Friday, March 16, 2012

Shades of Gray

Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps for lunch today and they were amazing. I work with some of the coolest people ever I must say. I brought in a recipe to ask a question of one of the lovely ladies in the office at school and she answered them quite well but then said “oh Paul, don’t bring lunch tomorrow I’ll make these for you”. WOW, make them she did and they were amazing as I already said. I can’t wait to make them for my sister’s birthday party tomorrow. The party is loosely St. Patrick’s Day themed so I will be bringing my homemade guacamole, chicken lettuce wraps, and appletini’s. Needless to say but I’m not following my diet tomorrow night.

Elliptical Machine- 2.25miles and 400calories

Shades of Gray
Riker is on an away mission on an uncharted planet when he is injured by some type of creature that he didn’t see. He is beamed up with Dr. Pulaski’s approval and they soon realize that he has been infected with parasites that are attacking his nervous system. Geordi and Data beam down to find the creature and determine it to be a parasitic infestation from a carnivorous plant. Riker begins to deteriorate quickly and the doctor and Troi start working to save his life. They begin stimulating his specific memory centers to attempt to slow the attack. They of course discover that negative emotions trigger a negative reaction from the parasites and he is cured in the nick of time.
The show is a clip show because of the writer’s strike that happened in 1989 which prevented the show from being produced. The premise of the show is quite simple and then was filled in with clips from episodes over the past two seasons of the show. It is a rather weak ending to the season but under the circumstances it is kind of a miracle the show even got made.
Season 2 is ended and now it is on to season 3, which means that the Next Generation is going to start getting consistently good from episode to episode. J

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