Saturday, March 3, 2012

Time Squared

Today was the first and only day of my system cleanse. Well to be completely honest it was the first and last morning of my system cleanse. The concoction of Water, Agave Nectar, Cayenne Pepper, and Lemon was so disgusting that I couldn’t stand drinking it for more than the one time. I usually have a very strong stomach and can eat most anything but this was too much to handle for me. I read somewhere that Beyonce was on this dies for two weeks and lost a boat load of weight. You would think that hearing this would make me jealous of the woman or hate her a little bit but really it makes me respect her more for the shear will power and determination to lose weight. You Go Girl! So from now on out I will simply eat healthy and track what I eat and avoid foods with a lot of unnatural “toxins”. I’m also instituting a new rule... No pop unless I’m at a restaurant and even then only one pop a week. I love the carbonation though so I am going to start buying sparkling water. This is really just an excuse to look all fancy with a bottle of S. Pellegrino at lunch.

Elliptical- 560 calories and 3.22miles

Time Squared

While on a routine mission the Enterprise encounters a Starfleet shuttlecraft drifting towards them. The craft is tracked down and then brought on board and is the shuttlecraft El Baz which is from the Enterprise and on board in an unconscious Picard. Picard #2 is  brought to sickbay but is unconscious but also seems very delirious. Geordi and Data work to get information from the shuttlecraft and discover that the craft is from 6 hours in the future and even more they learn that the Enterprise is destroyed in a vortex in the near future. The whole crew is now anxious about the impending future but the most anxious is Picard who has a hard time dealing with the actions of his future self and what to do when the time comes. Should he leave the ship or should he stay on board. At the time of the vortex future Picard and present Picard go to the shuttle bay but this time present Picard kills future Picard preventing him from leaving in the shuttle. Present Picard realizes that future Picard only had one plan of action which was to leave the ship, but present Picard determines that he should just fly right into the vortex to solve the problem. Once this happens all is well and the Enterprise is able to continue on to its mission.  

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