Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Q Who?

Could popcorn be more disgusting? Today I did a lesson with some of my students using popcorn as the theme and as part of it I bought three types of popcorn for the kids to taste test and then use to improve their use of complex syntax. I was really proud of the lesson because it is hard to plan a language therapy group for 12 kids at once and I think they got something accomplished and we had a good time making it all happen. But seriously I really don’t like popcorn and now looking at it from health perspective microwavable popcorn is really bad for you,,, unless it is plain and that is just boring. Speaking of snack foods, today someone asked me what I crave most now that I’m trying to eat healthy. I don’t really know if I have an answer to that question to be honest. I think there are a few things but there is not just one thing in particular that I’m wishing I could have. Though at this very moment a really good burger sounds amazing and so does a gigantic bowl of coffee ice cream.

Today’s Workout: 502 calories and 2.78miles

Q Who?
Q is back and he is once again up to no good.  He hijacks Captain Picard because he is bored and wants to join the crew of the Enterprise to “help out”. When Picard refuses the offer Q gets mad and decides to prove that Picard and the rest of the crew that they are not prepared for the challenges that face them in the future. He flings the ship thousands of lightyears away and they are faced with a mysterious Cube-Shaped ship. Guinan informs Picard that it is a group of aliens known as The Borg, who two centuries earlier wiped out most of her people and spread them throughout the galaxy. Picard and crew are faced with learning what they can about the Borg but while they are trying to learn they are attacked. They have difficulty coping with the challenges in dealing with the Borg and are moments away from destruction when Picard gives in and asks for help from Q. He returns them to their previous location and once again vanishes. Picard and Guinan have a conversation in the end and decide that what Q did was a good thing because it prepared them for the challenges ahead even though he went about the introduction in the wrong way.

This is our introduction to the Borg, the first truly original nemesis of the next generation. The Ferengi were introduced in the first season but really became more of a nuisance alien race as opposed to a group that posed a true threat to Starfleet and the Federation. I always liked the Borg, who posed a good question about the benefits and risks of incorporating more and more technology into our lives. A solid episode of the second season!

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