Thursday, July 5, 2012

In Theory

Heat, Heat Go Away, Com again… Fucking NEVER! The heat in Minnesota continues to be a pain in my ass. Yesterday I found some relief in the form of a day at the pool. I love how 95 degrees doesn’t feel like 95 degrees when you are sitting in the water. I’m not sure if it is just because I now have a tattoo but I noticed several tattoos yesterday while at the beach. I guess it is really true that tattoos are becoming more and more common and accepted in our world today. The fun part of looking at other people’s tattoos is that you get to see who has the most ridiculous tattoo and who has a tattoo that they probably regret by now in their life. I am happy to say that I do not regret my tattoo at all and I don’t think I ever really will.

Elliptical Machine: Calories- 603, Miles- 3.6
Weigh-In: 205 :) 51 pounds

In Theory
Data has developed a close friendship with another crew member, who just happens to be a female. Her name is Jenna and the two have been working together for the past few weeks. Data starts out as the equivalent of a “gay best friend” as he reminds her not to go back to a previous boyfriend and listens to her problems to no end. Eventually she develops a crush on him and makes it pretty obvious when she plants a kiss on him in the torpedo room (which is not a euphemism for something else, I promise). Data has no clue what to do so he goes to every person in the crew about his relationship with Jenna. Guinan says she has no advice. Riker says go for it! Troi says to be cautious but follow what he thinks is right. LaForge expresses his jealousy over the relationship but is happy for his friend. The best advice comes from Worf who says to go for it but then informs him that the Jenna is under his command and if Data does anything to hurt her he will not be happy. Worf as the protective dad is great. Data mucks up the relationship because he just doesn’t know how to act and tries to create a program based upon several sources of how to act in a romantic relationship. To put it mildly Data is a creeper when he tries to date this woman. Meanwhile the Enterprise crew is investigating a nebula and enters the cloud but strange things start happening. It is discovered that there are mysterious cloud pockets that are causing rifts in the space continuum which are impacting the ship by making parts flux between dimensions. Picard enters a shuttle to help guide the ship out of the nebula and there are a few rough patches but they get out with little incident to the crew. In the end Jenna and Data officially break up and he is really not sure how to handle the problem that has faced him.

This is a wonderful exploration of Data’s life and his constant struggle to become more human. The episode is also directed by Patrick Stewart and it is his directorial debut. 

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