Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The Olympics are like crack! I don’t really enjoy them most of the time but I can’t stop watching them on the TV. Today I watched Stadium Jumping, which is the one thing I really like at the summer Olympics. But then after that I got caught watching Water Polo, Diving, Swimming, and even a few minutes of Basketball. I have always enjoyed the Winter Olympics much more that the Summer but I find them both interesting because of the work and dedication the athletes put into their sport. I also love the sense of community that it brings the world for ten days. And yes the eye candy at the summer games is worthwhile for a watch now and again.

Elliptical Machine: Calories- 595, Miles- 3.45

The Enterprise is playing host to the Ullians as they are transported to Calder IV. The Ullians are a group of telepaths that are collecting memories to create a gigantic library of the systems history. They have the ability to help people retrieve and relive memories and the crew is most impressed with their talents. Troi makes a connection with the younger Ullian delegate Jev, and one night he forcefully enters her memories and terrorizes her thoughts. She is found passed out and in a coma for the next few days. The rest of the crew is investigating what could be wrong from looking at viruses, and other possibilities. During the investigation Riker wants to question the Ullians so Jev invades his mind to keep him quiet and Riker is found unconscious as well. Later in the investigation Crusher starts getting close to the answer as well, so of course Jev does the same thing to her. Data and LaForge link the Ullians to a series of comas on other worlds as well. When they try to get to the bottom of it all Jev completes a memory read and implants his father’s image in Troi’s memories. LaForge and Data link Jev to the comas and send security to find him quickly. They manage to get to him just in time as he is about to attack Troi.

The episode is the story of rape and rape victims and despite the powerful storyline information it manages to be a dud of an episode. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Hero Worship

The opening weekend of Noises Off went very well! We had two very clean shows and one that was good but not as good as the other two. I was truly looking forward to this show closing but now I must say that I am going to be sad to see some of these people leave my life. We were all amazed that the set has made it this far without getting damaged too bad as well! This is one of the most physical shows that I have ever done and in turn the set takes a pounding from all of us each night. Speaking of taking a pounding my body is in rough shape today too! I have bruises on both knees, one elbow, a mark on my shoulder and I left stage with a little bloody nose on Sunday. So because of all of this I have taken today to rest and recoup a little bit before the craziness comes back on Wednesday night! One other thought as I work through this theatre production is that I am very interested in doing more straight plays and not just musicals. Though I love to sing and dance and act all at the same time it is very fun and challenging to do a play without the singing and dancing. I have been reading a lot of plays as of late which is fun to do but is a shame because it adds to the wishlist of plays I want to be in someday. I am currently reading a play called “Next Fall”, it is about a family dealing with their son being in an accident and his partner trying to cope with the situation and that he has no legal rights in the matter. It is a bit of a downer but at the same time it is very funny.

Weigh-in: 202 pounds!!!

Elliptical Machine: Calories: 575, Miles: 3.45

Hero Worship
The Enterprise is investigating a Black Matter formation that is over 9 billion years old when a Federation starship is discovered in the field and it is severely damaged. While searching the ship Riker and Data discover a young boy still alive but stuck on the ship. Data rescues him from the damage and they beam over to the Enterprise. The young man’s name is Timothy and he immediately forms a connection to Data, because of the traumatic encounter. Troi and Data both work together to help the young man deal with his pain and move on emotionally. Timothy becomes more infatuated with Data and eventually informs everyone that he himself is really an android. Troi explains that this is normal and that he his dealing with his pain by not dealing with his pain. Data and Timothy spend even more time together encouraging the android fa├žade in hopes that he will reject it sooner rather than later. Eventually he begins to let go of the android business when he reveals that he believes the ship’s damage was his fault because he touched a control panel on the ship. Meanwhile, Geordi and the rest of the crew are trying to determine what went wrong with the other ship. As they move further and further into the Black Matter field they are being hit with shockwaves of increasing force. Timothy remembers that his ship was facing the same thing and that they continued to increase shield force until it finally wasn’t enough. Data makes some quick calculations and determines that the shields are the problem, once they are dropped everything is ok and the Enterprise makes it out alive. In the end Timothy and Data are still friends but Timothy is moving on with his pain and dealing with the loss of his parents in a more appropriate way. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Ground

I went and played my first round of Golf today at an actual 9 hole course! It was frustrating but a lot of fun, and it was great spending time with my dad on the course. Out of the nine holes and multiple shots that I took, I maybe had about five really nice hits and a few good putts which according to my dad wasn’t bad for a first time out. It was then off to rehearsal which lasted for three hours, but it was well spent because we open on Thursday night for previews.

