Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Dauphin

Snow Day…. YEAH! I’ve been spending the day thus far sleeping in, working out, lounging and doing some house work. Next up on the agenda is making lunch and doing some yearbook work!
Today’s Workout: Elliptical 2.3 miles and 491 calories burned
(PS- going backwards on the elliptical hurts! But in that good way were maybe it means I’ll start to form a butt of some sort)
The Dauphin
The Enterprise is playing escort to a future leader on an alien planet the Federation has had very little contact. Upon beam up she is a beautiful 16 year old girl accompanied by a crabby old woman who looks quite like a toad. The old woman is overbearing and over protective much like a crazy person protecting her rations for when the government fails. (PS I’ve been watching a show on the subject and it is crazy… Doomsday Preppers). Anyway the girl runs into Wesley Crusher and young romance is in the air between the two lovers. Wesley asks every man on the ship practically how to talk to the girl and “seduce” her or something. About this time the old woman gets really bitchy and it is revealed that she is a shape shifter and can turn into a really ugly bear like creature. She wants to protect the girl and Wesley is told to leave her alone, of course now the girl comes to him to hang out. A battle of ugly bear like creatures ensues between the old woman and the girl, both of whom we now know are shape shifters. The girl and Wesley part ways and his young heart is broken but Guinan is there to help him cope with the pain.
What a dud of an episode. The Effects are really bad, the story is week, and it is just bad. Oh well they can’t all be in the top ten episodes.

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