Sunday, February 19, 2012

This Long Break Is Nearly Over... I Promise

Hello All,

It has been a crazy few weeks which  have resulted in me not having the time nor the energy to workout. Mostly it has been a time factor. I have been in a show and the rehearsal schedule had gotten so crazy before we opened on Friday that I didn't have the time. I feel like an absolute slob for not having worked out. I truly do miss so much. The other factor impacting my workouts is that I recently purchased an elliptical which is being installed as I type this post. I made the foolish decision to get rid of my treadmill before the elliptical came. But I feel okay because the Treadmill now has a nice home on a farm where it can roam and be free. LOL it is at my sisters house which is at a farm.

The opening weekend of Clue The Musical has been a success really with the exception of me nearly breaking my ankle opening night. It is feeling much better now and I should be able to hop on the treadmill by midweek!

I will get back to blogging as soon as I can!

For more information on the show go to:

here is a picture from the show:

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