Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Child

Since I worked out twice today there is nothing here but the episode summary... Enjoy!

The Child
The Enterprise in en route to pick up some hazardous materials from a planet to transport it to another planet experiencing a drastic plague. On the way the ship encounters a strange life force that decides to impregnate Counselor Troi. There is a very dramatic scene where she decides to keep the baby and through the miracle of Sci-Fi story telling she has the baby within the next ten minutes. The child continues to grow at an accelerated rate and alarms everyone onboard as to what he is there to accomplish. Is he a spy or is he simply a happy accident for Troi? By the end of the show he is about ten years old and is discovered to be the root of some problem happening with the hazardous materials so he leaves and everyone is very sad. Meanwhile throughout the whole thing we get to meet the new doctor, Dr. Paulaski who is a bit rougher around the edges and a throwback to the attitude of Dr. McCoy. She rubs both Picard and Data the wrong way throughout the episode but all seems in order at the end. Dr. Crusher has left to be head of Starfleet Medical and Wesley is now faced with staying on board or leaving and is given sage advice from Guinan the new bartender character added to the series. Also a few changes of note Geordi is now the chief engineer and he and Worf are both sporting Yellow outfits this season.

The Neutral Zone

Tuesday is here and Tuesday is gone, almost. Today was really like any other day to be honest and that is okay with me. Some major drama shit went down at rehearsals but I’m making a decision not to complain about the play anymore because it does no good. I’ll just say this I was so frustrated when it was over that I came home and worked out again. So there will be two posts today.
Treadmill: 355 calories and 3.05 miles
The Neutral Zone
The Enterprise has been ordered to go to the neutral zone to see what has destroyed two Federation outposts. Starfleet suspects the Romulans have returned after a nearly 7 decade absence from the dealings of the alpha quadrant. Along the way the ship encounters a sleeper pod and Data makes the decision to bring the bodies on board and Dr. Crusher re-animates them. The passengers are dealing with the shock of waking up 400 years later but are also then being royal pains in the butt to the entire crew. Some of them are more annoying than others. Eventually we see the Romulans and they warn Picard and crew that they have returned on the scene and that everyone should “look out”.
Season one ends on an ominous note with the return of a familiar enemy warning of future attacks. Looking back I am at times shocked that the show got a second season but I’m glad it did because things really started turning around in the second and then third seasons of the show.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


I went out today for lunch with my family to celebrate my Momalla’s birthday and the strangest thing happened. The service from the kitchen was so bad that we got a free meal from Famous Daves, not just a free entrée but the entire meal was free. First off they brought out the wrong entrée for my mom and then took an extraordinary amount of time to get it out to her. Second they forgot her ranch dressing, not huge but annoying. Third they delivered her bread pudding and there was a hair in it. That is when the manager came over and took care of the whole bill, it was at that moment that I declared the free meal was on me and wished my mother a happy birthday. LOL. I have never gotten a free meal at a restaurant so this was kind of fun. The restaurant manager was very nice and our server was really good it was basically the people in the kitchen who screwed it up for our day. I’m pretty sure they got a good talking to.
Tonight I’m heading out for a night on the town in Minneapolis with some friends and coworkers, should be fun. I have a cute pair of shoes, underwear, jeans and a cute shirt but I can’t decide if I should tuck it in or leave it out. I call these “high end” problems… ya know problems that are only problems because everything else is going pretty well. (KNOCK WOOD)
Treadmill- Weekly Weighin: 222 J
The Enterprise is called off course and Picard is summoned to a secret meeting on a deserted planet. The three other officers reveal that they think there is something going on in Starfleet and that a force is trying to take over the organization. Picard has also been talked to about this by a Starfleet admiral not more than a few months ago about the very same problem. Picard decides to go to Starfleet command on Earth to get to the bottom of the problem. On Earth Picard finds things to be just a bit off and begins to understand the suspicions of the other three captains… one of whom is now dead by some freak accident. The admirals eventually reveal that there is an organism that has infiltrated the bodies of several Starfleet offices who are now holding key positions to take over the Federation. Picard, with the help of Data, Riker and Crusher overthrows the creatures and destroys their “mother creature” who is living in Commander Remick, the dick head investigator from a previous episode. In the end the crew discovers a beacon was set to call the rest of these organisms population to Earth. It doesn’t seem that it gets turned off but really this is the first and only episode we see of these creatures. They were apparently supposed to become a recurring enemy but this plan was abandoned, thank god, for a much better nemesis the Borg.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

