Monday, March 19, 2012

The Survivors

I’ve honestly had nothing happening today other than the usual Work then Work then off to rehearsal. I did manage to muster up the strength to get on the elliptical so there is a bright spot of the day.

Elliptical Machine- 400calories and 2.26miles

The Survivors
The Enterprise answers a distress signal from a planet only to find it completely devastated with the exception of a small two acre chunk of land complete with two lifeforms. A landing party beams down and finds two elderly people who are aware of the devastation but seem to have moved on rather quickly. The two, Kevin and Rishon, seem extremely frustrated with the company and repeatedly ask the landing party to leave. Meanwhile on board Counselor Troi begins to hear music that begins to drive her crazy. The Enterprise crew continues to investigate the strange occurrence when a large alien ship comes into range and attacks the Enterprise and eventually flees with the Enterprise in pursuit. There are two more attacks on the Enterprise before Picard determines something strange is happening here. He beams down to the planet and finds the two extremely unaware that the Enterprise has returned and they are pissed. Picard forcibly beams the two up to the ship where the truth is revealed about the one surviving alien. It turns out the Kevin is a formless super being that has been posing as a human for over fifty years. He was living with Rishon as an illusion to help him forget his crime. Apparently a large group of aliens did attack the planet and the real Rishon had been killed and initially Kevin refused to fight. When he discovered that Rishon was dead he became enraged and killed the attacking aliens, but not just the ones on the ship…The entire race, as in complete genocide. Picard who is unsure of what to do allows Kevin to return to the planet and live out his days in his charade. Before he leaves though he cures Counselor Troi of her illness for which he was responsible. 

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