Friday, February 3, 2012

The Outrageous Okona

OMG what a wonderful day. I took a personal day from work today so that I could go to the doctor and work on memorization for the play. My doctor’s appointment was great today! My weight is down 35 pounds since July of 2011 and I learned something even more shocking. In mid 2010 I weighed in at 270 pounds… that means that I am down 50 pounds since that time. My blood pressure was right where it should be, in fact the doctor said it shouldn’t get much lower or I would have the opposite problem. He also suggested that I add Flax Seed to my morning yogurt to help keep me from getting hungry so early in the day. He also suggested that I eat six small meals throughout the day, which I know is nothing new but I’m going to start trying to do this. After the appointment I went to Target and purchased a weighted workout vest to increase the intensity of my treadmill routines. The vest is ten pounds and all I can say is wow. When I put that thing on it seemed so heavy that I couldn’t believe that is how heavy I was just a few months ago. If this goes well I just may add additional ankle weights to the deal. Later I’m off to callback auditions and play practice.
Today’s Workout: 1.94miles and 265 calories
Now I don’t know how to measure the additional calories burned from carrying the heavy vest but I’m sure it increased the burn.
The Outrageous Okana
The Enterprise is simply passing through a planetary system when they pick up a small freighter captain named Okona. The guy is a daring rogue who wins the heart of several crew members, mostly female but also Data and Wesley take a shine to him as an example of how to live. Data seeks to learn humor because of an awkward encounter with Okona so he enlists Guinan and a holodeck creation to help him learn humor. Sadly Data doesn’t make a whole lot of progress towards his goal of becoming a funny man. Meanwhile two ships approach the Enterprise, each claiming legal right to take Okona hostage as he is a criminal on their worlds. Through a series of discussions we learn that Okona is no criminal but more of a go between man for two young lovers from opposing families on opposing planets. The two ships are captained by their parents who believe Okona to have stolen a jewel from one and to have impregnated the others daughter. In the end Okona is set free and the two happy kids get together.
One of the many women Okona beds is a transporter cheif played by a very young, yet still whorish looking Teri Hatcher. The Guy who plays Okona also went on to continue acting in a variety of shows, and he is currently on that hit show The Killing.

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