Thursday, November 22, 2012

Captive Pursuit

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all (for those reading in the USA that is). I spent the day doing work outside this morning at my parent’s house and enjoyed a wonderful light meal of lasagna, bread and salad. I am sore as all get out thought tonight and I really just powered through this workout hardcore! I need to pop a few pain pills and get my ass to bed because tomorrow is the big Thanksgiving dinner with the extended family. YEAH!

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 610, Miles: 3.78
Weigh-in: 194!!

Captive Pursuit
A damaged ship comes through wormhole and on board is a single humanoid life form, it agrees to have his ship docked for repairs. O’Brien is sent alone to repair the ship when encounters a lizard-like humanoid creature who has the ability to disappear and calls himself Tosk. Tosk is given quarters on the station until his ship is repaired. He seems nervous and very secretive which puts everyone on edge. Tosk continues to be secretive to the crew but starts to look at layouts of the ship and weapons facilities. Tosk is apprehended by Odo when he is attempting to access a weapons locker. Tosk refuses to share any information with Sisko or O’Brien on what is going on but says that he is Tosk and he can’t say anything. O’Brien feels badly for Tosk as they have become friends in a fashion. Soon after Tosk was apprehended another ship comes through the wormhole and three men board the station and make their way right to Tosk’s holding cell. They demand the creature be released as he is their prey in a structured hunt that is part of their culture. They bred the Tosk to be hunted for sport and he was created to be cunning and smart to make the hunt as interesting as possible. Sisko does not like their society’s agreement but he is bound by the rules of the Federation. O’Brien tries to get Tosk to ask for asylum but he refuses. As Tosk is being escorted to the hunter’s ship O’Brien sabotaged the security fields so that Tosk can escape. Tosk and O’Brien make their way to his shuttle and eventually Tosk escapes to live another day on the hunt. Sisko is upset but also quite happy with O’Brien’s actions. 

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