We'll Always Have Paris

Ok folks, so here is the deal… I’m just a little pissed off this evening. I have an acquaintance that has made a few comments over the past few weeks insinuating that I am less than a man. Such comments as “oh come over here by the real men” or making a comment that a scream a girl made on a recording sounds like me. WTF! That is really all I can say. I am so very annoyed that some people think that just because a guy is gay that he is less than a “real man” or that he is essentially a girl on the inside. Well guess what I AM NOT A GIRL. I don’t understand this concept of a “real man” or a “man’s man” and this American idea that a man has to behave and act a certain way. In my book a man is someone who is respectful, truthful, honest, and open. So in this regard I would consider that gay men who are out and proud are more of a “man” than any straight guy could ever attest to be, no matter how many cars he has repaired or women he has bedded. The reason I say this is because for me to take the step  and courage to be an honest and open man I had to basically declare that I didn’t care what the world had to say and that I was going to live my life the way I wanted not matter what. I have developed a inner mantra… YOU CAN’T TOUCH ME. To me this means that no matter what you say or think about me I know who I am and what I stand for and you can’t touch that or change me in any way. I think that being a “Man” means that you are tough, emotionally and can deal with what comes your way. Could these supposed “real men” take and tolerate and overcome being picked on in school, being shoved into lockers, tripped, having kids laugh at you and even having your peers walk directly up to their face and call them a faggot? I wonder these things and then I also wonder why I had to put up with it. It also makes me wonder how I ever dealt with it and eventually became the person I am today. The answer to that is the love of my amazing family and my wonderful friends.
 I’m not saying this to say I am superior in any way or that I am better than other guys just that I think that we need to reconsider this concept of what it means to be masculine and how that is different from being “real man”.  
I’m sorry this has been a bit of a preachy post and that it seems very angry but that is how I am feeling at the moment. The aura of hatred and intolerance in this country is simply too much and it must change because I fear for those people, young and old, who can no longer tolerate the bullying, abuse, and isolation. Love is love and there is no place for hatred in anyone’s lives.  Again I usually don’t get preachy or mad but this is the one hot button issue of mine that I simply don’t tolerate.
We’ll Always Have Paris
The Enterprise encounters a mysterious time loop where a they replay events from just a few seconds ago. The Enterprise then receives a distress call from a Dr. Paul Manheim (I wonder if he has a steamroller? LOL) and Picard immediately orders them to the planet but seems on edge about their new mission. The Doctor and his wife are beamed aboard due to complaints of illness and we learn that Manheim’s wife is a former flame of  the captain’s whom he left alone at a café some 25 year prior. The crew continues to experience time shifts and learn it is the result of Dr. Manheim’s work and immediately Data is tasked with the task of learning Manheim’s theories and fixing the problem. Along the way Jenise, Manheim’s wife tries to reconcile with Picard but there is tension between them. In the end the Doctor lives and Picard and Jenise get to experience that date they never went on 25 years earlier with a little helpful meddling from Counselor Troi.
The episode is a bit lame but features a wonderful guest starring turn from former Mamas and the Papas singer Michelle Phillips, who was apparently a huge Star Trek fan from the early days of the Original Series.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Skin Of Evil

