Saturday, January 28, 2012


I went out today for lunch with my family to celebrate my Momalla’s birthday and the strangest thing happened. The service from the kitchen was so bad that we got a free meal from Famous Daves, not just a free entrée but the entire meal was free. First off they brought out the wrong entrée for my mom and then took an extraordinary amount of time to get it out to her. Second they forgot her ranch dressing, not huge but annoying. Third they delivered her bread pudding and there was a hair in it. That is when the manager came over and took care of the whole bill, it was at that moment that I declared the free meal was on me and wished my mother a happy birthday. LOL. I have never gotten a free meal at a restaurant so this was kind of fun. The restaurant manager was very nice and our server was really good it was basically the people in the kitchen who screwed it up for our day. I’m pretty sure they got a good talking to.
Tonight I’m heading out for a night on the town in Minneapolis with some friends and coworkers, should be fun. I have a cute pair of shoes, underwear, jeans and a cute shirt but I can’t decide if I should tuck it in or leave it out. I call these “high end” problems… ya know problems that are only problems because everything else is going pretty well. (KNOCK WOOD)
Treadmill- Weekly Weighin: 222 J
The Enterprise is called off course and Picard is summoned to a secret meeting on a deserted planet. The three other officers reveal that they think there is something going on in Starfleet and that a force is trying to take over the organization. Picard has also been talked to about this by a Starfleet admiral not more than a few months ago about the very same problem. Picard decides to go to Starfleet command on Earth to get to the bottom of the problem. On Earth Picard finds things to be just a bit off and begins to understand the suspicions of the other three captains… one of whom is now dead by some freak accident. The admirals eventually reveal that there is an organism that has infiltrated the bodies of several Starfleet offices who are now holding key positions to take over the Federation. Picard, with the help of Data, Riker and Crusher overthrows the creatures and destroys their “mother creature” who is living in Commander Remick, the dick head investigator from a previous episode. In the end the crew discovers a beacon was set to call the rest of these organisms population to Earth. It doesn’t seem that it gets turned off but really this is the first and only episode we see of these creatures. They were apparently supposed to become a recurring enemy but this plan was abandoned, thank god, for a much better nemesis the Borg.

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