Thursday, March 8, 2012

Samaritan Snare

Well all I can say is that my parents are a couple of goof balls! They are leaving for Mexico in the morning and I get the task of sharing in the house sitting duties. To show their appreciation they decided to take me out to dinner, which I of course didn't complain about! The goofy thing is that my mom said "well then just meet us at Mucho Loco in Elk River". Mucho Loco??? The are going to Mexico for a week and the decide to get Mexican the night before... is it just me or is this just a little weird. I decided that they were either trying to rub it in or were simply "priming their bowel systems" for the spicy food. Either way dinner was very good and now i'm writing this quickly because I have to get up at 3 to drive them to the airport.. YIKES!!!!

Today's Workout: 2.7miles and 485 calories

Samaritan Snare

The Enterprise is enroute to map a pulsar star going through some type of change, but we never get to see this happen because a few complicated situations arise. First Picard is told by the good Dr. Pulaski that his false heart has become faulty and needs to be replaced. She orders him to the nearest starbase so that the procedure can be done. In order for the Enterprise crew to be kept in the dark he decides to accompany/chaperone Wesley Crusher on his way to a Starfleet Academy test at the same starbase. The pair get to share a six hour shuttle ride together and are able to bond and get closer to eachother than they were before. How Sweet. Meanwhile the Enterprise picks up a distress signal from a group of aliens who appear to be for lack of a better term simple minded. They request help from the Enterprise to repair their ship and against Worf's better judgment Geordi beams over to help. Once the repairs have been completed the aliens hold Geordi captive and request that he make the strong. The crew of the Enterprise has to trick the simple aliens in order to get him back and get on with their business. It is about this time the Enterprise gets a call from the starbase stating that Picard is close to death and that Dr. Pulaski is the expert they need to help him suruvie. All turns out well and everyone is off to the next adventure.

The details of Picard's youth and the particular incident surrounding the false heart are explored more in depth in a later season's episode. So I will wait until then to explain in full details the sad story of how Picard became a man without a heart.

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  1. I have a theory that the Pakleds are intelligent, but that their language is hard for the universal translator to understand, so that they come out sounding simple. They use this misperception to their advantage, though. Part of my reason for thinking this is that the virtually nonexistent Pakled names in canon (they appear in scripts but aren't used in the dialogue) are kind of long and elaborate, uncharacteristic for your standard one-off Star Trek aliens. I don't think that was the reasoning of the creators, but I prefer my reason. :-)