It is Sunday once again and I look around and think to myself “what the hell happened to this weekend and where did the time go?” But alas it is nearly gone and now I’m on to the week but it is a fun short week so that is ok.
Treadmill: 305 calories and 2.36miles
Skin Of Evil
While Counselor Troi is on her way back from a conference her space shuttle mysteriously crash lands on an uninhabited planet. The Enterprise immediately rushes to the planet and locates the shuttle. Upon beam down Riker, Yar, Data and Crusher run into a mysterious black form that won’t allow them to get to the shuttlecraft in which Troi is stranded. The black form reveals itself to be a creature called Armus who toys with the crew for pure sport and evil reasons. Lt. yar attempts to forcefully get to the shuttlecraft but Armus stuns her and in turn kills her despite the medical efforts of Dr. Crusher. The crew is now faced with trying to outsmart Armus and getting to Counselor Troi. Armus reveals the he was abandoned on the planet centuries ago by a race of people who figured out a way to cast out their evil inner desires and he is the result. Armus is pure evil, anger, and hatred and he intends to get a shuttle from the Enterprise so he can find the people who abandoned him and exact his revenge. The Enterprise discovers that when Armus is angry his powers of control lessen and so Picard provokes him and everyone is transported away from the planet. The planet is then declared off limits for everyone. The episode ends with a memorial service for Tasha Yar which is a pretty heartfelt sequence in which she says goodbye through a holographic recording.
This is the last regular cast appearance of Tasha Yar in the Next Generation. Denise Crosby was irritated that her character was not given much to do on a regular basis so she requested to leave the show. Afterwards she had second thoughts about her decision mainly I think because she A) didn’t get much work and B) the show really took off and people responded to it very well. Later Yar comes back for a guest spot in a flashback episode and then through a clever writing twist she comes back as the half-romulan daughter of Tasha Yar.
Truth be told I was crying at the end of the episode while watching this episode on the treadmill today. Tasha Yar in her final scene says this:
“Death is that state where one lives only in the memory of others, which is why it is not an end. No goodbyes—just good memories”
I can remember coming across that quote when I was preparing to do my grandmother’s eulogy at her funeral and it brought back so many of those memories from that time. My Grandmother was a Star Trek fan and that is something the two always shared and will always share.


Well I worked out on Saturday but between lunch with the parents and then dinner and movies with my sister I didn’t have time write this post up. So…. Here it is.
Elliptical Machine: 6.1miles and 460 calories
The Enterprise is surveying a star experiencing extreme solar flares and sun spots. While observing the star the Enterprise detects a ship in distress and proceeds to intervene and rescue the crew. The only odd thing is that the crew of the freighter seems to be more interested in their cargo than in the deaths of the other two crew members. The ship contained four people 2 Onarins and 2 Breckians. The two groups are extremely different from each other and immediately argue over the ownership of the cargo containing a medicine called “fellycium” a medicine that will ease the pain of the Onarin’s who are all infected with a mysterious plague and have been for the last two and a half centuries. Dr. Crusher is perplexed by this plague because the Onarin’s don’t seem to be unhealthy or carrying any kind of illness, this is until the Onarin’s health begins to decline and they become increasingly agitated. Dr. Crusher finally puts two and two together and figures out that the Fellycium is a narcotic and that in essence the Onarins are a group of drug addicts and essentially the Breckians are drug dealers. Picard’s hands are tied by the prime directive until he learns that the Breckians know the true nature of the Onarin’s illness. In the end Picard allows them take the fellycium to the Onarin’s but declines the request to repair the Onarin ships which enable the drug transportation to happen.

The episode is essentially a response to the 1980’s Nancy Regan “just say no” campaign about teenage drug use. Lt. Yar even gives Wesley Crusher and in depth talk on the bridge about the evils of drugs and how they feel good at first but you end up in a sad and pathetic place. Heavy handed… maybe. Enjoyable drama..yes. The episode also features guest appearances by Merritt Butrick and Judson Scott both of whom starred in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan . Butrick also went on to star in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. This episode was one of Merritt Butrick’s final film appearances before he died of AIDS in 1989.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Arsenal Of Freedom

Thursday and rehearsal was cancelled because like half of the cast is sick.. ugh. I did get to finally watch this week’s episode of Glee YES/NO. I really like the episode that is until Finn proposed to Rachel which I think sends a bad message to teens that getting married younger is an okay thing. I did like however that we didn’t hear if Rachel said yes or no. Now I am not married and I am not getting close to getting married but I know way to many people who met when they were 16 and got married and it didn’t end well. People need to become who they are before they become a “WE”. Now all that being said I know people who got married young and it did work out just fine.
Today’s Workout: 265 calories and 2.05miles
The Arsenal Of Freedom
The Enterprise is investigating planet that a federation starship disappeared at some time ago. Upon entering orbit the crew is greeted by a prerecorded message from the planet’s former inhabitants a group of people who sold weapons to planets at war with each other. Upon beam down the landing party is attacked and all hell breaks loose. Data, Yar, and Riker fend of constant attack. Picard and Crusher fall into an underground room and must keep each other alive as best they can.  And during all of this the Enterprise is being attacked by the same system that is active on the planet. The ship is forced to leave orbit separate from the saucer and go back to attack and hopefully rescue the landing party. Of course all works out in the end and we get to learn a little bit about Crusher and LaForge in particular.

