Saturday, March 17, 2012


Happy St. Paddy’s Everyone! I’ve often wondered why this holiday is such a big deal outside of Ireland. I’ve also wondered if this holiday is as big a deal in Ireland as it is here in the USA. Obviously since I don’t know the answer to these two questions I’ve not been curious enough to actually do a little research on the matter so I am content to keep on wondering. On tap for tonight is some food fun and drinking at my sister’s house to help celebrate her birthday. If I can get a little mushy for a second, my sister is truly my best friend. I can’t picture my life without her, which is one of the reasons that I have not pursued finding a job internationally. Well that and my mother would kill me if I ever moved more than 3 hours away from her.

Elliptical Machine- 465 calories and 2.65 miles (Max Cardio Workout)


The Enterprise is sent to help a scientist do an observation of a collapsing star when things go awry. The problem is that the ship keeps malfunctioning and having system wide glitches. The crew can’t figure out what the problem is, except for young Wesley Crusher. Who by the way is not so young anymore now in his third year aboard the Enterprise. Apparently while doing an experiment for school Wesley has let a few Nanites out of a secured holding area and they are causing trouble all over the ship. How could two small microscopic robots cause havoc, well of course they have learned to work together and are evolving into a higher level of being. The Picard is faced with two options, destroy the nanites so the experiment can happen or abandon the experiment and solve the nanite problem. Data is put in charge of trying to communicate with them when the scientist, who has gone a little crazy, decides to destroy a large group of the nanites. They creatures of course take action and the Enterprise is forced to solve the nanite problem and abandon the experiment. Data determines that he can let the Nanites enter his body and therefore more effectively communicate with Picard for the nanites. An agreement is reached and the nanites are given a planet to inhabit and take over, and then the Enterprise is free to go on its way. In a subplot the newly returned Doctor Crusher is feeling guilty for leaving her son and is worried he has grown up too quickly. She of course finds that her assumptions are of base and the mother and son team return to their healthy relationship.

Several changes here in the third season. 1- the uniforms have been modified to be two pieces with a raised collar. We now only see the minor players wearing the old collarless uniforms, which eventually goes away too. 2- Dr. Crusher is back onboard the Enterprise. I am grateful that she returned because I didn’t really like Pulaski at all. 3- The special effects have improved along with the writing and a few minor set updates.

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