Elliptical Machine: Calories-651, Miles- 3.85

New Ground
The Enterprise has been assigned to assist at a scientific test of a special wave that generates a warp field without a warp engine. At the same time the Worf is paid a visit by his mother and son Alexander, and he announces that will be staying with Worf now on the Enterprise. Worf is of course concerned about this but his mother explains that she and Worf’s father just don’t have the energy to raise a child at their age. Worf and Alexander struggle to find a common ground and build a relationship with each other. Alexander struggles at school and is caught misbehaving, lying and stealing at his school. Worf attempts to set him straight and believes that he has accomplished his goal. Troi becomes involved and wants to help Worf but he is reluctant and decides to send Alexander away to a Klingon school. Meanwhile the Wave test has gone awry and the Wave itself is getting bigger and heading straight for a planet, but if it hits the planet it will kill everyone on the surface. During their attempt at getting in front of the wave it is rocked by the force and part of the ship is isolated an on fire. The section just happens to be the Bio Lab which is where Alexander has snuck into to see some strange animals. Worf and Riker save Alexander and all is well including the Wave being stopped. In the end Worf decides to let Alexander stay on board the Enterprise. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Matter of Time

Today I got to see The Dark Knight Rises!! It was so good and worth the four year wait between now and the last film The Dark Knight. The story mirrored a lot of current social upheaval regarding the economy and the whole “occupy wall street” business, and it ended up being very topical and yet at the same time entertaining. For those of you who have not seen it yet I will not release any spoilers but it is so worth it and if you want to go and see it let me know I’m totally down for a second viewing!

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 595, Miles- 3.48

A Matter Of Time
The Enterprise is on its way to Penthara IV where they have been hit with an asteroid that is causing a major disaster with their climate. On the way to Penthara IV the Enterprise picks up a man who purports himself to be a historian from the future and he has come to observe the Enterprise and particularly Captain Picard. The crew is initially suspicious but they accept his story though they are guarded throughout the man’s visit. The crew goes about their way to fix the problem on the planet but of course their first attempt goes awry. Picard is now faced with the decision to try a risky procedure to save the people which may result in their deaths or do nothing which will for sure result in their deaths. Picard tries to get information from the visiting Professor Rasmussen but he refuses to help based on the fact that he can’t change the past. Picard follows his gut and saves the populations of Penthara IV. While the professor is attempting to leave the whole crew meets him at his ship because several items have gone missing onboard. It is in his ship that Rasmussen reveals that he found the ship when it had traveled back in time to the 22nd century and Rasmussen was trying to steal technology to then copy and make a profit from in his time. He is stopped and the ship leaves without him so he is stuck and in jail.

I will say this boldly and clearly, this episode is a bit of a dog! But I suppose they can’t all be great episodes like most of the other ones in the fifth season. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Unification, Part II

I  have a few thoughts and updates to share this lovely Sunday afternoon. Are you ready? Because here goes!

1-      If someone gives you a direction and they are clearly in charge you follow it… Right? Apparently this is a value and life lesson that fewer people share than I had thought. That is all I have to say about that.

2-      I bought a set of golf clubs today! They are just an inexpensive starter set but they are better than my dad’s old set he was borrowing to me. I am so excited to get out and use them later this week when I hit my first real course with my dad on Saturday.

3-      Tomorrow is the big day! I am going in to the doctor’s office for my annual physical and general health check. This will be my first major run through on all the stats and vitals since I started the work out last year. I am very excited to see what the results will be this year. How odd is that? It used to be that I could not stand going to the doctor and now I am excited.

4-      I need to get myself to a comic-con one of these years! I have a few friends at this year’s event and I am so jealous of all their facebook posts and updates. Who is in? !

