Friday, November 30, 2012

The Passenger

A week ago I never knew what a Kiki was and now thanks to Glee I want a Kiki more than anything else right now. For those of you not in the know “A kiki is a party, for calming all your nerves, We're spilling tea, and dishing just desserts one may deserve, And though the sun is rising, few may choose to leave, So shade that lid and we'll all bid adieu to your ennui”

The Passenger

The runabout Rio Grande is making its way back to DS9 after Kira and Bashir were engaged in some type of medical rescue operation. While en route home they intercept a distress call from a Kobliad vessel that is apparently carrying a deadly criminal who has been wanted for years. The only other person alive on the ship is Kajada, a security guard who has been pursuing the criminal on board, Vantika, for the better part of 20 years. Kajada is paranoid that Vantika is still alive as he has alluded being captured more times than she can recall in the past few years. Things on the station start happening and there is no one to blame for these system failures. Kajada again tries to do some investigation but ends up mysteriously falling from the second floor at Quarks and nearly dies. Dax figures out that Vantika uses sometype of transfer device to send his consciousness to another person’s brain. Since Sisko and crew thought it was Kajada they are not worried something is going to happen. There is a shipment of  a preciaous metal on its way to the station and Bashir (now Vantika) tries to hijack a ship and steal the shipment. Luckily everyone puts things together and all is set well with Kajada eventually killing the storage device that holds Vantika.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I spent maybe 12 hours at work today and It was very productive and wonderful and all that jazz. I want to make an official plug here for The New Normal! I watched the show tonight and it was great and whoever the little girl on the show is she is wonderful. She did maybe one of the best Cher impressions I have ever seen, even better than Jack Macfarland on Will & Grace! I love the show so everyone needs to start watching it asap!

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 595, Miles: 3.53

Dax and Bashir are having a quaint lunch when Dax decides to go to her quarter for some relaxation time. On her way she is attacked by three strangers who later reveal that they are there to bring her back to Klaesron IV where Dax is wanted for murder. They attempt to kidnap Dax and somehow get through every security screen but the crew outwits them and tractor beams the ship back to the station. Dax is accused of murdering a Klaesronian legend, the war hero Tandro who united the people during a civil war. Sisko gets the Bajoran government involved and the extradition is put on hold and a hearing is arranged to determine Dax’s status. Meanwhile Odo is sent to Klaesron IV to investigate. The investigation is underway and both sides have good arguments. Sisko argues that the Dax who is implicated in this murder (Curzon Dax) is dead and cannot be accused of this crime. The young Tandro believes that symbiont Dax is the primary being and therefore the host body is a superfluous feature.  The arguments seem to be at a standstill and even Dax refuses to say anything to help herself as she is holding some secret for Tandro’s widow. The standstill seems to continue until Odo shows up with Tandro’s widow who drops the bomb that the night Curzon Dax allegedly sent the transmission that killed Tandro he was in bed with her. Neither of them wanted to ruin the legacy of the war hero and even though the truth is out the reputations were not ruined! Dax is allowed to live and she makes a promise to the widow to live her life to the fullest from this moment forward.

The episode features a wonderful supporting cast including Fionnula Flanagan as Tandro’s widow and Anne Haney as the judge, both of whom made multiple appearances on different series of Star Trek. The show manages to be an exciting courtroom drama which is always a hard task to accomplish. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012


My elliptical machine has finally been fixed and it is running smooth and silently! I am so excited for a multitude of reasons. One of course is that the machine has been repaired and works well just like the day I bought it! The second reason is that I don’t have to deal with the repairman anymore. He is the nicest guy but tends to talk and talk about things that I really don’t care about. In that past it has been everything from tech issues to his love of heavy women and today I heard about waterfalls vidoegraphy. So yes I’m just a little grateful for a repaired elliptical machine!

