Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Child

Since I worked out twice today there is nothing here but the episode summary... Enjoy!

The Child
The Enterprise in en route to pick up some hazardous materials from a planet to transport it to another planet experiencing a drastic plague. On the way the ship encounters a strange life force that decides to impregnate Counselor Troi. There is a very dramatic scene where she decides to keep the baby and through the miracle of Sci-Fi story telling she has the baby within the next ten minutes. The child continues to grow at an accelerated rate and alarms everyone onboard as to what he is there to accomplish. Is he a spy or is he simply a happy accident for Troi? By the end of the show he is about ten years old and is discovered to be the root of some problem happening with the hazardous materials so he leaves and everyone is very sad. Meanwhile throughout the whole thing we get to meet the new doctor, Dr. Paulaski who is a bit rougher around the edges and a throwback to the attitude of Dr. McCoy. She rubs both Picard and Data the wrong way throughout the episode but all seems in order at the end. Dr. Crusher has left to be head of Starfleet Medical and Wesley is now faced with staying on board or leaving and is given sage advice from Guinan the new bartender character added to the series. Also a few changes of note Geordi is now the chief engineer and he and Worf are both sporting Yellow outfits this season.

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