Elliptical Machine: Calories-691, Miles- 4.12

Unification, Part II
Picard and Data on Romulus have made contact with Ambassador Spock and an underground group interested in learning more about the Vulcan way of life. These Romulans have expressed an interest in the possibility of a reunification or a peace alliance between the Romulans and Vulcans. The Romulan senator Pardek has secured a meeting between the Proconsul and Spock. Spock and Picard are both nervous about this meeting but Spock decides to go on with the meeting. Soon after the meeting Spock, Picard and Data are captured by the Romulan Proconsul and Sela. They reveal that they are planning for a reunification but in the form of a Romulan invasion of Vulcan. Meanwhile the Enterprise crew is trying to find out how a Vulcan freighter plays into this whole ordeal. They are trying to find out the connection when they are brought to a dive bar and told to speak with the woman playing piano. Riker charms into giving him some information and she reveals that they are looking to speak with a fat Ferengi arms dealer. When they meet him he reveals that he rendezvous with a ship near Galorndan Core. While there they track three Romulan ships heading towards the neutral zone and they receive a message from Romulus informing the whole quadrant that the ships are an invasion fleet. Before the Enterprise can intervene a Romulan Warbird decloaks and destroys the ship including the over 3,000 people on board. In the end Spock elects to remain on Romulus to help educate the underground groups hoping to learn about the Vulcan way of life. Picard allows him to complete a mind meld so that he can have one last connection with his father Sarek. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Unification, Part I

“Honey would you like pedicure too?” I was out with my mom running a few errands today and we were killing time before lunch and I suggested that we get pedicures. Mom went for it right away and we went to the local nail place in Elk River “Fantasy Nails”. The service there was great and everyone was really nice. This is my official endorsement of Fantasy Nails in Elk River, Minnesota, GO THERE FOLKS! I really do need to get working on my memorization for the play but I’m having a hard time getting motivated for this today. So instead I am writing my Blog and watching Superman II as I just finished watching the first Superman movie. These movies are enjoyable but they have not really aged that well to be honest. The special effects though cutting edge for the day look very bad compared to the films of today. This being said they are really enjoyable movies to watch so it is all good!

Elliptical Machine: Calories-636, Miles-3.78

Unification, Part I
The Enterprise has called to the nearest starbase because of a top secret mission. The Starfleet Admiral reveals that Ambassador Spock has been discovered on Romulus and they want to know if he has defected. The Enterprise has also picked up the remains of a Vulcan freighter that was in the hands of the Ferengi. Picard dispatches to Vulcan to determine if Spock’s father Sarek can shed any light on his son’s disappearance. Sarek’s health continues to decline but he does reveal that Spock was in talks with a Romulan Senator named Pardek. Picard and Data now head to Romulus onboard a cloaked Klingon ship to make contact with Pardek and hopefully meet Ambassador Spock. On the way Picard is informed that Sarek has died. Picard and Data, disguised as Romulans, make contact with Pardek when he captures them and now they meet Spock. Meanwhile the Enterprise crew is trying to unravel the secrets of the Vulcan freighter. They track it to a Federation depot but the manager of the depot says it should still be in his shipyard. The ship is of course not there but they witness an alien ship stealing materials. When confronted the ship attacks but is accidentally destroyed by the Enterprise. The episode ends on a cliffhanger which will be answered in the following show.

This show aired before the release of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country but yet it mentioned the Khitomer peace conference that happens at the end of the movie. The show features both Sarek and Spock and this is realistic because Vulcans can live up to 200 years of age. 

The Game

I didn’t get my blog written up yesterday so here it is.