The episode really is no masterpiece but puts the characters in situations necessary for them to reveal background information and to move the characterizations forward. The special effects in this episode are atrocious at the very least but at the same time they are way better than anything that was done in the 60’s.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Heart Of Glory

The drama with the play is getting better but I’m still not feeling as into it as I would like to be but the love of the show is growing so all will be good. I’ve had a great long weekend and got to have some fun at home and get some work done. Today I had a really fun lunch and shopping trip with my mom! Still at the age of 29 I love spending time with my Mommy.
Treadmill: 260 calories and 1.85 miles
Heart of Glory
The Enterprise is investigating a battle that took place just across the Romulan neutral zone. Upon entering the neutral zone the Enterprise discovers a severely damaged space ship. The crew beams over to investigate and they take the opportunity to use a visual link between Geordi’s visor and the ships viewer. This allows for a large amount of emotional dialogue and wonder between Geordi and Captain Picard, which essentially is pointless other than it giving insight into the emotional lives of the characters. On board the away team discovers three Klingons, one who is near death. They beam over to the Enterprise just before the ship explodes. The Klingons are obviously hiding something as to the nature of their being onboard an alien freight ship. The Klingons take a shining to Worf obviously and make several attempts to saw Worf to their side and help them join in a revolution to bring the warrior lifestyle back to the Klingon Empire. These Klingons apparently feel that the peace alliance with the Federation is killing the Klingon way of life. A Klingon battle cruiser intercepts the Enterprise and demands the two remaining klingons so that they can be executed. Worf pleads for their lives but to no avail. The Klingons mount an escape from the brig and in the process one is shot. The leader fleas the engineering and threatens to destroy the ship if he is not given the battle bridge to wage war across the galaxy. Worf attempts to talk it through with him but in the end the Klingon attempts to fire and Worf shoots him. Worf is torn the whole time between his duty to Starfleet and his desire to be with his people.

This episode marks the first appearance of the Klingons in The Next Generation, other than Worf that is. In this episode we learn that Worf was adopted by humans after his parents were killed in a Romulan raid of Khitomer. It is really nice to begin to see more about Worf and it points out a major difference between the Original Series and the Next Generation. This difference is the character development. In TNG the characters were given the opportunity to grow and change and we learn more about their past. In the Original Series we didn’t learn much about the characters throughout the series, the only characters we learned more about were the three main characters. In TNG all characters are given much more rich back stories.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Coming of Age

DO BETTER! A comment that was said over and over after rehearsal on Friday. Do Better, a comment I truly am trying to take to heart and make a guiding force in my life. Anyway that is enough on the tough stuff. I’m sitting her watching the Golden Globes and loving every minute of it, though it makes me notice a few things about this show. One.. How ridiculous are awards shows? Truly there are more important things going on that watching a bunch of rich famous people get awards. That being said I love awards shows so I’m going to keep watching. Two, The Globes always seem to give the awards to the newest show on TV not necessarily the best show but the newest. So the moral of that story is don’t take what the globes call the best as what is really the best. K
Thank you Jesus that it is MLK day tomorrow and I don’t have to be up early tomorrow morning!

Today’s Workout: Treadmill 250 calories and 1.9miles

Coming of Age
There are two different stories happing in this episode that overlap and go back and forth so I will explain them one at a time because it is just easier.

Story 1:
Wesley Crusher is beaming down to a planet to go through a rigorous Starfleet Academy entrance exam. There are four candidates testing, Wesley, a Vulcan female, a Human female and Mordock,  the first Benzyte to test for Starfleet entrance. The four are put through a series of academic test to see if they have the intelligence to get into the academy. During testing Mordock and Wesley become friends and encourage each other along the way. They are then faced with a Psych Test to see if they can face their feers and still maintain composure. Wesley’s test is to see if he can make a decision that may cause another person to die in the course of action. Wesley performs well of course but Mordock is admitted to the academy and Wesley is encouraged to apply again next year.

