Sunday, February 26, 2012

Unnatural Selection

Today is the last day of the play and I am so excited! This has been a long road and it will be over by 5pm today and I can’t wait. I have had a good time getting this part and putting this play on but it has been a strain mentally and emotionally. In other news, I got my cat groomed and she looks so cute with her hair shaved off! Though I’m really not sure if she loves it as much as I think it looks cute.
Today’s workout: 465 calories and 1.55miles
Unnatural Selection
The Enterprise encounters a Federation ship that’s crew has all died of apparent natural causes and old age. The only problem is that the entire crew was recently checked at a starbase and they were all perfectly healthy. The Enterprise is now tasked with investigating the deaths and it is linked to the Darwin Research Lab. Upon visiting the Darwin Lab the Enterprise learns that the entire research crew in the lab is suffering the same illness as the crew of the doomed Federation starship. The Darwin Lab staff is worried about the health of their genetically engineered children who are not infected with the disease. Dr. Pulaski decides that something must be done and she seems be convinced that bringing one of the children up in a shuttlecraft will be safest even though she is putting herself in danger of infection. She of course becomes infected and now the Enterprise and Darwin staff is faced with curing the disease before they lose their doctor. The crew searches and searches for a clue until finally they decide to use the transporter to repattern the doctor based upon a sample of her previous DNA. The experiment of course works and then all is well with the station and the crew of the Enterprise.
The Episode is an updated take off on The Original Series episode “The Deadly Years” in which the crew begins aging rapidly and they must find a cure. Though that episode dealt with aging as a result of an accident this episode deals with aging as a result of genetic experimentation and the consequences it may have for humanity.

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