Elliptical Machine: Calories-580, Miles-3.4

The Game
Riker is away on Risa for some shore leave and he has met an alien woman and the two are engaging in some type of affair. She introduces him to an audio/visual game that gives rewards when you pass each level. Riker returns to the Enterprise with the game in tow and can’t wait to introduce everyone to this fun new toy. Meanwhile the Enterprise is playing host to a team of scientists but this really doesn’t impact the plot very much. Also Wesley Crusher is taking a short vacation from Starfleet Academy and he is spending his time on the Enterprise. Here Wesley meets the enchanting Robin Lefler, whom he quickly develops a romantic attachment with. All the while the rest of the ship is becoming addicted to the new game that Riker has brought on board. At this time Crusher and Riker deactivate Data for reasons unknown. The whole ship is now effectively addicted to the game and Crusher along with Lefler discover that the game is a drug. They now have to find a way to activate Data so that they can restore control of the ship. An alien ship is in communication with the Enterprise. The captain of this ship is the woman that Riker was involved with on Risa. Her goal is get the whole universe addicted and thus having control over the galaxy.  Wesley discovers that Lefler has been overcome and he must get things sorted out, but he must avoid everyone who is now trying to get him hooked on the game. The moment he is forced to play the game Data bursts on to the bridge and fixes everyone with a strobe light to the eyes.

This is the second and final appearance of Ashley Judd as Robin Lefler. She went on to make quite a name for herself in the 90’s and 2000’s but her film career as of late has slowed up a bit. The show is yet another statement on drugs and addiction, the last one as you recall was the show Symbiosis from the first season.  

Thursday, July 12, 2012


“Do I Know You? You Look Really Familiar!”  I have heard this exact line from three different people over the past four days. One was a check-out cashier at Old Navy, another was the woman who waxed my eyebrows, one was a waiter at Hell’s Kitchen in Minneapolis, the other was a person I saw at a restaurant. Only one of these people did I end up knowing because she was in the pit orchestra for Pirates of Penzance when I was in college 10 years ago. The others I didn’t know but I’m pretty sure that the guy at Old Navy was hitting on me with his comments about looking familiar but I can’t prove it of course. The only problem with that is that he looked like noted character actor Dennis Farina but only with a slight lisp. For the rest, I guess I just have one of those faces that make people feel they know me or have known me for years.

Elliptical Machine: Calories- 657, Miles- 3.90
Weight Lifting- 25 Minutes original Power 90 Sculpt Routine

This episode is essentially a homage to the classic disaster flicks of the 1970’s such as Airport, The Poseidon Adventure and The Towering Inferno. The Enterprise experiences a shockwave and the ship is paralyzed in space with the crew scattered around the ship there are five distinct story arcs-

LaForge & Crusher-
Geordi and Beverly are in a cargo bay at the time of the accident and she is trying to get him to participate in a production of the Pirates of Penzance. The accident causes a minor explosion which ignites a fire which is puts off a great amount of radiation in the cargo bay. The cargo bay is home to some jet pack fuel which will blow up when it becomes unstable, which of course is caused by radiation. Crusher and LaForge decide to depressurize the bay in order to dispose of the fire and the fuel. This works and the two survive depressurization of the cabin.

Riker & Data-
Riker and Data are initially in Ten Forward with Worf and Keiko but after the incident they decide to leave so they can get to main engineering. They plan to determine the problem and restart the ships engines when they get to engineering. Along the way they experience an electric field and Data uses his body to absorb the shock. This knocks out most of his systems but his head unit is still functional so Riker carries Data’s head around the ship to engineering. The two are able to repair the warp core and prevent a meltdown.

Worf and Keiko-
Worf and Keiko are left to take care of the wounded in Ten Forward which has become a makeshift triage center. While they are working Keiko goes into labor and Worf is left to help her and deliver the baby. Worf assures Keiko that he knows what to do because he completed an emergency medical class while in the academy. The delivery goes well and the O’Brien family  has been blessed with a little girl.

Picard and the Children-
Picard has agreed to take the winners of the Elementary School’s science fair on a tour of the ship as their prize. Picard has a history of not being at ease around children so the trip promises to be quite the adventure for him. When the accident occurred Picard and the three kids are stuck in a turbo shaft and Picard now must calm the children to get them all to safety. He gives the children roles on his crew and they work together to climb up the shaft and they get out into the hallways. In the end the kids give him a special plaque and he promises to take them on a more in depth tour in the future.

Troi, Ro, and O’Brien-
O’Brien and Troi and one other random officer are the only ones left alive on the bridge after the accident. Soon after Ensign Ro crawls out of a turbo shaft and informs them that they are completely cut off from the rest of the ship. Since she technically is a Lieutenant Commander, Counselor Troi takes command of the Enterprise. O’Brien and Ro are very helpful with Troi but she is completely out of her league and doesn’t really understand a lot of the technical elements to commanding a starship. They find that there is a massive warp core meltdown that will potentially happen and it seems the only option is to separate the ship and cut their losses. Troi refuses to let this be an option and so she keeps the ship together and the ship is saved by Riker and Data just before the whole thing blows up.