Story 2:
A Starfleet admiral beams aboard the Enterprise with an investigator from Starfleet command. The two inform Picard that an investigation is being completed to determine if something is wrong on the Enterprise. Commander Remick, the investigator, proceeds to interrogate the entire crew and pisses everyone off in the process. The nice thing is that everyone seems to be supporting the crew and saying nothing is wrong at all. We learn that investigation is being completed to see if Picard is trustworthy and not ‘breached’. The admiral fears that something has infiltrated Starfleet and is trying to undermine its structure and power. Picard is then offered to be the head of Starfleet Academy, so that he can be close to Earth and help monitor Starfleet. Picard declines, stating that he will be more help out in space. This storyline sets up a future episode that reveals the intruder into Starfleet.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Home Soil

Clue:The Musical rehearsals are well under way and things are going fairly well. We have a fine cast from what I can see and things are going to be just peachy.. I hope. As with any show there is onstage Drama and backstage dram but I’m sure it will all be ok. I’m proud of myself for getting home after a 16 hour day and worked out.. yeah me.
Treadmill: 260calories and 2.9 miles
Home Soil
The Enterprise is checking in on a group of planet terraformers on a remote Federation planet. The group is attempting to turn a lifeless planet into a planet that can support life. Picard immediately thinks something is odd with the planet’s crew but thinks little of it at first because terraformers are known to be a little odd and quirky. Upon beaming down to look around the Enterprise crew is amazed with the work and are truly exploring what is happening until one of the miners is killed by a drilling laser that has gone haywire. Upon investigating Geordi and Data find a mysterious blinking light in the mine shaft and beam it aboard the Enterprise. Dr. Crusher and Data are now charged with the task of determining if this inorganic object is a life form or not. The object is soon discovered to be a lifeform as it splits into two different lights and soon attempts to communicate with the crew of the Enterprise. Soon the Enterprise is in danger of being destroyed by the lifeform who has declared war upon the Enterprise and the crew of terraformers for attempting to kill its entire kind. The lights apparently live in a thin layer of highly salty water just below the surface of the sand on the planet. Data has the ingenious idea of turning off the lights and immediately the life form agrees to end the war if they Enterprise will return it home.
Yet another environmentalist story from the late 80’s transposed into the 24th century. Here we have an update of Devil in the Dark from the original series too in many ways. We also have a guest staring turn from Walter Goetll who is most famous from playing General Gogol in the James Bond movies from 1977 to 1987. Fun to see him here!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

When The Bough Breaks

So today was really a waste of a day. I didn’t do a whole lot and really I’m okay with that for the most part. I finished my impromptu Absolutely Fabulous marathon that I have been having all week at my house. I have loved this show as long as I can remember and continue to love it. It makes me wish I were British and friends with Eddy and Patsy. I even found the second new episode streaming online. The new episodes aren’t great but they are enjoyable at the very least.
Today’s workout: Treadmill and I forgot to write down my numbers.. whoops
When The Bough Breaks
The Enterprise has found a planet that has long been considered a myth, a so called Atlantis of outer space. Upon making contact with the Enterprise the inhabitants make a probe and a beam down some of the crew for talks. It is revealed that the people on the planet can no longer have children and are facing extinction. Soon after the landing part is returned and suddenly the children are abducted and brought to the planet. The inhabitants don’t seem to understand that the Enterprise crew are attached to their children and want them back. They make it clear that the children will not be returned under any circumstance. Through a series of negotiations nothing happens and the aliens show their strength by shooting the Enterprise 3 days away. On the way back Dr. Crusher discovers that the aliens are dying of radiation poisoning. Meanwhile back on the planet Wesley unites the children into a passive hunger and activity strike.  Upon returning the Enterprise crew beams down and takes over the computer and the children are returned. It is revealed that the ozone layer of the planet is gone and caused health problems.

Much as many of the episodes in the Original Series are related to war, racial tensions, and social class issues the episodes of The Next Generation are at times just as politically based. This episode is on current environmental episodes and future episodes discuss drugs, women’s rights, and again technology vs. mankind.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Too Short A Season