Elliptical Machine: Calories- 575, Miles- 3.53

Weigh In: 198 (up a few… damn thanksgiving)

A runabout has returned from the Gamma Quadrant but the power failed and O’Brien, Sisko, Kira and Bashir frantically get the crew out. Dax and the other Starfleet officer are fine and there is a third person, Vash. Vash you remember as Captain Picard’s one time girlfriend who last time we saw her went off with Q seeking adventure. She is now on board DS9 hoping to sell artifacts from the Gamma Quadrant instead of giving them to a museum. The station is also having some minor power failures which are causing no more than minor annoyances but are keeping the whole crew on their toes. Q appears and it seems he is trying to convince Vash to stay with him even after he abandoned her alone in the far off land. Q finds Bashir hitting on Vash so he convinces him to fall asleep for the rest of the episode. O’Brien sees Q and reports the new problem to Sisko, who now believes that it is Q causing all of the problems. Vash places her items up for auction with the help of Quark, and they include one very special looking item that is shrouded in mystery. The stations problems continue to get worse and now the station is being pulled to the wormhole and Q insists that it is not his actions at the center of the problem. Dax and O’Briend localize the power drain and disturbance to Quarks. The mysterious item up for auction is the cause and when it is beamed out to space it transforms into a space creatures and goes home through the wormhole. Vash ends up leaving with Q again and the station returns to normal. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Captive Pursuit

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all (for those reading in the USA that is). I spent the day doing work outside this morning at my parent’s house and enjoyed a wonderful light meal of lasagna, bread and salad. I am sore as all get out thought tonight and I really just powered through this workout hardcore! I need to pop a few pain pills and get my ass to bed because tomorrow is the big Thanksgiving dinner with the extended family. YEAH!

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 610, Miles: 3.78
Weigh-in: 194!!

Captive Pursuit
A damaged ship comes through wormhole and on board is a single humanoid life form, it agrees to have his ship docked for repairs. O’Brien is sent alone to repair the ship when encounters a lizard-like humanoid creature who has the ability to disappear and calls himself Tosk. Tosk is given quarters on the station until his ship is repaired. He seems nervous and very secretive which puts everyone on edge. Tosk continues to be secretive to the crew but starts to look at layouts of the ship and weapons facilities. Tosk is apprehended by Odo when he is attempting to access a weapons locker. Tosk refuses to share any information with Sisko or O’Brien on what is going on but says that he is Tosk and he can’t say anything. O’Brien feels badly for Tosk as they have become friends in a fashion. Soon after Tosk was apprehended another ship comes through the wormhole and three men board the station and make their way right to Tosk’s holding cell. They demand the creature be released as he is their prey in a structured hunt that is part of their culture. They bred the Tosk to be hunted for sport and he was created to be cunning and smart to make the hunt as interesting as possible. Sisko does not like their society’s agreement but he is bound by the rules of the Federation. O’Brien tries to get Tosk to ask for asylum but he refuses. As Tosk is being escorted to the hunter’s ship O’Brien sabotaged the security fields so that Tosk can escape. Tosk and O’Brien make their way to his shuttle and eventually Tosk escapes to live another day on the hunt. Sisko is upset but also quite happy with O’Brien’s actions. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I have gotten my haircut… finally! And I decided to do something a little more bold than usual. I got a faux hawk style cut that I can either do spiked up or lay flat to the side or even slick back were I inclined to do so. I blame this desire for a new hairstyle on the fact that the 30th birthday is looming in the near future. But oh well I have made the new decision not to care about my birthday because as I am always reminded it is just a number. What matters most is that I feel young and I’m happy with where I am at in my life.

Elliptical Machine- Calories:607, Miles: 3.83

There are tech issues galore aboard Deep Space Nine and O’Brien is running himself ragged trying to fix everything for everyone. While he is fixing a food replicator a mysterious device activates without his knowledge. Shortly after the Chief starts talking nonsense and so do several other crewmembers and civilians. The station is now on a red alert to find a cure for this disease. Bashir labels this as an aphasia virus, a virus that impacts the semantic pathways of the brain. The virus is discovered to be a food born virus that is found in the replicators. This shouldn’t be a problem but it seems that Quark has hijacked a few of the replicators and fed hundreds of people on the station. The virus is now discovered to have mutated into an airborne pathogen and Bashir estimates that they have 12 hours before people start dying. Bashir also determines that this virus was created by the Bajorans and set as a bobby trap to affect the Cardassians. Kira now struggles to find the creator of the virus but only manages to locate a man who assisted in the creation of the virus. She leaves the station to kidnap him and force him to help the station. Odo and Sisko are left in opps to run the station, and they face a challenge of an angry ship captain attempting to break quarunteen. Sisko is affected by the virus and Quark comes to Odo’s aid to fix the situation with the ship. Kira returns with the scientist and he finds a cure for the aphasia virus and the station gets back to normal.