The show does a nice job of forwarding the various characters histories through their actions and problems during this disaster situation. Troi seems to get the most attention and this episode is a catalyst for her becoming a full bridge officer and she eventually dons the regular uniform and becomes a full commander. The episode is a lot of fun and is one of  my favorites, though I’m sure it is not really a critically acclaimed episode form the series. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Silicon Avatar

As I sit here I am unsure what today’s blog is going to be about. I wonder if in two hundred posts I have run out of things to say and share with you all. But even as I write this I am reminded of my search for the perfect new desk that I will be undertaking tomorrow. I am looking to get a new desk to put in my upstairs living area so that I can free up a space next to my elliptical for my bike. Added to the list of wants is a device to turn an outdoor bike into a stationary bike so that I can work out in the winter on a bike.  My mother does not get this idea one little bit. Her comment was “why would you want a workout bike when you have an elliptical”. The reason that I want the workout bike is so that I can switch up the workout now and then just for a little more fun. I don’t mean this to sound like a negative thing of my mom to ask, she is just curious and I love her to death! Anyway back to the desk. I have a feeling that my wish list for this desk is going to be somewhat unattainable, like trying to find the perfect mate.  I often find that my expectations far exceed what in reality exists, especially when you consider the budget I am looking to spend on this desk.  Ideally I want to find a desk that is taller than it is wide with plenty of storage spaces for office materials and a printer and other office type needs. I’m hopeful that I will find the desk by the end of the year so that I can put my 30th birthday present on it… a new computer.

Elliptical Machine: Calories- 641, Miles- 3.47

Silicon Avatar
Data, Crusher and Riker are overseeing some work on the Melona Four colony when the Crystalline Entity attacks and ravishes the planet. The landing party and all but two of the colonists survive by hiding in a series of underground caverns. Starfleet has ordered the Enterprise to further investigate the Crystalline Entity and a lead scientist, Dr. Marr, is sent to help out. Dr. Marr is clearly uneasy working with Data because of his brother Lore’s past involvement with the Crystalline Entity. Lore betrayed is home colony on Omicron Theta to the Entity and it just so happens that Dr. Marr’s son was on that planet when it was destroyed. She is initially very abrasive to Data but they eventually develop a good working relationship. Their friendship is improved when she discovers that Data can access her son’s personal files and even imitate her son’s voice. We quickly learn that this woman is out for revenge against the Crystalline Entitiy and intends to help the crew of the Enterprise destroy it before it reaches the next planetary system. She is shocked when Picard reveals that it is not his immediate intention to destroy the Entity but to attempt to communicate with it. Through a means of communication Dr. Marr uses the communication method to eventually destroy it! Picard is shocked and appalled by her actions and orders her to her quarters. Dr. Marr claims she did it all for her son and asks Data to tell her what he would have thought. She is shocked when Data reveals that he believes her son would not have been happy with her course of actions.

The episode is essentially a Moby Dick story set in the 24th century, and it is even sadder because it is about her revenge of a loved one, not just getting back at a whale for taking her leg! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Ensign Ro

It is Monday but I feel like it is like Sunday or something. I have been off of my summer job since the end of June, for a total of about 11 days. The last few days have been great but I am really looking forward to going back to work tomorrow morning. This may seem weird but I crave structure in my life so when I go a few days without work I start to get a little bored. This is the very reason that I do work in the summer because the idea of a three month vacation just scares the crap out of me. By the second week of August I know I will be getting the itch and I will start going into work to get my stuff ready for the upcoming school year.

