Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where Silence Has Lease

Today at work was great! I had a very productive day and got everything on my to do list completed and even had a few minutes to chat with some of my wonderful coworkers too. Then it was off to work and then off to play practice. Play practice was good tonight and the drama stayed away for the day… well mostly. I then got home and powered through and worked out! Thanks in large part to the support and advice of my good friend Derek! I have a doctor’s appointment on Friday and for once I am actually excited for it! On top of all that wonderfulness I heard a great new song on the radio this afternoon. It was “I Won’t Let You Go” by James Morrison, Thank You baby Jesus for Cities 97 and their endless array of adult contemporary goodness.

To see the video check out the video link below:
                                            James Morrison's "I Won't Let You Go" Music Video

Treadmill- 2.0 miles and 253calories burned
Where Silence Has Lease
The Enterprise is on a routine mission to chart an uncharted planet when it encounters a strange anomaly in space. Despite the crew’s best efforts to scan and avoid the anomaly they get sucked inside and can’t get out. Picard attempts to guide the ship out of the anomaly but everything just seems to be going in circles. All of the sudden a Romulan Warbird then appears but it turns out to be a fake and then the Enterprises’ sister ship the U.S.S Yomatto appears. Worf and Riker beam over for some dumb reason and get confused and agitated and then they get beamed back over in the nick of time as the ship disappears. It is about this time that Counselor Troi reveals that she thinks that the anomaly is really a place to hold the Enterprise as a lab experiment for tests. The creature in the anomaly reveals itself and its intentions, which are to learn what death is and kill half the crew to figure it all out. In reaction Picard and Riker decide to auto-destruct the ship to send a message. The message is sent and the Enterprise is allowed to leave the anomaly unscathed.
We also happen to get a second helping of the new Dr. Paulaski’s apparent racism against androids. She again treats him like an object and even refers to Data as “It” to Picard and the rest of the bridge crew. I honestly find this a little disappointing in the writing of the show but thankfully it goes away soon, if memory serves correctly.

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