Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Enemy

So I didn’t do my elliptical workout yesterday because I went for  bike ride with friends and have officially decided to buy a bike in the upcoming week! Anyways back to the interesting events of the weekend and most of them happened when I went to go grocery shopping at Wal-Mart on Saturday. At Wal-Mart I observed a few shocking things.

1-      I saw a woman on a payphone! I was one shocked that there are still payphones because I have not noticed one in a long time. The other shocker is that the woman was on the phone when I entered the store and the when I left the store about 45 minutes later she was still on the payphone. Apparently she had a lot to say on this Saturday morning.

2-      Two Words- SIDE BOOB! I was walking in the dairy section and walked past a larger lady in a sleeveless shirt (that she made herself) and out of the corner of my eye I noticed that there was no bra in sight. UGH No one wants to see that so please folks wear shirts with sleeves or wear bras or just cover up and look in a mirror before you go outside!

3-      MULLETS! OMG people please don’t cut your hair short in the front and long in the back, it hasn’t been cool since the 80’s and I didn’t look good … EVER!
4-      Bikes are so fun and I really need to find places to go biking

Elliptical Machine- (forgot to track the calories but I do remember it was over 400)

The Enemy
The Enterprise is investigating an emergency beacon on the planet Galorndon Core. Worf, Riker and Geordi beam down to the planet which is continually ravaged by electrical storms that result in scanner and communication interruptions. Worf and Riker find a destroyed Romulan ship and a stranded Romulan officer. They return to the beam down sight and are forced to return to the ship when Geordi doesn’t come back to the ship. Geordi meanwhile falls down into a cavern and is left to fend for himself. Geordi is attacked by a Romulan officer named Bochra and the two must now come to some type of agreement in order to work together to stay alive. We all know how these stories work, initially they hate each other, then they build some trust, then there is a betrayal and finally they become friends and help each other out. Meanwhile on the Enterprise Picard is dealing with a Romulan commander who demands that his officers be returned. Worf is dealing with a request from Dr. Crusher to donate ribosomes to save the wounded Romulans life. He refuses even after a Picard talks to him about the risks of not donating the ribosomes. In the end a war is avoided and Geordi is returned safely.

This is the episode that almost every sci-fi show does at some point during their run, and I think that The Next Generation pulled it off pretty well. I do believe to that every other Star Trek series did a “two enemies must work” episode almost every series. 

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