Wow talk about Star Trek hitting a bit close to home what with my dad recently having a stroke and having mild aphasia symptoms. So if you are reading this please take a few minutes and go to

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Man Alone

I firmly believe that Thai food was sent to this planet by aliens! It is just that good and that soothing that it cannot be of this world. Of course if you subscribe to the findings of certain cheesy science fiction films, well Alien vs. Predator, it probably was created by a race of superior alien beings. While on the subject I pretty much believe that there are aliens walking amongst us in some fashion or another. This universe is far too big for there to be just us and for us humans to be the smartest thing on the block. Not to down talk the human race but I’m pretty sure we are the trailer trash of the universe, I mean just look at nascar, honey boo boo, and televangelists. I am thinking of making Thai food a bi-weekly tradition if not weekly. I may just have to make it a goal to eat my way through the entire menu at the local Thai place in Rogers.

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 534, Miles: 3.85

A Man Alone
While having a peaceful conversation at Quark’s, Quark and Odo oversee the O’Briens having a little argument. Apparently she is not too happy about his transfer to the station as there is nothing for her to on board and it is not the ideal place for raising a family. Soon after Odo notices a man at Quarks whom he wants out of there immediately but Sisko breaks up a fight between Odo and the man. Odo reveals him to be Ibudan a former black market dealer who made money of the plight of his fellow Bajorans. Odo put him in jail a few years ago but the new government has released him. Shortly after Ibudan is found dead in a holosuite at Quarks and it appears that no one entered the room after it was sealed. This places Odo as one of the only possible murders. As the investigation moves forward the Bajorans on the station begin to become more vocal against Odo and he is relieved from duty temporarily. Bashir finds some interesting organic samples on Ibudan’s ship and begins to grow them in stasis. Things on the promenade become more hostile and a mob begins to stalk Odo and they trap him in his office. Bashir interrupts the scene and informs Sisko that Ibudan killed his own clone to frame Odo for murder, apparently in revenge for the past events. Odo apprehends the real Ibudan on board his ship and all is settled. Also while all of this is going on Keiko O’Brien has determined she will open a school and Jake Sisko and Nog (Quark’s nephew) will be a few of the first students.  

Monday, November 19, 2012

Past Prologue

I am in total denial that Thanksgiving is this week! I cannot believe it to be honest it seems like just yesterday was Halloween but time flies I guess when your family is in crisis. I just got back from Atlanta (and boy are my arms tired) and it was a wonderful convention and learning experience. Yeah!

Elliptical Machine: Calories- 581, Miles- 3.23
Weigh-In: 197

Past Prologue
Our good Dr. Bashir is minding his own business enjoying some tea on the promenade when he is made with a surprise visit from Garak. Garak has the dubious title of the only Cardassian left on board the station after the occupation ended. Garak assures Bashir that he is only a simple and honest tailor but of course Bashir doesn’t quite believe him and nor does anyone else on the station. Shortly after a Bajoran ship is picked up on emergency channels because it is being pursued by a Cardassian warship. The pilot of the ship is beamed onto the station and asks for the political asylum. The man is Tahna Los, a Bajoran freedom fighter and member of the Kohn-Ma. The Kohn-Ma is one of the most violent resistence groups that is still fighting the Cardassians and other Bajorans under the anthem “Bajor for Bajorans.” Kira tries to get Sisko to grant asylum to Tahna but he is unsure but eventually agrees to the deal. Soon after the Duras sisters show their faces around DS9 and surprise surprise they are making contact with Tahna about a business deal. Odo uses his powers of shapeshifting to spy on the two and learn that they are hoping to trade a weapon for some latinum which they need to rebuild their military forces. The Duras sisters also stop by Garak’s shop to see if the Cardassians want Tahna after they get their gold. Garak has been clever and of course enlisted Bashir to listen in on the conversation. Now the rest of the senior staff knows exactly what the plan is, only Kira needs convincing of what is the right thing to do. She is torn between betraying Tahna and betraying her government. She makes the correct choice and in the end she betrays Tahna and he is eventually handed over and his plot to destroy the wormhole is foiled. Kira and Sisko end the show with a little more of an understanding for each other. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


 My father continues to make improvements and the road that once looked dim is now looking much brighter! I am in transit today to Atlanta, GA for a convention and though I do wish it were a Star Trek convention it is maybe the second best thing, a speech/language pathology convention. I have three jam packed days of learning in front of me and I could not be more excited. I am feeling much better about leaving home too since my dad is doing much better. It is my intention to work out three days over the next few days off but realistically it may just be twice. I’m going to try though!