Elliptical Machine: Calories- 651, Miles- 3.86

Ensign Ro
The outpost on Solarion Four has been destroyed and the Bajorans have claimed responsibility for the event. The Bajorans are trying to show the Federation that they are desperate to get their planet back from the Cardassians, desperate enough to attack and destroy a Starfleet outpost. Admiral Kennelly meets with Picard to outline a plan to get the Bajorans to stop attacking the Federation in exchange for political help. Kennelly assigns Ensign Ro Laren to the Enterprise, which does not make Picard or anyone on the Enterprise happy. Ensign Ro apparently comes with a lot of baggage and has gotten into a lot of trouble on her last few assignments and was taken out of prison for this assignment. Ro and the rest of the crew have an uneasy beginning but she eventually helps to make contact with some Bajoran leaders that lead them to the man who has apparently taken responsibility. While they are moving the supposed terrorists to their home base the Cardassians show up somehow they know that the terrorists are on board. Starfleet orders Picard to back away and the ship is destroyed. Picard reports the ships destruction but also reports that the ship was merely on auto pilot and that no one died. Picard and Ro have developed a working relationship by this point in part because of her help with the mission and Guinan’s support of Ro. She decides to stay on board the Enterprise in the end to see if it is something she can live up to.

This is the first appearance of Ensign Ro and the introduction of the Bajoran/Cardassian situation that later becomes the focus of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Ensign Ro is a strong female character with a complex story that brings more depth and drama to the cast and crew of the Enterprise. There are as with any story line a few changes that occur after the introduction of these characters. One such change is that the Bajorans have not been totally expelled from their home world as is stated in this episode. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012


NOISES OFF opens in 3 weeks in Elk River Minnesota! I have been in rehearsal for about 3.5 weeks at this point and the show is really coming along! For those of you who don’t know Noises Off is a British farce about a group of actors rehearsing and eventually putting on a play called “Nothing On”. The show is filled with physical humor, hysterical lines and lots of sexual innuendo. If you come to the show you will even get to see me with my pants down for a good chunk of the show! Go to www.erct.org for more information. This all being said I am still not off book, I always tend to put this off until the last minute. I find that I memorize best when I am under a little pressure to do so. My plan is that I will go to a coffee shop tomorrow and sit and memorize all day long. Wish Me Luck!

Elliptical Machine: Calories-657, Miles-3.90

The Enterprise has been ordered to rendezvous with the Tamarians at the planet El-Adrel. The Federation has made contact with the Tamarians exactly four times in the past but they have never been able to establish a means of communication. The Tamarians communicate in a very strange way that uses mainly pronouns from what the crew can determine. When communications fail between the two people the Tamarian captain mentions the word Darmok several times and then he and Picard are transported to the surface of El-Adrel. Picard and Dathon, the Tamarian Captain, are now on the planet alone. Dathon has brought two knives with him and Picard assumes this is an attempt to initiate a fight to the death. The two men begin to learn to communicate but there is still a lot of distrust on Picard’s part. The next day the two are attacked by a mysterious force and the Tamarian Captain is injured. It is now that the two begin to really understand one another and they are able to communicate in a limited fashion. Dathon asks to hear one of Picard’s stories and he retells the Legend of Gilgamesh in a limited amount of time. Meanwhile the crew of the Enterprise is trying to figure out how to get to Picard and to communicate with the Tamarians. Troi and Data deduce that Tamarians communicate through a series of visual images and analogies that reference the legends of their past. They do not communicate through a traditional syntax structures that most humanoids in the galaxy use. LaForge and Worf disable the Tamarian ship’s ability to block the transporter and they get the Captain back just in time before he is killed by the Darmok on the planet. The Tamarians begin attacking the Enterprise until Picard can communicate with them. He explains that their captain has died but that the Federation is willing to open communications.

I love this episode for its exploration of language and other grammatical structures in alien species. I know I am a language dork but it was so interesting for me. The show also features a beautiful performance by the late Paul Winfield who is most famous for his role as Captain Terrell in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and his Oscar nominated performance in Sounder. The show also features the acting debut of actress Ashley Judd, who later reprises her role in the episode The Game. The show also features the first appearance of Captain Picard's grey shirt with an open maroon jacket that appears throughout the rest of the series. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Redemption, Part 2

Today is the official one year anniversary! I celebrated by going out grocery shopping and buy a ton of healthy groceries and then by going to Old Navy and getting some new shirts and a few pair of shorts. I got a killer deal on some new shirts I paid no more than $10 for any item I bought today! Including two shorts, a button down, a number of polos and v-neck shirts.

