Thursday, February 2, 2012

Elementary, Dear Data

So finally something good happened at play practice. Things are going to start progressing I can tell and I think I’ve turned the corner on being positive on the show! There really is nothing else to report in my life today so this is quite the boring blog post.
Treadmill- 1.95miles and 245 calories
Weekly Weigh-in: 221lbs
Elementary, Dear Data
The show revolves around the use of a simplistic plot device, well two of them actually. The first, The Enterprise is three days early for a rendezvous with another starship and the crew has three days to kill. The second, Dr. Pulaski’s rampant “androidist” comments spark a challenge to see if Data can really have an original thought based upon a set of clues provided. So to solve this challenge Data, Geordi and Dr. Pulaski enter the holodeck to engage in a Sherlock Holmes mystery with Data as Holmes and Geordi as Watson. The game becomes too easy so the parameters are changed and the computer is challenged to create an adversary who can beat Data. This was a truly poor choice of words, because the computer creates a holographic Professor Moriarty who begins to learn and grow. He begins to understand things and eventually gains some minor control over the computer threatening to destroy the ship if he is not set free. Captain Picard now enters the holodeck with Geordi and Data to talk to Moriarty and hopefully rescue the doctor, whom Moriarty has kidnapped. In the end Picard explains to Moriarty that he is a computer program who can’t leave the holodeck so therefore he cannot exist. Picard promises not to delete the program but to save him for later when he can possibly be set free.

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