely frustrated with the company and repeatedly ask the landing party to leave. Meanwhile on board Counselor Troi begins to hear music that begins to drive her crazy. The Enterprise crew continues to investigate the strange occurrence when a large alien ship comes into range and attacks the Enterprise and eventually flees with the Enterprise in pursuit. There are two more attacks on the Enterprise before Picard determines something strange is happening here. He beams down to the planet and finds the two extremely unaware that the Enterprise has returned and they are pissed. Picard forcibly beams the two up to the ship where the truth is revealed about the one surviving alien. It turns out the Kevin is a formless super being that has been posing as a human for over fifty years. He was living with Rishon as an illusion to help him forget his crime. Apparently a large group of aliens did attack the planet and the real Rishon had been killed and initially Kevin refused to fight. When he discovered that Rishon was dead he became enraged and killed the attacking aliens, but not just the ones on the ship…The entire race, as in complete genocide. Picard who is unsure of what to do allows Kevin to return to the planet and live out his days in his charade. Before he leaves though he cures Counselor Troi of her illness for which he was responsible. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Ensigns of Command

I have an incredibly sad addiction to light rock and adult contemporary music, particularly from the late 70’s and early 80’s. It is cheesy, tacky, mellow, and extremely over-produced oh and wonderful. Today I have been enjoying my Pandora radio app and listening to the likes of Christopher Cross, Barry Manilow, Robbie Dupree and Lionel Richie and I’ve been enjoying every minute of it. A particular favorite is Chrisopher Cross’ 1979 masterpiece “sailing”. How sad am I for loving this music but at the same point I don’t really even care what people think. My sister’s birthday party was a great deal of fun and I drank far too much of some nasty ass green vodka concoction, which I will never do again. At the end of the night we decided to go to a local dive bar and enjoy some local fun. It ended up being Karaoke night and so I got up twice to sing for the good people of Corcoran. The first was a duet of Bonnie Tyler’s “total eclipse of the heart” in which I sang the backup vocal and harmony on the rest… very fun! The second song was just me and I sang Al Green’s “let’s stay together”. I have not done this song in a long time but I would like to think I did a good job. The bar crowd applauded for me and the Karaoke guy even came to congratulate me on the performance. WooHoo.

Elliptical Machine- 2.56miles and 460 calories on the setting called “weight loss”

The Ensigns of Command
The Enterprise has been diverted to a planet because of a top priority transmission. It seems that a treaty has been breached between the Federation and the Sheliak, a race of super advanced non-humanoid beings. They have decided to colonize a planet in their space but they have found humans living on it and based on their treaty they had to give advanced warning before destroying all of the humans living there. Because of some strange radiation surrounding the planet Data must beam down and convince the humans to leave. Data encounters a colony of almost 15000 people who wound up on the planet after a guidance malfunction occurred on their ship. The colonists put up a big fight to the move but Data gets the help of a young woman who has an interest in robotics. Back on the ship Picard decides to meet the incoming Sheliak vessel in order to negotiate. Initially the Sheliak do not want to negotiate but Picard uses the treaty to his advantage and gets them to give him 3 weeks to evacuate the people. Back on the planet Data decides to use a little force and practically destroys the colonies irrigation system, this of course is after he tries the logical argument of the way the Sheliak will kill them. In the end the colonists agree to the move and the Sheliak get what they want even if it is delayed a few weeks. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Happy St. Paddy’s Everyone! I’ve often wondered why this holiday is such a big deal outside of Ireland. I’ve also wondered if this holiday is as big a deal in Ireland as it is here in the USA. Obviously since I don’t know the answer to these two questions I’ve not been curious enough to actually do a little research on the matter so I am content to keep on wondering. On tap for tonight is some food fun and drinking at my sister’s house to help celebrate her birthday. If I can get a little mushy for a second, my sister is truly my best friend. I can’t picture my life without her, which is one of the reasons that I have not pursued finding a job internationally. Well that and my mother would kill me if I ever moved more than 3 hours away from her.

