Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Icarus Factor

The weekend has come and nearly gone and I want more time. This week is going to be long but really good at the same time. I just found out that I only have play practice one night this week so the rest of the time I will be able to get home get my workout in and get stuff done.

I have a confession to make though; I have become a smoothie addict I think. Today I was sitting eating a Clementine and thought to myself that I could totally make a smoothie or really thick orange juice with them. So I put four clementines, some mango and a banana in the blender and made a smoothie and it was amazing. I love my blender and can’t imagine what I’ve been doing without it these past few years. I’ll be fine with this addiction but if I ever mention that I had a Hamburger smoothie please set up an intervention for me.

Today’s Workout: 3.35miles and 606 calories

The Icarus Factor
There are two very separate story lines happening in this episode so as I have done in the past I will go through each individually.

The minor story revolves around Lt. Worf who is very crabby towards several of his friends on the crew. He is particularly unkind to Wesley Crusher who really wants to get to the bottom of the problem. He does his research and recruits Data and Geordi to assist him in recreating a Klingon ascension ritual. During the ritual Worf is assaulted by holographic Klingons while his friends (Data, Geordi, O’Brien, Wesley and Dr. Pulaski) watch in shock and horror, but after the ceremony Worf is much happier.

The second Story involves Commander Riker getting offered a promotion to Captain of his own ship. The drawback is that the mission is in a dangerous and remote sector of the quadrant. To assist him in his decision a Federation tactical consultant is brought on board to assist him in his planning. The consultant happens to be Riker’s father, and the two are deeply estranged. We learn about Riker’s less than perfect childhood with a father who competed with him for everything. Riker’s father, Kyle, as it turns out once had a romantic past with Dr. Pulaski and she begins trying to get the two men to communicate better. In the meantime Troi is trying to convince Riker to fix his relationship with his father. The two get in a heated argument and Riker and his father challenge each other to a jujitsu match, much to the disapproval of everyone else. In the course of the fight the two men hash out their feelings and end up in good standing with each other. Riker eventually decides not to take the promotion to captain because he feels his place is on the Enterprise. 

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