Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Bonding

Some guys are sleazy douche bags! I was at subway today and the guy who was supposed to be helping me out decided to chat with some girl instead. Apparently he and this girl were dating or something! She had just cashed his check at the store and then he asked her to go and fill his tank but wait for it… he didn’t give her any cash with which to fill the tank. It gets better, this girl had a baby out in the car that she had to transfer to the DB’s car so she could fill the tank. I am not one to say that we need to be chivalrous or anything but this guy was a dick. What self respecting woman would be dating this guy and not seeing him for the sleazebag that he really is. I hate to make judgments but I’m guessing she has issues or something. Other than the ridiculousness of the Sub-Way sandwich shop my day was really great. I got a tone done at work, the second job was fine, and then rehearsal was good.

Elliptical- 513calories and 2.88miles (Strength Builder routine)

The  Bonding
A crew member dies while on a mission on a barren planet. The death brings up a lot of issues for several people on the ship. Captain Picard remembers why he doesn’t think children should be on board starships. Wesley and Dr. Crusher both remember when they lost a family member, father/husband, during an away mission under the command of Captain Picard. Worf feels guilty for leading a mission and losing a crew member. Data is trying to comprehend death and the way that humans cope with the loss of friends and loved ones. Meanwhile Troi is placed in the middle of everything trying to keep everyone on the right track to grieving in a healthy way. The dead crewmember had a son, Jeremy Astor, who is now an orphan. The young man isn’t dealing with the loss well and the situation only gets worse when a mysterious life form from the planet comes on board to help the boy heal. The only issue is that she is trying to pose as the boy’s mother to make him happy. The life form later reveals itself to be a survivor of a war who is determined not to let the old war impact any other lives. Picard, Troi, Worf, and Wesley convince the alien to leave and the boy to move on. In the end Worf and Jeremy participate in a Klingon bonding ceremony which links them as “brothers” for the rest of their lives.

Gabriel Damon… AKA Spot Conlon from NEWSIES stars as young Jeremy Astor. I wonder what he is up to now and if he is still as cute as he was in NEWSIES. Well I looked it up and he isn’t up to much except the occasional acting gig and nope he isn’t that cute anymore. Still it makes me want to watch Newsies so I just may have to over this upcoming weekend. 

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