Elliptical Machine- 465 calories and 2.65 miles (Max Cardio Workout)


The Enterprise is sent to help a scientist do an observation of a collapsing star when things go awry. The problem is that the ship keeps malfunctioning and having system wide glitches. The crew can’t figure out what the problem is, except for young Wesley Crusher. Who by the way is not so young anymore now in his third year aboard the Enterprise. Apparently while doing an experiment for school Wesley has let a few Nanites out of a secured holding area and they are causing trouble all over the ship. How could two small microscopic robots cause havoc, well of course they have learned to work together and are evolving into a higher level of being. The Picard is faced with two options, destroy the nanites so the experiment can happen or abandon the experiment and solve the nanite problem. Data is put in charge of trying to communicate with them when the scientist, who has gone a little crazy, decides to destroy a large group of the nanites. They creatures of course take action and the Enterprise is forced to solve the nanite problem and abandon the experiment. Data determines that he can let the Nanites enter his body and therefore more effectively communicate with Picard for the nanites. An agreement is reached and the nanites are given a planet to inhabit and take over, and then the Enterprise is free to go on its way. In a subplot the newly returned Doctor Crusher is feeling guilty for leaving her son and is worried he has grown up too quickly. She of course finds that her assumptions are of base and the mother and son team return to their healthy relationship.

Several changes here in the third season. 1- the uniforms have been modified to be two pieces with a raised collar. We now only see the minor players wearing the old collarless uniforms, which eventually goes away too. 2- Dr. Crusher is back onboard the Enterprise. I am grateful that she returned because I didn’t really like Pulaski at all. 3- The special effects have improved along with the writing and a few minor set updates.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Shades of Gray

Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps for lunch today and they were amazing. I work with some of the coolest people ever I must say. I brought in a recipe to ask a question of one of the lovely ladies in the office at school and she answered them quite well but then said “oh Paul, don’t bring lunch tomorrow I’ll make these for you”. WOW, make them she did and they were amazing as I already said. I can’t wait to make them for my sister’s birthday party tomorrow. The party is loosely St. Patrick’s Day themed so I will be bringing my homemade guacamole, chicken lettuce wraps, and appletini’s. Needless to say but I’m not following my diet tomorrow night.

Elliptical Machine- 2.25miles and 400calories

Shades of Gray
Riker is on an away mission on an uncharted planet when he is injured by some type of creature that he didn’t see. He is beamed up with Dr. Pulaski’s approval and they soon realize that he has been infected with parasites that are attacking his nervous system. Geordi and Data beam down to find the creature and determine it to be a parasitic infestation from a carnivorous plant. Riker begins to deteriorate quickly and the doctor and Troi start working to save his life. They begin stimulating his specific memory centers to attempt to slow the attack. They of course discover that negative emotions trigger a negative reaction from the parasites and he is cured in the nick of time.
The show is a clip show because of the writer’s strike that happened in 1989 which prevented the show from being produced. The premise of the show is quite simple and then was filled in with clips from episodes over the past two seasons of the show. It is a rather weak ending to the season but under the circumstances it is kind of a miracle the show even got made.
Season 2 is ended and now it is on to season 3, which means that the Next Generation is going to start getting consistently good from episode to episode. J

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Peak Performance

Shock and Horror! I was reviewing some old yearbook videos for inspiration and to make sure I don’t copy myself in the future. While watching a video I saw an image of myself that scared me… a video of me at about 270 pounds. What good motivation it was though. In other news…there is no other news today was a boring blog day. Sorry folks!

Today’s Workout- Elliptical: 3.2miles and 576calories

I used one of the elliptical’s preprogrammed workouts called “Max Cardio” and OMG my body hurts but I will have to use it from now on out.

Peak Performance
The Enterprise is set to participate in a simulated war game to test their readiness to defend against a savvier opponent, like the borg. A Federation adviser named Kolrami, who is basically a big hot air bag who has a gigantic ego. He informs the crew the Riker will be in command of an older decrepit starship and he is allowed up to a crew of 40 to run the ship. Riker chooses Worf, Geordi and Wesley to be his lead crew members. Meanwhile Data challenges Kolrami to a game of strategema and he loses which throws Data for a big loop. Troi and Pulaski both try to cheer him up but in the end he needs the TLC of Captain Picard to turn things around. The game starts and Riker pulls a couple of tricks out of his sleeve but then a Ferengi warship attacks out of the blue. The Enterprise and the other starship are now faced with working together to outsmart the Ferengi and get out of the situation alive. Of course it works and everything is set back to normal. In the end data challenges Kolrami to a rematch but this time he uses a different strategy, try to make the game last as long as possible without winning. This annoys Kolrami  to no end and Data eventually “wins” the game when Kolrami quits.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Emissary

I have made maybe my best yearbook commercial to date! It was a music video and I’m really happy with it and can’t wait to share it with the whole school. It was a glorious day outside today and the minute I left work I took full advantage of the day. I cleaned my garage out and then cleaned out my “new” deep freeze (it used to be my parents and had sat empty for a while). It was great to hang out in jeans, flip flops and a long sleeve T-shirt and feel comfortable! I love this time of year so much and just wish it could last longer because damn summer sucks! Other than all that stuff not much else is really going on with me at the moment.

