Monday, February 27, 2012

A Matter Of Honor

It is Monday and apparently it is also the eve of an impending “snowmageddon” that is supposed to dump anywhere from 10-16 inches on the greater Twin Cities Metro area. Is it shameful for a 29 year old man to say that he is hoping for a snow day,,, because I am. A day off in the middle of the week sounds really fun even though it would mean an extra day in the end of the school year. I just want a day to be in my PJ’s read a book, do a little work and maybe have a noon time beverage. In other news this morning the most ridiculous thing happened. I opened my garage door and there was a random car parked in my driveway blocking my exit. I called the cops right before a couple of teenagers came out of a neighbor’s house and I had to tell those kids four times to move their car quickly and then added the information that I had called the cops earlier to tow the car. Well they gave me quite the face and then left. I waited for the cop who then said “I’ll go find ‘em” and went on her merry way to locate the asshole teens! So the moral of the story is that I am now officially the crabby old man who yells at kids in the neighborhood to get off of his property. UGH
Today’s Workout: 2.46 miles and 451 calories
A Matter Of Honor
The Enterprise is participating in a “crew exchange” with a Klingon ship and Riker has been chosen to take over as the Klingon ship’s first officer. Riker heads over to the Klingon ship and he quickly becomes acquainted with the Klingon way of order and command. Meanwhile on the Enterprise a strange organism is found on the hull and they quickly begin searching for the Klingon ship which they have learned also has been infected with the organism. The Klingons have discovered the organism and believe that the Enterprise has infected them and they are now out for revenge. Riker is not placed in the awkward position of being loyal to the Enterprise or supporting his new crew on the Klingon ship. There is nearly a confrontation until Riker tricks the Klingon captain and has him beamed onto the Enterprise, thus he takes command of the ship. Riker returns to the ship and the Enterprise and Klingons part ways.


  1. Hey Pauly!

    I love what you're doing here (I found you through Pinterest). I couldn't help but notice that you're a Twin Citian...if you're interested in working out with some other geeky folks, check this out:

    I lead a geek-centric yoga class - we actually did an "A Matter of Honor" themed class not too long ago...but there's plenty of other stuff and fun peeps! Just throwing it out there :)


    1. Hey Justine,

      Thanks for the comment!I will have to check out the link you sent me!