Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Who Watches The Watchers?

I was a bad kid today and went to the Chinese buffet for dinner and even though I stopped eating before 6 I still ate too much food. I know that I am allowed but when I get on the scale I can’t help but feel a little bad about my decisions. So to make up for it I worked out tonight instead of slacking which makes me feel better.
Elliptical Machine- 530calories and 2.5miles

Who Watches The Watchers?
The Enterprise is in route to help do some repair works for an outpost on Mintaka IV when they receive a distress signal from the outpost. The researchers are completing a “Duck Blind” mission in which they are studying a native people in the equivalent of Earth’s “bronze age”. The distress signal reveals that they have lost their power and are visible to the natives. While attempting to provide medical assistance to the researches the Enterprise crew is discovered and thus they have broken the prime directive. The crew is now faced with the challenge of setting things right, but there is still one researcher on the planet that must be retrieved. In order to find the missing researcher Troi and Riker beam down surgically altered to look like Mintakas so they can infiltrate the people and look for the missing man. They discover that the infestation has become much worse than they could ever imagine, the Mintakas believe that their savior of old has come back and that his name is “The Picard”. Picard decides to educate their leader and in the end it works but Picard gets shot by an arrow in the process. The Mintakas are apologized to and everything seems to be set back into place and the Enterprise is off to its next mission. 

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