Today’s Workout: Elliptical- 2.06miles and 375calories
The Emissary
The Enterprise is summoned to pick up a special Federation emissary who is being transported in a carrier probe. Apparently Starfleet couldn’t spring for a shuttle or something fancier for this special emissary. The emissary is a half klingon/half human woman named K’Ehleyr who has been sent to help the Enterprise rendezvous with a Klingon sleeper ship from the time before the Federation and Klingons were allies.  How the ship was missed for over 70 years is a shock but whatever just ignore this minor plot point because it really doesn’t matter too much. We learn quickly that Worf and K’Ehleyr have a romantic/sexual history and things did not end well. The two are very different but apparently that works for them. The two bicker and argue for a good ten minutes before they decide to quit working together. They both end up on the Holodeck in one of Worf’s “exercise programs” which are basically just whoop ass sessions between him and holographic bad guys. The two have a wonderful reunion with some implied sexual activity, but of course Worf spoils the mood when he initiates the klingon mating oath and it pisses K’Ehleyr off to no end. The encounter with the Klingon ship fast approaches but Worf ingeniously recommends that they trick the klingons into thinking that Worf is the captain of the Enterprise and shaming them into cooperating. Of course all works but Worf and K’Ehleyr don’t end on a good note.
The episode is a nice look at Worf’s personal life and his difficulties with relationships and in dealing with other klingons. We will of course see K’Ehleyr again when she reveals that she and Worf have a child named Alexander together but that will happen later. The addition of Worf’s personal life really helps to bring much more depth to his character that has up until now been very one dimensional.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Parent/Teacher conferences part one is over! The day went well and I got to share some really great news with the parents of the kids I work with! Days like this make me realize how much I love my job! After that it was off to one of my first rehearsals for The Wizard Of Oz here in Elk River... more information to come later!

Today’s Workout- 1.71miles and 310calories

The Enterprise is picking up a few delegates to a conference and the mission seems pretty routine, just pick up the crazy looking fish people and take them to the planet Pacifica. All goes well until that is Lwaxana Troi shows up to mix up the pot as she is also heading to Pacifica. Lwaxana once again is up to her old tricks of pursuing Picard and every other man on the ship for that matter. Deanna at this point informs Picard that her mother is going through “the phase” which is the equivalent to a human female’s Menopause, except in this case the female’s sex drive quadruples… YIKES. To avoid Lwaxana Captain Picard goes into the Holodeck to pass the time. Lwaxana decides to move along and in order to make Picard jealous she announces she is going to marry Riker, much to his surprise. Once she accepts that Picard doesn’t want her she decides to move on with her life. In the meantime the ugly fish passengers have come out of their self induced commas and upon seeing them Lwaxana discovers they are terrorists who are attempting to blow up the conference. They are taken away and Lwaxana leaves the Enterprise much to the joy of the whole crew!

The ending to this show is really quick and comes out of nowhere. The quickness of the “imposter” twist reminds me of the way almost every Gilbert and Sullivan show ends; with the smallest and stupidest detail being exploited. My favorite example is in Pirates of Penzance where the Major General convinces the pirates to surrender in Queen Victoria’s name. How stupid… a group of pirates really wouldn’t care what the queen of England said or did, but it is funny! I must also say that I have always loved the Lwaxana Troi character, she’s zany, eccentric, and brassy, and she always adds a little spice to the shows she’s a part of.  

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Up The Long Ladder

What a good day! So it was Sunday but it is like it’s only partly a Sunday. I don’t have to be to work tomorrow until mid-morning which means I get a half day to hang out. It was day two of taking care of mom and dad’s animals which is fun, kind of. I really do like the animals but It was never really “my thing” I guess. My parents and sister love having animals and living on their hobby farms but It is just not the life I would choose for myself. I enjoy animals and enjoy spending time with them but I’m a city kid at heart. Anyway then later today I went to a theatre meeting and we got a lot accomplished which is good because sometimes meetings seem less than productive. We have a plan for a summer show, which of course I will share with you all when I get the chance!
Today’s workout: Elliptical- 614calories and 3.4miles

