Friday, July 20, 2012

A Matter of Time

Today I got to see The Dark Knight Rises!! It was so good and worth the four year wait between now and the last film The Dark Knight. The story mirrored a lot of current social upheaval regarding the economy and the whole “occupy wall street” business, and it ended up being very topical and yet at the same time entertaining. For those of you who have not seen it yet I will not release any spoilers but it is so worth it and if you want to go and see it let me know I’m totally down for a second viewing!

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 595, Miles- 3.48

A Matter Of Time
The Enterprise is on its way to Penthara IV where they have been hit with an asteroid that is causing a major disaster with their climate. On the way to Penthara IV the Enterprise picks up a man who purports himself to be a historian from the future and he has come to observe the Enterprise and particularly Captain Picard. The crew is initially suspicious but they accept his story though they are guarded throughout the man’s visit. The crew goes about their way to fix the problem on the planet but of course their first attempt goes awry. Picard is now faced with the decision to try a risky procedure to save the people which may result in their deaths or do nothing which will for sure result in their deaths. Picard tries to get information from the visiting Professor Rasmussen but he refuses to help based on the fact that he can’t change the past. Picard follows his gut and saves the populations of Penthara IV. While the professor is attempting to leave the whole crew meets him at his ship because several items have gone missing onboard. It is in his ship that Rasmussen reveals that he found the ship when it had traveled back in time to the 22nd century and Rasmussen was trying to steal technology to then copy and make a profit from in his time. He is stopped and the ship leaves without him so he is stuck and in jail.

I will say this boldly and clearly, this episode is a bit of a dog! But I suppose they can’t all be great episodes like most of the other ones in the fifth season. 

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