Tuesday, November 6, 2012


See the Blog post entitled “Preemptive Strike” for today’s post. It was a two workout day :)

Data and Picard are on the holodeck rehearsing a scene from The Tempest when all of the sudden a train runs through the island setting. The two don’t think a whole lot of the event but they decide to run a total diagnostic of the holodeck just to be safe. Once they are back on the bridge the ship suddenly takes off at warp 7 and on further investigation it seems they narrowly avoided a total disaster with a warp field outside of the ship.  There are now systems going crazy all over the building and Data and LaForge find a strange new connection in one terminal and there are more popping up around the rest of the ship. The holodeck is still running and it seems to be a center of  a lot of action. Upon entering Riker, Data and Worf see a mish mash of different programs all working at the same time. They are trying to turn off the program but the characters of the holodeck stop them and kick them off the train on board. Troi decides to go into the holodeck with Worf and Data to try and see what the hell is happening.  She, Worf and Data end up following a gangster around who has a brick that is obviously for something more important. Meanwhile things are getting weird on the Enteprise and there is a thing forming in one cargo bay. They try to get rid of it but they can’t. The Gangster puts the brick in the wall and soon everyone figures out that the Enterprise is becoming a self-aware artificial intelligence. The crew of the Enterprise cooperates with the holodeck creatures and the new life form is delivered to a safe haven in space. The ship basically became self-aware so that it could get this new life form to its new home. 

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