Up The Long Ladder
The Enterprise has picked up a distress signal, but this particular signal has not been used since the mid 22nd century. Upon investigation the Enterprise interacts with a colony of people who are living their lives as if it is still 1500’s Ireland. Their planet is about to be destroyed and apparently a space bound transmitter was automatically set off. Picard orders them all to be beamed up but didn’t account for a few factors that included- Cultural Differences, Agriculture Needs (animals) and differences in mating rituals. Riker learns quickly when the Irish leader’s daughter comes on to him with the request to “wash her feet” which apparently is code for DO ME NOW. Their leader eventually asks Picard if he has heard from the other colony. Apparently there were two sets of colonists on the ship from the 22nd century, one group was the Irish settlers and the other group was team of advanced scientist explorers. Picard and crew locate a nearby planet that appears to be the home of the second group of travelers. This group is highly technological and has advanced significantly from their departure from Earth. The planet’s population apparently is revealed to all clones because of a freak accident during their arrival on the planet. This group needs help because they have made so many clones that they are starting to have problems. When Riker, Pulaski and the rest of the Enterprise crew refuse to help the technological group steals genetic material from Riker and Pulaski. Once the material is returned a solution is created where the two groups of colonists will be reunited in order to form a wider genetic group to sustain a population. The beginning seems tense but promising as the Enterprise departs.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Samaritan Snare

Well all I can say is that my parents are a couple of goof balls! They are leaving for Mexico in the morning and I get the task of sharing in the house sitting duties. To show their appreciation they decided to take me out to dinner, which I of course didn't complain about! The goofy thing is that my mom said "well then just meet us at Mucho Loco in Elk River". Mucho Loco??? The are going to Mexico for a week and the decide to get Mexican the night before... is it just me or is this just a little weird. I decided that they were either trying to rub it in or were simply "priming their bowel systems" for the spicy food. Either way dinner was very good and now i'm writing this quickly because I have to get up at 3 to drive them to the airport.. YIKES!!!!

Today's Workout: 2.7miles and 485 calories

Samaritan Snare

The Enterprise is enroute to map a pulsar star going through some type of change, but we never get to see this happen because a few complicated situations arise. First Picard is told by the good Dr. Pulaski that his false heart has become faulty and needs to be replaced. She orders him to the nearest starbase so that the procedure can be done. In order for the Enterprise crew to be kept in the dark he decides to accompany/chaperone Wesley Crusher on his way to a Starfleet Academy test at the same starbase. The pair get to share a six hour shuttle ride together and are able to bond and get closer to eachother than they were before. How Sweet. Meanwhile the Enterprise picks up a distress signal from a group of aliens who appear to be for lack of a better term simple minded. They request help from the Enterprise to repair their ship and against Worf's better judgment Geordi beams over to help. Once the repairs have been completed the aliens hold Geordi captive and request that he make the strong. The crew of the Enterprise has to trick the simple aliens in order to get him back and get on with their business. It is about this time the Enterprise gets a call from the starbase stating that Picard is close to death and that Dr. Pulaski is the expert they need to help him suruvie. All turns out well and everyone is off to the next adventure.

The details of Picard's youth and the particular incident surrounding the false heart are explored more in depth in a later season's episode. So I will wait until then to explain in full details the sad story of how Picard became a man without a heart.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Q Who?

Could popcorn be more disgusting? Today I did a lesson with some of my students using popcorn as the theme and as part of it I bought three types of popcorn for the kids to taste test and then use to improve their use of complex syntax. I was really proud of the lesson because it is hard to plan a language therapy group for 12 kids at once and I think they got something accomplished and we had a good time making it all happen. But seriously I really don’t like popcorn and now looking at it from health perspective microwavable popcorn is really bad for you,,, unless it is plain and that is just boring. Speaking of snack foods, today someone asked me what I crave most now that I’m trying to eat healthy. I don’t really know if I have an answer to that question to be honest. I think there are a few things but there is not just one thing in particular that I’m wishing I could have. Though at this very moment a really good burger sounds amazing and so does a gigantic bowl of coffee ice cream.

Today’s Workout: 502 calories and 2.78miles

Q Who?
Q is back and he is once again up to no good.  He hijacks Captain Picard because he is bored and wants to join the crew of the Enterprise to “help out”. When Picard refuses the offer Q gets mad and decides to prove that Picard and the rest of the crew that they are not prepared for the challenges that face them in the future. He flings the ship thousands of lightyears away and they are faced with a mysterious Cube-Shaped ship. Guinan informs Picard that it is a group of aliens known as The Borg, who two centuries earlier wiped out most of her people and spread them throughout the galaxy. Picard and crew are faced with learning what they can about the Borg but while they are trying to learn they are attacked. They have difficulty coping with the challenges in dealing with the Borg and are moments away from destruction when Picard gives in and asks for help from Q. He returns them to their previous location and once again vanishes. Picard and Guinan have a conversation in the end and decide that what Q did was a good thing because it prepared them for the challenges ahead even though he went about the introduction in the wrong way.

