Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Peak Performance

Shock and Horror! I was reviewing some old yearbook videos for inspiration and to make sure I don’t copy myself in the future. While watching a video I saw an image of myself that scared me… a video of me at about 270 pounds. What good motivation it was though. In other news…there is no other news today was a boring blog day. Sorry folks!

Today’s Workout- Elliptical: 3.2miles and 576calories

I used one of the elliptical’s preprogrammed workouts called “Max Cardio” and OMG my body hurts but I will have to use it from now on out.

Peak Performance
The Enterprise is set to participate in a simulated war game to test their readiness to defend against a savvier opponent, like the borg. A Federation adviser named Kolrami, who is basically a big hot air bag who has a gigantic ego. He informs the crew the Riker will be in command of an older decrepit starship and he is allowed up to a crew of 40 to run the ship. Riker chooses Worf, Geordi and Wesley to be his lead crew members. Meanwhile Data challenges Kolrami to a game of strategema and he loses which throws Data for a big loop. Troi and Pulaski both try to cheer him up but in the end he needs the TLC of Captain Picard to turn things around. The game starts and Riker pulls a couple of tricks out of his sleeve but then a Ferengi warship attacks out of the blue. The Enterprise and the other starship are now faced with working together to outsmart the Ferengi and get out of the situation alive. Of course it works and everything is set back to normal. In the end data challenges Kolrami to a rematch but this time he uses a different strategy, try to make the game last as long as possible without winning. This annoys Kolrami  to no end and Data eventually “wins” the game when Kolrami quits.

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