Monday, March 12, 2012


Parent/Teacher conferences part one is over! The day went well and I got to share some really great news with the parents of the kids I work with! Days like this make me realize how much I love my job! After that it was off to one of my first rehearsals for The Wizard Of Oz here in Elk River... more information to come later!

Today’s Workout- 1.71miles and 310calories

The Enterprise is picking up a few delegates to a conference and the mission seems pretty routine, just pick up the crazy looking fish people and take them to the planet Pacifica. All goes well until that is Lwaxana Troi shows up to mix up the pot as she is also heading to Pacifica. Lwaxana once again is up to her old tricks of pursuing Picard and every other man on the ship for that matter. Deanna at this point informs Picard that her mother is going through “the phase” which is the equivalent to a human female’s Menopause, except in this case the female’s sex drive quadruples… YIKES. To avoid Lwaxana Captain Picard goes into the Holodeck to pass the time. Lwaxana decides to move along and in order to make Picard jealous she announces she is going to marry Riker, much to his surprise. Once she accepts that Picard doesn’t want her she decides to move on with her life. In the meantime the ugly fish passengers have come out of their self induced commas and upon seeing them Lwaxana discovers they are terrorists who are attempting to blow up the conference. They are taken away and Lwaxana leaves the Enterprise much to the joy of the whole crew!

The ending to this show is really quick and comes out of nowhere. The quickness of the “imposter” twist reminds me of the way almost every Gilbert and Sullivan show ends; with the smallest and stupidest detail being exploited. My favorite example is in Pirates of Penzance where the Major General convinces the pirates to surrender in Queen Victoria’s name. How stupid… a group of pirates really wouldn’t care what the queen of England said or did, but it is funny! I must also say that I have always loved the Lwaxana Troi character, she’s zany, eccentric, and brassy, and she always adds a little spice to the shows she’s a part of.  

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