Today marks the beginning of Star Trek Deep Space Nine and I couldn’t be more excited. I love this series so much and that is possibly because it is so different from the other Star Trek incarnations from the 24th century timeframe. I love The Next Generation, it was the first of the new era and it was an amazingly well done show. It stuck true to the vision of Star Trek. I find Voyager to be an ok Star Trek show, very true to the vision and filled with unique characters but it never really hit home with me. Deep Space Nine, on the other hand strayed so far from the traditional Star Trek vision. It was a show that had character conflicts at the heart of its storyline; it had deep political and religious issues at the very core of its story. The biggest change though was that it was a really a Soap Opera and you really needed to keep involved to understand where the story had been and was going.

The show opens with the battle at Wolf 359, where Picard as Locutus of Borg led an attack against a Federation fleet. On board the USS Saratoga Lt. Commander Benjamin Sisko, the first officer, is trying to flee his nearly demolished ship. While trying to escape with his son and wife his wife is killed by falling equipment. He is forced to grab his young son Jake and get out in an escape pod. Three years later the pair are still trying to come to terms with the loss of Jennifer Sisko but they are distracted with a reassignment to space station Deep Space Nine. DS9 is an old Cardassian station that was abandoned when the Cardassians left Bajor after occupying it for more than 60 years. The station is a wreck but Starfleet has been called in to help the Bajoran provisional government. Commander Sisko begins meeting his new staff including his fiery Bajoran first officer, Major Kira. Kira was a former freedom fighter on Bajor and is not a member of the militia. She is a strong willed woman and tough as nail. While talking about a few issues they are interrupted by a security breach on the promenade. While responding Sisko meets Odo the shape-shifting chief of security who also was the chief of security for the Cardassians. Oddly enough no one seems bothered by this at the moment. A young Ferengi boy named Nog is taken into custody and thrown in the brig. Sisko convinces his uncle Quark, the owner of the local bar to stay on the station and become a community leader. 

Soon after the new Doctor, Dr. Bashir , and science officer Lt. Dax arrive. Dax is a trill and her former host was an old dear friend of Sisko’s. Along with Chief O’Brien of the Enterprise the crew of this station is complete. Soon after Sisko is urged to visit Opaka, the spiritual leader of the bajorans, who informs him that he is to be some sort of Emissary from the prophets to the Bajoran people. She urges him to locate the Celestial Temple before the Cardassians. The Cardassians are looking for this mythical temple in hopes to basically crush the collective spirits of the entire Bajoran race. This is the futuristic equivalent of egging a house and then leaving a burning bag of dog shit on the doorstep. Soon after Gul Dukat, the former prefect of Bajor stops by to visit and warn Sisko that the Cardassians aren’t going to give up that easily.

Dax and Sisko find what they believe to be the Celestial Temple, which ends up being a wormhole that is connected to the Gamma Quadrant. Sisko is kept inside and he meets the “wormhole aliens” who are a group of nonlinear non-corporeal beings who basically are the Bajoran’s Prophets. While inside Dax is returned to the station and once again the Cardassians show up to cause trouble because Gul Dukat’s ship has disappeared in the wormhole and they want answers. Kira, Dax and O’Brien find a way to move the station to mouth of the wormhole thus claiming it as Bajor’s territory. The Cardassians begin attacking the station but Sisko comes back just in time in the runabout towing Dukat’s ship and gets them to leave. The show ends with Sisko agreeing to stay on at Deep Space Nine. Things are starting to look civilized on the station and they are open for business at the mouth of the most important wormhole in the galaxy.

The show has an ok series premiere. It does a very nice job of introducing everyone and providing a lot of back story and history, something that we never really got out of TNG right away. The show is somewhat bogged down by the sequences inside the wormhole as Sisko is doing a lot of talking and explaining that doesn’t really impact the future of the show a whole lot. It was about as good an opening as Encounter at Farpoint really so there can be no complaining. An interesting note here about the Major Kira character is that it was originally going to be Ro Laren as the first officer of the Station but that idea was scrapped. In Kira we see some of the same traits but the character is much more well rounded than Ro. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

All Good Things...

