Thursday, March 1, 2012


The ridiculousness of some people dumbfounds me but that is all I will say about that because I am classier than said ridiculous man. In other news it has been a good day and I’m taking the leap and I’m going to start making green monster smoothies for breakfast because I hear good things. Wish me luck tomorrow morning as I smoothie it up with my Ninja blender.
Today’s Workout- Elliptical. I forgot to check the distance meter but the calorie total was 604!
The Enterprise is called to assist its sister ship the Yomatto. Things with the Yomatto are not going well and they are complaining of massive system glitches and failures around their ship. Within the first five minutes the Yomatto blows up and then a Romulan ship shows up because low and behold they are in the neutral zone. Picard decides to take the risk and track the Yomatto’s course and see what went wrong with the ship. Upon following the course Picard and crew encounter an alien transponder station that was the home of a long rumored alien culture that was destroyed long ago. The problems on the Enterprise begin to get worse and once again the Romulans show up but this time they too are encountering problems of a similar nature. The landing crew on the planet discovers that the ships have been infected with the alien computer program which is trying to overtake the current computer software. Data and Picard find a solution by simply rebooting the ship’s computer to erase the alien program.

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