Elliptical Machine: Calories- 671, Miles- 3.99

Redemption, Part 2
The Klingon civil war continues to rage on and the Federation continues its policy of neutrality. That is until Picard realizes that if the Romulans are indeed helping the Klingons that will shift the power in the entire quadrant. So he convinces Starfleet to allow a blockade between Klingon and Romulan space that will keep the Romulans from supplying the House of Duras. To get past the Romulan’s cloaking device LaForge has devised a tachyon network between a fleet of 23 ships to keep them out. Several Enterprise crew members are assigned commands of other fleet ships including Data who takes command of the Sutherland. Meanwhile Sela, introduces herself to the Enterprise crew and explains her story and how she came to be. Picard acknowledges that this probably is a true story but warns her that basically he doesn’t give a shit about her story. The war forges ahead and the Duras sisters are getting worried, so they kidnap Worf and try to persuade him to come to their side. Data is facing trouble with the crew on the Sutherland but he manages to keep a lid on things. Eventually the Romulans attempt to make a run on the blockade by interrupting the tachyon field. Data figures out what the Romulans are up to and ends up catching them in the act. The Romulans back out and the Duras family loses the battle for command of the empire. Gowron takes the seat as head of the council and Worf returns to the Enterprise. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Redemption, Part 1

This is my 200th post in the Star Trek Workout! I cannot believe that it was one year ago that I had the crazy idea to start a major life change by walking my way through the entire cannon of Star Trek.  It started last July with me, craigslist treadmill and the episode The Man Trap. At that time I clocked in at 256 pounds and today I am hitting the scale at 205 pounds. The weight loss though is only a small reward for the health benefits and changes that I have made to my life not to mention my improved attitude and confidence. 200 posts, I just cannot wrap my head around this number. In 200 posts I have walked my through 3 seasons of Star Trek The Original Series, 2 seasons of Star Trek The Animated Series and 4 seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I still have 3 seasons of The Next Generation to go and the entire series of Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. If I can remain on this track I should be finishing Deep Space Nine by this time next year. I have had so much fun completing these workouts and sharing my life through these posts. I’ve really enjoyed the comments from the readers, and tracking the number of views my blog has had which is well over 6,000 hits in the last year.

Elliptical Machine: 675 calories and 3.99 miles

Redemption, Part 1
The Enterprise is on its way to the Klingon home world where Picard will complete his role as the arbiter of succession for the new leader of the Klingon high council. While on their way they are intercepted by Gowron, who is to be the next leader of the Empire. He warns Picard that he must name Gowron the new leader to avoid a Kligon civil war. During the succession ceremony the Duras sisters, Lursa and B’etor, produce a male heir of Duras who can legally claim command of the high council. The Duras family has a long history of making secret pacts with the Romulans and they are of course up to their old tricks this time too. At this time war breaks out and the Federation is put in the place of not being able to help out the Klingons because they would be perceived as favoring one side and this would break the prime directive. At this time Worf decides to leave Starfleet and serve with Gowron in order to restore his family’s name in the empire. The show concludes with the Enterprise leaving Klingon space, Worf serving with Gowron and the Duras family plotting with the Romulans. The show ends with a very familiar looking woman talking to the two sisters but wearing a Romulan uniform. The woman looks exactly like Tasha Yar.

The episode continues Worf’s story arch to reclaim his family’s honor but also to reclaim his Klingon heritage. It also features the return of Denise Crosby but this time not as Tasha Yar, we will learn in the season five opener that she is Sela, the daughter of Tasha Yar and a Romulan officer. This is all explained by her return to the past from the episode Yesterday’s Enterprise. The Next Generation really came into it’s own during the third season but it became consistently good to great during season four. This trend continues until the series finale in season 7. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

In Theory

Heat, Heat Go Away, Com again… Fucking NEVER! The heat in Minnesota continues to be a pain in my ass. Yesterday I found some relief in the form of a day at the pool. I love how 95 degrees doesn’t feel like 95 degrees when you are sitting in the water. I’m not sure if it is just because I now have a tattoo but I noticed several tattoos yesterday while at the beach. I guess it is really true that tattoos are becoming more and more common and accepted in our world today. The fun part of looking at other people’s tattoos is that you get to see who has the most ridiculous tattoo and who has a tattoo that they probably regret by now in their life. I am happy to say that I do not regret my tattoo at all and I don’t think I ever really will.

