Sunday, March 11, 2012

Up The Long Ladder

What a good day! So it was Sunday but it is like it’s only partly a Sunday. I don’t have to be to work tomorrow until mid-morning which means I get a half day to hang out. It was day two of taking care of mom and dad’s animals which is fun, kind of. I really do like the animals but It was never really “my thing” I guess. My parents and sister love having animals and living on their hobby farms but It is just not the life I would choose for myself. I enjoy animals and enjoy spending time with them but I’m a city kid at heart. Anyway then later today I went to a theatre meeting and we got a lot accomplished which is good because sometimes meetings seem less than productive. We have a plan for a summer show, which of course I will share with you all when I get the chance!
Today’s workout: Elliptical- 614calories and 3.4miles

Up The Long Ladder
The Enterprise has picked up a distress signal, but this particular signal has not been used since the mid 22nd century. Upon investigation the Enterprise interacts with a colony of people who are living their lives as if it is still 1500’s Ireland. Their planet is about to be destroyed and apparently a space bound transmitter was automatically set off. Picard orders them all to be beamed up but didn’t account for a few factors that included- Cultural Differences, Agriculture Needs (animals) and differences in mating rituals. Riker learns quickly when the Irish leader’s daughter comes on to him with the request to “wash her feet” which apparently is code for DO ME NOW. Their leader eventually asks Picard if he has heard from the other colony. Apparently there were two sets of colonists on the ship from the 22nd century, one group was the Irish settlers and the other group was team of advanced scientist explorers. Picard and crew locate a nearby planet that appears to be the home of the second group of travelers. This group is highly technological and has advanced significantly from their departure from Earth. The planet’s population apparently is revealed to all clones because of a freak accident during their arrival on the planet. This group needs help because they have made so many clones that they are starting to have problems. When Riker, Pulaski and the rest of the Enterprise crew refuse to help the technological group steals genetic material from Riker and Pulaski. Once the material is returned a solution is created where the two groups of colonists will be reunited in order to form a wider genetic group to sustain a population. The beginning seems tense but promising as the Enterprise departs.

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