Sunday, November 4, 2012


I am so incredibly thankful for the marvels of modern medical technology that I can’t even begin to put it into words. My father had a stroke last week and he is making a very good recovery at this time. It was a minor stroke but still scary and truly makes you grateful for what you have and the time you still have with people. That happened Wednesday and truly a lot has happened since then so I’m going to give a quick summary…
  1. Why the hell do parents not muzzle little kids in restaurants? No one wants to hear your child scream like a banshee
  2. VOTE NO! simple and to the point and enough said
  3. If you VOTE YES… you are a bigot and there is nothing you can do to convince me otherwise
  4. Wii just dance is really fricking hard
  5. I think I want another kitten
  6. I bought a few Marimo balls this weekend and they are really just green tribbles I’m sure
  7. Boys are complicated to figure out and so is the universe
  8. So grateful my dad is doing well though I’m still worried about him
  9. I am also thinking of my mom who has been incredibly strong throughout the whole thing
  10. I think a 22inch TV in the basement is too small

Elliptical Machine- I didn’t track my calories today

The Enterprise encounters a probe that holds a message for Captain Picard specifically. The message is from Damon Bok, who is seeking revenge for the death of his son. Damon Bok informs Picard that he intends to Kill Picard’s son. The real confusion is that of course Picard doesn’t have a son, or at least not that he knows about. Bok ends the transmission by stating that Jason Vigo is a dead man and there is nothing Picard can do about it. Picard and Data work together to locate Jason who is the son of a woman that Picard used to date. Jason is located and he doesn’t know about Picard and the two have a very tense beginning but it is revealed that they are indeed father and son. Jason tries to get acclimated to the ship and even hits on Troi but he continues to be tense. Jason, as it turns out, has quite the past and Picard feels guilty that he wasn’t around to mold the boy into a good man but wants to be there in the future. Damon Bok turns up around the Enterprise a few different time and it is revealed that Bok is using a subspace transmitter so they start trying to locate him. Crusher examines Jason after he passes out and lets Picard know that he is not actually his son. At this time Bok kidnaps Jason right off the ship and holds him until Picard beams aboard. Picard shares with the crew that Bok was stripped of his rank and is on some crazy revenge mission. Bok is taken into custody and Jason is returned to safely to the Enterprise and cured. In the end Picard offers to stay in touch with Jason though things are left up in the air between the two men. 

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