Sometimes life is good, sometimes life is shitty and then sometimes if you are really lucky life gets shittier! This would be one of those weeks where we went from shit to shitty to shittier, to maybe the shittiest week of the year. On Halloween night my dad suffered what was in hindsight a mild stroke and he spent a week in the hospital came home and was doing very well. After a few days he became sick and was hard to wake up and then we took him back in for some help. He had a massive hemorrhage on his brain and so he had emergency brain surgery to evacuate the blood.  My family and I have spent the last few days at the hospital supporting him in his recovery. Like I said SHIT! But it looks like things are getting better.

An event of this nature truly makes me thankful for what I have and makes remember how precious everything thing in my life is to me, especially my father, mother, sister and the rest of my family and friends. It makes me thankful for modern medicine. It also reminds me just how good of a decision it was to start the process of becoming a healthier person. After watching 12 seasons of Star Trek I have lost nearly 80 pounds and my blood levels and general health stats have improved significantly. I have moved from a size 40 pants to a 32/33 pants and from a 2XL shirt to a M/L shirt size now.

Weigh-in: 196 pounds

I am going to preface this by saying this one thing. This is a terrific episode and it is extremely complicated to explain and based on my shitty week here my explanation is going to suck and it may just be a little on the short side. Please forgive me readers!

All Good Things…
Picard interrupts a date between Worf and Troi complaining of an odd experience of moving through time.  Picard shifts throughout the first part of the episode from the present day, 30 years into the future and the past. The past is specifically the days and minutes before the Farpoint mission. Picard has visions of angry people who are taunting him. In each timeline to there is also a Starfleet issue going on in the Devron system. While shifting from place to place Picard begins to wonder if Q is involved especially because of the events surrounding the Farpoint mission.  Halfway through the show Q reveals that he is once again testing humanity and specifically Picard because his actions are causing the end of humanity as a whole. Picard works through each timeframe to get to the Devron system where he finds an explosion of ‘anti-time’ and works with different crews in each place to figure it out. He eventually corrects the problem and humanity is saved. Q informs him that once again humanity has passed his little test. The show ends with Picard joining the rest of the senior staff for a poker game in Riker’s quarters, as he has never done over the past seven years.

This is a fantastic episode of Star Trek TNG and it is a real shame that this was not the script for the first movie instead of the shit storm called Star Trek Generations that we got a mere 5 months later. But oh well what can you do. 

Here is a fun look at the cast over the years: 

Season 1: 1987-1988

 Season 2: 1988-1989

Season 3: 1989-1990

Season 4: 1990-1991

Season 5: 1991-1992

Season 6: 1992-1993

Season 7: 1993-1994

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Preemptive Strike

Well it looks like Obama has won the presidency and I am very happy that we are on the side of forward movement and equality in this country. The opposition did not seem to be a big fan of minorities and women and well that is not what this country was based upon. It was based upon equal rights for all and all means ALL! I am still waiting nervously for the final vote on the marriage amendment issue here in Minnesota. I am hopeful that the population of Minnesota is  about moving forward and respecting  the rights of all of its citizens. I am also keeping an eye on the 6th district house race because well I HATE MICHELE BACHMAN! She is an embarrassment to this state and to the country as a whole.

Speaking of voting I had the privilege of helping my dad get his vote into the county office. He is still in the hospital but voting has been his main concern since about Sunday.  He is an inspiration and I was touched when he made a big deal about having to vote no.

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 610, Miles: 3.83

Preemptive Strike
Ro Laren is back on board the Enterprise after she was away at a special Starfleet tactical training program for two years. She is of course as always uneasy about being in Starfleet but she seems hopeful. Picard confronts Ro with an assignment that she has been handpicked to complete. Starfleet command wants her to infiltrate a group of Maquis fighters in the new demilitarized zone. Ro infiltrates a group who recently attacked a Cardassian vessel and publicly took responsibility for. Ro gets involved with this specific Maquis cell and makes a good impression quickly. She is then given a mission to get medical supplies and she intends to steal them from the Enterprise, which of course she pulls off very easily. After this coupe she makes a rendezvous with Picard and he informs her that she must bate them to attack so that the Enterprise can eliminate the Maquis fighters. Ro is reluctant but of course agrees to take on this new assignment that is until a few Cardassians sneak into the Maquis cell and start shooting people. An old man with whom Ro has become close with is shot and killed and Ro clearly now doesn’t know where her loyalty lies. She meets Picard and tries to get the mission cancelled but he refuses to let her cancel it reminding her what will happen if she messes things up. The Maquis go ahead with an attack on a few transport ships but Ro alerts them to the presence of a Federation fleet. The show ends with Ro joining the Maquis and Picard feeling let down. 


