Monday, March 5, 2012

Pen Pals

The Yearbook has been completed and submitted to Jostens for publishing… this is my second favorite day of the yearbook year. The first being the day the kids get the books and the third being the day I meet my staff for the first time. For as much of a time sucker as it is and the amount of extra stress it adds to my life I truly love the yearbook and I don’t foresee myself ever giving it up. Besides the yearbook being done nothing really exciting or new happened today in my world.

Today’s Workout: Elliptical 3.35miles and 607 calories

Pen Pals
The Enterprise is surveying a mysterious part of the galaxy that has not been charted by a manned Federation ship. The system is prone to young planets breaking apart and in essence self destructing prematurely. Upon entering the system Riker places young Wesley Crusher in charge of a mineral survey team in order to provide him with command experience. Wesley is apprehensive of the command because everyone on his team is much older than he is but he must face up to the demands of the task. In the end he learns to confront the others and give commands but has lingering doubts about his ability to command other people. Meanwhile Data has intercepted a communication from a young alien girl name Sarjenko who is in need of help. Over the apparent eight weeks that pass since the Enterprise entering the system Data continues to communicate with her but does not reveal that he is an Android from another planet in a spaceship. Data now puts the entire crew in a difficult position, to help the girl or not to help her and the rest of her people who are in danger of dying when their planet self destructs. Picard, though upset, agrees they need to help Sarjenko which they eventually do. Data continues to make blunder after blunder though and brings her aboard the Enterprise in order to save her life. In the end Sarjenko’s memories are cleared so she will not remember the incident ever happened, but Data is left with the memories of the young girl he befriended. 

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