Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Emissary

I have made maybe my best yearbook commercial to date! It was a music video and I’m really happy with it and can’t wait to share it with the whole school. It was a glorious day outside today and the minute I left work I took full advantage of the day. I cleaned my garage out and then cleaned out my “new” deep freeze (it used to be my parents and had sat empty for a while). It was great to hang out in jeans, flip flops and a long sleeve T-shirt and feel comfortable! I love this time of year so much and just wish it could last longer because damn summer sucks! Other than all that stuff not much else is really going on with me at the moment.

Today’s Workout: Elliptical- 2.06miles and 375calories
The Emissary
The Enterprise is summoned to pick up a special Federation emissary who is being transported in a carrier probe. Apparently Starfleet couldn’t spring for a shuttle or something fancier for this special emissary. The emissary is a half klingon/half human woman named K’Ehleyr who has been sent to help the Enterprise rendezvous with a Klingon sleeper ship from the time before the Federation and Klingons were allies.  How the ship was missed for over 70 years is a shock but whatever just ignore this minor plot point because it really doesn’t matter too much. We learn quickly that Worf and K’Ehleyr have a romantic/sexual history and things did not end well. The two are very different but apparently that works for them. The two bicker and argue for a good ten minutes before they decide to quit working together. They both end up on the Holodeck in one of Worf’s “exercise programs” which are basically just whoop ass sessions between him and holographic bad guys. The two have a wonderful reunion with some implied sexual activity, but of course Worf spoils the mood when he initiates the klingon mating oath and it pisses K’Ehleyr off to no end. The encounter with the Klingon ship fast approaches but Worf ingeniously recommends that they trick the klingons into thinking that Worf is the captain of the Enterprise and shaming them into cooperating. Of course all works but Worf and K’Ehleyr don’t end on a good note.
The episode is a nice look at Worf’s personal life and his difficulties with relationships and in dealing with other klingons. We will of course see K’Ehleyr again when she reveals that she and Worf have a child named Alexander together but that will happen later. The addition of Worf’s personal life really helps to bring much more depth to his character that has up until now been very one dimensional.

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