Sunday, January 15, 2012

Coming of Age

DO BETTER! A comment that was said over and over after rehearsal on Friday. Do Better, a comment I truly am trying to take to heart and make a guiding force in my life. Anyway that is enough on the tough stuff. I’m sitting her watching the Golden Globes and loving every minute of it, though it makes me notice a few things about this show. One.. How ridiculous are awards shows? Truly there are more important things going on that watching a bunch of rich famous people get awards. That being said I love awards shows so I’m going to keep watching. Two, The Globes always seem to give the awards to the newest show on TV not necessarily the best show but the newest. So the moral of that story is don’t take what the globes call the best as what is really the best. K
Thank you Jesus that it is MLK day tomorrow and I don’t have to be up early tomorrow morning!

Today’s Workout: Treadmill 250 calories and 1.9miles

Coming of Age
There are two different stories happing in this episode that overlap and go back and forth so I will explain them one at a time because it is just easier.

Story 1:
Wesley Crusher is beaming down to a planet to go through a rigorous Starfleet Academy entrance exam. There are four candidates testing, Wesley, a Vulcan female, a Human female and Mordock,  the first Benzyte to test for Starfleet entrance. The four are put through a series of academic test to see if they have the intelligence to get into the academy. During testing Mordock and Wesley become friends and encourage each other along the way. They are then faced with a Psych Test to see if they can face their feers and still maintain composure. Wesley’s test is to see if he can make a decision that may cause another person to die in the course of action. Wesley performs well of course but Mordock is admitted to the academy and Wesley is encouraged to apply again next year.

Story 2:
A Starfleet admiral beams aboard the Enterprise with an investigator from Starfleet command. The two inform Picard that an investigation is being completed to determine if something is wrong on the Enterprise. Commander Remick, the investigator, proceeds to interrogate the entire crew and pisses everyone off in the process. The nice thing is that everyone seems to be supporting the crew and saying nothing is wrong at all. We learn that investigation is being completed to see if Picard is trustworthy and not ‘breached’. The admiral fears that something has infiltrated Starfleet and is trying to undermine its structure and power. Picard is then offered to be the head of Starfleet Academy, so that he can be close to Earth and help monitor Starfleet. Picard declines, stating that he will be more help out in space. This storyline sets up a future episode that reveals the intruder into Starfleet.

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