Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Measure Of A Man

So I guess the snow never came until quite later than expected so now it looks like I will be going to work on time in the morning which is ok. Other than that not a whole lot is going on today so that is all I have to say.
Today’s Workout: Elliptical 1.9miles and 415 calories
The Measure Of A Man
Upon visiting a remote space station Picard learns that Data has been forcibly transferred to be under the command of the scientist who wants to dismantle him to study him. Data is apprehensive as is Picard and the rest of the crew. Data finds his only choice is to resign from Starfleet to avoid the consequences of the transfer. Data pleads with Picard to support him and help him but Starfleet argues that Data is the property of Starfleet so a trial is set to determine Data’s rights. The judge of the trial turns out to be one of Picard’s old flames/nemesis’. Picard chooses to defend Data and Riker is faced with arguing the prosecution’s side. Riker places a good argument that Data is simply a machine but Picard gives an even better argument that Data may in fact be truly sentient. In the end Data is given the right to choose and he remains on the Enterprise as a crew member.
What a great episode that deals with the rights of humans, separation of classes and other human rights issues. The episode has been on the top of several lists that rank the best of The Next Generation episodes, in fact Entertainment Weekly ranked it the 6th best of the series.  

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