Ya know a day can start of wonderful and great and then in one small moment everything can change. First off I just want to say that No nothing is drastically wrong. The issue of the day is that your’s truly was supposed to have a date this evening but got  a text an hour prior to the date cancelling  for the evening. A word to the wise to all inclined to ask me on a date, If you make plans on a Tuesday it is more socially acceptable to cancel just about any time more than 24 hours prior to the date. Now by following this rule of thumb texting an hour before is considered “poor form”. I even went out and bought new shoes for this fricking event. Now I really did need new shoes this was just a good excuse for getting them today. The other major upset is that we were going to go to a Thai place for dinner and I was really looking forward to it! I haven’t had Thai in ages and the craving has struck. Oh well all is well in the world and worse things could happen.
Today’s Workout: 255 calories and 1.95 miles
Too Short A Season
A crisis has broken out on a Federation planet and the embassy workers have been taken hostage by the locals. The governor of the planet, Karnas, has requested that Admiral Jameson come to perform the negotiations. The Admiral is for lack of a better word ancient and suffers from an incurable disease. Upon boarding the ship with his wife Jameson begins acting strangely and he seems to be making a miraculous recovery. Soon he is walking about and starting to look younger. He reveals that he has taken some type of alien anti-aging therapy to improve his health for this mission. Apparently he has had a history with Karnas and helped negotiate a dispute on the planet 40 years earlier. Jameson, we learn falsified his reports 40 years earlier of his negotiations with Karnas. On paper it says that he negotiated and all things were great. The truth is that he agreed to give Karnas federation weapons to help his case but he secretly gave equal weapons to the opposing force on the planet, an act that plunged the planet into civil war for 40 years. In the end Jameson and Karnas confront each other but soon Jameson dies due to the alien therapy’s effects. Karnas surrenders to the Federation. The Enterprise then heads off to the next mission.
Not a great episode but not a horrible episode.. I guess.  Also the Admiral's costumes in the first season were god awful!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The first day back to school after break has come and gone and I’m still here… YEAH!!! Thank god it is a four day week though because I’m already exhausted and ready for a long nights sleep. Today I kicked a kid out of my yearbook meeting… which is a first in three years. I felt bad about a little bit but I simply won’t tolerate student’s talking disparagingly about other students in the school especially when they students being talked about are some of the sweetest kids who just happen to have special education services.  I have to play the strict Mr. Olson card tomorrow morning and I’m not really used to doing that because it doesn’t need to happen often but oh well. Should be a fun start to tomorrow!
Workout: Treadmill 280 calories and 2.4miles
The Enterprise is heading into space dock to have some minor repairs and improvements made by a group of Starfleet engineers. The lead engineers are a curious group of little aliens called Bynars. The Bynars always travel in two and their planet’s life is based on the binary system of units comprised of zeros and ones. The Bynars seem to be acting very suspiciously but the crew ignores it because they are so different. Riker and Picard end up in the hollodeck hitting on a sultry woman in a fake jazz club. She is Riker’s ideal woman, named Minuet and she keeps the two men occupied in the hollodeck. While Riker and Picard are busy the rest of the ship is alerted to a fake emergency and everyone evacuates the ship. We learn soon that they Bynars have hijacked the Enterprise to bring it to their world. Their sole purpose was to download their world’s computer into the Enterprise’s database and the restart their home world’s computer which has nearly been destroyed due to a super nova. The ship returns to starbase and the Bynars willingly go to jail for their crime.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Angel One

Well all good things as they say! Today is the last day of winter break and tomorrow begins the second “half” of the school year. It has been a good few days off and I’ve gotten a lot accomplished around the house and for work. I also managed to have quite a bit of fun which is the point of a break. Today I went grocery shopping and then out to lunch at the Pizza Ranch in Elk River. The food was surprisingly good and fun but the only down side was all the little kids at the restaurant.. oh well.

Today’s Workout: 275 calories and 2.50 miles

Angel One
The Enterprise is investigating the disappearance of a freighter ship and the primary search place is a planet called Angel One. Before beaming down Troi briefs the crew about the planet’s customs and laws. The big difference from Earth is that here the women are in charge and the men are treated as objects and play things. The team beams down and the leaders of Angel One seem to be unsure of the Enterprise but relent to letting them search for the men who have become outlaws on the planet. Meanwhile on the Enterprise a mysterious Virus has become a plague on board and by the end of the episode infects most of the crew, with the exception of Dr. Crusher who finds a cure just in time.  On the planet the missing freighter crew are found but they don’t want to leave as they have found wives and are living as equals among the women in their makeshift village. The outlaws are found by the Angel One government as one of the wives is a member of the government herself. They are all sentenced to death and it is up to Riker to convince the leader of the Angel One government not to kill them, he is of course successful. The outlaws are not killed but they are exiled to a remote section of the planet.

The early episodes of Star Trek: TNG seem to have a fascination with SEX which must be a reflection of the time it was made in the late 1980’s after the sexual revolution of the 70’s??? IDK. Does anyone know if this is a correct assumption on my behalf?