See the Blog post entitled “Preemptive Strike” for today’s post. It was a two workout day :)

Data and Picard are on the holodeck rehearsing a scene from The Tempest when all of the sudden a train runs through the island setting. The two don’t think a whole lot of the event but they decide to run a total diagnostic of the holodeck just to be safe. Once they are back on the bridge the ship suddenly takes off at warp 7 and on further investigation it seems they narrowly avoided a total disaster with a warp field outside of the ship.  There are now systems going crazy all over the building and Data and LaForge find a strange new connection in one terminal and there are more popping up around the rest of the ship. The holodeck is still running and it seems to be a center of  a lot of action. Upon entering Riker, Data and Worf see a mish mash of different programs all working at the same time. They are trying to turn off the program but the characters of the holodeck stop them and kick them off the train on board. Troi decides to go into the holodeck with Worf and Data to try and see what the hell is happening.  She, Worf and Data end up following a gangster around who has a brick that is obviously for something more important. Meanwhile things are getting weird on the Enteprise and there is a thing forming in one cargo bay. They try to get rid of it but they can’t. The Gangster puts the brick in the wall and soon everyone figures out that the Enterprise is becoming a self-aware artificial intelligence. The crew of the Enterprise cooperates with the holodeck creatures and the new life form is delivered to a safe haven in space. The ship basically became self-aware so that it could get this new life form to its new home. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I am so incredibly thankful for the marvels of modern medical technology that I can’t even begin to put it into words. My father had a stroke last week and he is making a very good recovery at this time. It was a minor stroke but still scary and truly makes you grateful for what you have and the time you still have with people. That happened Wednesday and truly a lot has happened since then so I’m going to give a quick summary…
  1. Why the hell do parents not muzzle little kids in restaurants? No one wants to hear your child scream like a banshee
  2. VOTE NO! simple and to the point and enough said
  3. If you VOTE YES… you are a bigot and there is nothing you can do to convince me otherwise
  4. Wii just dance is really fricking hard
  5. I think I want another kitten
  6. I bought a few Marimo balls this weekend and they are really just green tribbles I’m sure
  7. Boys are complicated to figure out and so is the universe
  8. So grateful my dad is doing well though I’m still worried about him
  9. I am also thinking of my mom who has been incredibly strong throughout the whole thing
  10. I think a 22inch TV in the basement is too small

Elliptical Machine- I didn’t track my calories today

The Enterprise encounters a probe that holds a message for Captain Picard specifically. The message is from Damon Bok, who is seeking revenge for the death of his son. Damon Bok informs Picard that he intends to Kill Picard’s son. The real confusion is that of course Picard doesn’t have a son, or at least not that he knows about. Bok ends the transmission by stating that Jason Vigo is a dead man and there is nothing Picard can do about it. Picard and Data work together to locate Jason who is the son of a woman that Picard used to date. Jason is located and he doesn’t know about Picard and the two have a very tense beginning but it is revealed that they are indeed father and son. Jason tries to get acclimated to the ship and even hits on Troi but he continues to be tense. Jason, as it turns out, has quite the past and Picard feels guilty that he wasn’t around to mold the boy into a good man but wants to be there in the future. Damon Bok turns up around the Enterprise a few different time and it is revealed that Bok is using a subspace transmitter so they start trying to locate him. Crusher examines Jason after he passes out and lets Picard know that he is not actually his son. At this time Bok kidnaps Jason right off the ship and holds him until Picard beams aboard. Picard shares with the crew that Bok was stripped of his rank and is on some crazy revenge mission. Bok is taken into custody and Jason is returned to safely to the Enterprise and cured. In the end Picard offers to stay in touch with Jason though things are left up in the air between the two men.