Elliptical Machine: Calories- 603, Miles- 3.6
Weigh-In: 205 :) 51 pounds

In Theory
Data has developed a close friendship with another crew member, who just happens to be a female. Her name is Jenna and the two have been working together for the past few weeks. Data starts out as the equivalent of a “gay best friend” as he reminds her not to go back to a previous boyfriend and listens to her problems to no end. Eventually she develops a crush on him and makes it pretty obvious when she plants a kiss on him in the torpedo room (which is not a euphemism for something else, I promise). Data has no clue what to do so he goes to every person in the crew about his relationship with Jenna. Guinan says she has no advice. Riker says go for it! Troi says to be cautious but follow what he thinks is right. LaForge expresses his jealousy over the relationship but is happy for his friend. The best advice comes from Worf who says to go for it but then informs him that the Jenna is under his command and if Data does anything to hurt her he will not be happy. Worf as the protective dad is great. Data mucks up the relationship because he just doesn’t know how to act and tries to create a program based upon several sources of how to act in a romantic relationship. To put it mildly Data is a creeper when he tries to date this woman. Meanwhile the Enterprise crew is investigating a nebula and enters the cloud but strange things start happening. It is discovered that there are mysterious cloud pockets that are causing rifts in the space continuum which are impacting the ship by making parts flux between dimensions. Picard enters a shuttle to help guide the ship out of the nebula and there are a few rough patches but they get out with little incident to the crew. In the end Jenna and Data officially break up and he is really not sure how to handle the problem that has faced him.

This is a wonderful exploration of Data’s life and his constant struggle to become more human. The episode is also directed by Patrick Stewart and it is his directorial debut. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Mind's Eye

I have seen several movies in the past few days! Spiderman, Magic Mike, Ted, Rock of Ages, and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. I love movies so much and bonus they are a good escape from this fucking heat that has been happening lately. I am just very sick of it.

Elliptical Machine: 603calories and 3.54miles

The Mind’s Eye
LaForge is on his way to an Artificial Intelligence convention on Risa but instead he is captured by the Romulans. He is brainwashed and they use his VISOR to control what he does when they return him to the Enterprise. The Enterprise is orbiting a Klingon outpost and colony near the border of Federation space. The colony wants to become independent of the empire and the empire believes that the Federation is supplying them with weapons. The tensions are high and meanwhile LaForge is attempting to sabotage things and basically incite a war between the Federation and the Klingons so that the Romulans can seize power in the quadrant.  It is soon after revealed that the Klingon ambassador is actually in cahoots with the Romulans to pull the whole thing off. In the end Data discovers what is happening with LaForge and all is set well.

The episode foreshadows what is to come in the season finale when the Klingon Empire falls into a complete civil war. I also find it funny how the Klingons are supposed to hate the Romulans but they always seem to be working with them.

The Host

Elliptical- 400 calories and 1.5miles

Half of this workout was done backwards!

The Host
The Enterprise is playing host to a negotiation between a planet and the colonies on two of its moons. There is a Federation negotiator named Odan on board to complete the negotiations and guess what he has fallen in love with Dr. Crusher, whom he refers to as Dr. Beverly. The negotiations are going well until a shuttlecraft carrying Odan to the planet is attacked and Odan dies. It is now that we find out that Odan is a joined Trill and that Odan is really just the worm in his stomach and the man carrying him is the host. The Trill will send a new host but it won’t be here for another 40 hours, which is about 38 hours too much. Odan is implanted inside Riker who must carry on the negotiations and he does so successfully and just in time for the new host. Crusher has to deal with the loss of a loved one who is still around but in the form of Riker. She thinks that she can handle that but then the new host from Trill is a woman and that puts her over the edge of things she is willing to deal with.

This is our first introduction to the Trill who look very different in this episode than they do in the future. They appear here with a head piece as opposed to the standard dots down the sides. The rules surrounding the joining of a host and symbiant are a little different later on as well. The episode also flirts with the idea of a homosexual relationship on the show which to this date has never happened in Star Trek.