This is our introduction to the Borg, the first truly original nemesis of the next generation. The Ferengi were introduced in the first season but really became more of a nuisance alien race as opposed to a group that posed a true threat to Starfleet and the Federation. I always liked the Borg, who posed a good question about the benefits and risks of incorporating more and more technology into our lives. A solid episode of the second season!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Pen Pals

The Yearbook has been completed and submitted to Jostens for publishing… this is my second favorite day of the yearbook year. The first being the day the kids get the books and the third being the day I meet my staff for the first time. For as much of a time sucker as it is and the amount of extra stress it adds to my life I truly love the yearbook and I don’t foresee myself ever giving it up. Besides the yearbook being done nothing really exciting or new happened today in my world.

Today’s Workout: Elliptical 3.35miles and 607 calories

Pen Pals
The Enterprise is surveying a mysterious part of the galaxy that has not been charted by a manned Federation ship. The system is prone to young planets breaking apart and in essence self destructing prematurely. Upon entering the system Riker places young Wesley Crusher in charge of a mineral survey team in order to provide him with command experience. Wesley is apprehensive of the command because everyone on his team is much older than he is but he must face up to the demands of the task. In the end he learns to confront the others and give commands but has lingering doubts about his ability to command other people. Meanwhile Data has intercepted a communication from a young alien girl name Sarjenko who is in need of help. Over the apparent eight weeks that pass since the Enterprise entering the system Data continues to communicate with her but does not reveal that he is an Android from another planet in a spaceship. Data now puts the entire crew in a difficult position, to help the girl or not to help her and the rest of her people who are in danger of dying when their planet self destructs. Picard, though upset, agrees they need to help Sarjenko which they eventually do. Data continues to make blunder after blunder though and brings her aboard the Enterprise in order to save her life. In the end Sarjenko’s memories are cleared so she will not remember the incident ever happened, but Data is left with the memories of the young girl he befriended. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Icarus Factor

The weekend has come and nearly gone and I want more time. This week is going to be long but really good at the same time. I just found out that I only have play practice one night this week so the rest of the time I will be able to get home get my workout in and get stuff done.

I have a confession to make though; I have become a smoothie addict I think. Today I was sitting eating a Clementine and thought to myself that I could totally make a smoothie or really thick orange juice with them. So I put four clementines, some mango and a banana in the blender and made a smoothie and it was amazing. I love my blender and can’t imagine what I’ve been doing without it these past few years. I’ll be fine with this addiction but if I ever mention that I had a Hamburger smoothie please set up an intervention for me.

Today’s Workout: 3.35miles and 606 calories

The Icarus Factor
There are two very separate story lines happening in this episode so as I have done in the past I will go through each individually.

The minor story revolves around Lt. Worf who is very crabby towards several of his friends on the crew. He is particularly unkind to Wesley Crusher who really wants to get to the bottom of the problem. He does his research and recruits Data and Geordi to assist him in recreating a Klingon ascension ritual. During the ritual Worf is assaulted by holographic Klingons while his friends (Data, Geordi, O’Brien, Wesley and Dr. Pulaski) watch in shock and horror, but after the ceremony Worf is much happier.

The second Story involves Commander Riker getting offered a promotion to Captain of his own ship. The drawback is that the mission is in a dangerous and remote sector of the quadrant. To assist him in his decision a Federation tactical consultant is brought on board to assist him in his planning. The consultant happens to be Riker’s father, and the two are deeply estranged. We learn about Riker’s less than perfect childhood with a father who competed with him for everything. Riker’s father, Kyle, as it turns out once had a romantic past with Dr. Pulaski and she begins trying to get the two men to communicate better. In the meantime Troi is trying to convince Riker to fix his relationship with his father. The two get in a heated argument and Riker and his father challenge each other to a jujitsu match, much to the disapproval of everyone else. In the course of the fight the two men hash out their feelings and end up in good standing with each other. Riker eventually decides not to take the promotion to captain because he feels his place is on the Enterprise. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Time Squared

Today was the first and only day of my system cleanse. Well to be completely honest it was the first and last morning of my system cleanse. The concoction of Water, Agave Nectar, Cayenne Pepper, and Lemon was so disgusting that I couldn’t stand drinking it for more than the one time. I usually have a very strong stomach and can eat most anything but this was too much to handle for me. I read somewhere that Beyonce was on this dies for two weeks and lost a boat load of weight. You would think that hearing this would make me jealous of the woman or hate her a little bit but really it makes me respect her more for the shear will power and determination to lose weight. You Go Girl! So from now on out I will simply eat healthy and track what I eat and avoid foods with a lot of unnatural “toxins”. I’m also instituting a new rule... No pop unless I’m at a restaurant and even then only one pop a week. I love the carbonation though so I am going to start buying sparkling water. This is really just an excuse to look all fancy with a bottle of S. Pellegrino at lunch.

Elliptical- 560 calories and 3.22miles

Time Squared

While on a routine mission the Enterprise encounters a Starfleet shuttlecraft drifting towards them. The craft is tracked down and then brought on board and is the shuttlecraft El Baz which is from the Enterprise and on board in an unconscious Picard. Picard #2 is  brought to sickbay but is unconscious but also seems very delirious. Geordi and Data work to get information from the shuttlecraft and discover that the craft is from 6 hours in the future and even more they learn that the Enterprise is destroyed in a vortex in the near future. The whole crew is now anxious about the impending future but the most anxious is Picard who has a hard time dealing with the actions of his future self and what to do when the time comes. Should he leave the ship or should he stay on board. At the time of the vortex future Picard and present Picard go to the shuttle bay but this time present Picard kills future Picard preventing him from leaving in the shuttle. Present Picard realizes that future Picard only had one plan of action which was to leave the ship, but present Picard determines that he should just fly right into the vortex to solve the problem. Once this happens all is well and the Enterprise is able to continue on to its mission.  

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Royale

Friday is here and it was a glorious day! I had a great day at work and then I went out for dinner and shopping with a friend. I didn’t buy any clothes because I’m trying to hold off on buying a lot of clothes before I really need to. The next round of shopping will be in a month or so when I need to get some clothing for spring weather. Shopping was great and I got to see a bunch of clothing that will be in my closet in the future. I had a great time hanging out with my friend. So many of my friends are girls that I really do cherish the time I get to spend with guy friends.
Workout: Elliptical Machine 2.32 miles and 415 calories
Weigh-in: 219  pounds!
The Royale
The Enterprise is following up on a lead about a destroyed vessel they got from the Klingons. The Enterprise discovers remains of an old NASA space ship still in orbit. The Enterprise also discovers a building and a pocket of breathable air. Riker, Worf and Data beam down and discover a hotel called The Royale and enter it and things get really weird for the three of them. The three guys get stuck in the hotel and begin investigating the rest of the rooms in the hotel. They discover a dead human in one of the rooms, and it turns out it was the captain of the NASA ship from the 21st century. As it turns out the Aliens on the planet created the hotel to provide the captain a place to live but they incorrectly assumed the novel the captain was reading was an accurate representation of Earth. Picard and Troi on the Enterprise read the novel and inform the landing party that they must complete the tail of the novel to be able to leave. Data now is charged with winning millions of dollars to buy the hotel and end the story. In the end everything works out but the mystery really is never really solved.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


The ridiculousness of some people dumbfounds me but that is all I will say about that because I am classier than said ridiculous man. In other news it has been a good day and I’m taking the leap and I’m going to start making green monster smoothies for breakfast because I hear good things. Wish me luck tomorrow morning as I smoothie it up with my Ninja blender.
Today’s Workout- Elliptical. I forgot to check the distance meter but the calorie total was 604!
The Enterprise is called to assist its sister ship the Yomatto. Things with the Yomatto are not going well and they are complaining of massive system glitches and failures around their ship. Within the first five minutes the Yomatto blows up and then a Romulan ship shows up because low and behold they are in the neutral zone. Picard decides to take the risk and track the Yomatto’s course and see what went wrong with the ship. Upon following the course Picard and crew encounter an alien transponder station that was the home of a long rumored alien culture that was destroyed long ago. The problems on the Enterprise begin to get worse and once again the Romulans show up but this time they too are encountering problems of a similar nature. The landing crew on the planet discovers that the ships have been infected with the alien computer program which is trying to overtake the current computer software. Data and Picard find a solution by simply rebooting the ship’s computer to erase the alien program.