Friday, June 29, 2012

Half A Life

Am I the only crazy one in the world or are there others? Let me explain why I ask this question. The process of my morning weigh-ins has become a bit of a ridiculous ritual around my home these days. Like most people I weigh myself in the morning but I only do so right after my morning pee because ya know that liquid can add valuable weight. I then proceed to take of my clothes and step on the scale, but while on the scale I make a good point to exhale all of the air out of my lungs and stand up properly. It is of course a commonly known fact that air in the lungs at just ounces of weight onto your frame and that when you stand as straight as possible it also reduces the amount of weight on your bones. I then step off the scale, look at my weight and repeat the process at least once more. Well ok I don’t try to pee again but I do get on the scale 2-3 times a morning. I just want to make sure that the weight is consistent and the same. I also don’t count for weight change unless the same number shows up two days in a row; it only seems the logical thing to do. This is all normal right? I must also admit to being just a little happy after a good morning Bowel Movement, because that means a lower number on my scale. Also because I am such a curious guy I will even weigh myself pre and post potty break because I find it fascinating how much that can change your weight.

So again I ask, is this crazy? Do I need to get rid of my scale for a few weeks? Do I need to start seeking help for some type of mental weight disorder? Or the final question of the day… Am I normal?

Elliptical Machine- 603calories and 3.7miles

Half A Life
The Enterprise is picking up a scientist named Timicin from the planet Kaelon III. The planet’s population is a race who prefers to be isolated from other worlds but they need help because their sun is going to collapse within the next 30 years and in the process it will destroy their whole planet. Timicin has found a potential way to solve the problem but when they reach the test site the experiment fails. Before the experiment thought Timicin meets Lwaxana Troi who is on board visiting her daughter. The two take an immediate shine to each other. On the way home it is revealed that Timicin is now on his way home to die, not because of the sun though. Apparently on Kaelon III the residents are forced to commit suicide when they turn 60 to prevent them from wasting away and becoming a burden to others. They do this in a ceremony called the Resolution. This is supposed to be a joyous ceremony to celebrate life and pass on in peace. Lwaxana is just beside herself because this Resolution is making her rethink her life and if she has become useless not to mention the fact that she is in love with the man. She talks to Timicin and through her words of wisdom he requests asylum on the Enterprise, this of course pisses the residents of Kaelon III who now want to exile him and blow up the Enterprise. It is at this time that Timicin’s daughter comes to visit and talk some sense into her father. She convinces him but he does atmit the decision is difficult. He returns to Kaelon III for his Resolution but Lwaxana insists on going with him to participate but she agrees to be on her best behavior.

The show is a statement on euthanasia and the rights of the elderly. It also shows that two older people can still get it on as there is a scene that clearly happens the morning after some serious booty call action has happened. The show also features a guest starring appearance by Michelle Forbes who later went on to play Ensign Ro during the fifth, Sixth and Seventh seasons of the show. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Drumhead

Today was a busy day but a quality day! I got to spend some time at work and some time with my mom later in the day. She had asked for my help taking the dogs to the vet’s office and offered me dinner, so naturally I said yes! It was then that I learned that Veteranarian offices are like quickie oil change facilities! They are always trying to up sell you on everything from different procedures to new fancy treats to a million other things. I found the comparison slightly amusing but my mother decided that this was ridiculous and some sort of government plot… LOL. Then it was off to rehearsal for the play and that was in one word LONG.. ugh.

Elliptical Machine- 460calories and 2.5miles

1/2 of this workout was done rotating between going forward for one minute and backwards for one minute so that is the reason for the lower numbers than usual.

The Drumhead
There has been an explosion on the Enterprise and some top secret plans have been leaked to the Romulans. It is thought that the sabotage and the leaked information are linked to a Klingon science officer who is on the ship as part of an exchange program. Soon after Admiral Satie is brought on board to head up the investigation with Picard. Satie is a respected Starfleet investigator and the daughter of an even more respected Starfleet judge who has since died. The Klingon is interrogated and found to be guilty of espionage but he denies that he had any part in the sabotage of the dilithium chamber. The investigation is spread now to determine if he had an accomplice on board. Suspicion falls next to a medical technician who was responsible for giving the Klingon injections. The technician, Simon Tarses, happens to have a grandfather who was a Vulcan but it is revealed that the grandfather was actually a Romulan. The whole crew, and most especially Admiral Satie, begin to become frenzied with the idea of catching the spies and saboteur. Data discovers that the explosion in the dilithium chamber is actually the result of a faulty panel but everyone on board with the exception of Picard doesn’t believe it. Picard tries to plead with Satie to stop this investigation that has gotten out of control and at the end of that conversation Satie threatens to bring him down if he opposes her. Picard is then brought to trial and everything is thrown at him to try to bring him down and ruin his career. Picard then makes a statement and quotes the late Judge Satie, which drives her mad. She makes a strongly impassioned speech which just reveals that she is one crazy bitch!  The investigation ends and everyone is left to try to sort out what has happened to them.

What a great episode about prejudice and paranoia in the 24th century. It is essentially an interpretation of The Crucible and the McCarthy hearings of the 1950’s. The episode is really great and features a strong performance from the ever talented Jean Simmons a multi Oscar nominated actress and winner of multiple Golden Globes and Emmy’s. What a coup it must have been to get her to do an episode of Star Trek. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


50 pounds have left the building! Is it odd to say that one is proud of oneself? If it is I really don’t care. I could not be more pleased with myself today, because I have lost a total of fifty pounds since beginning this adventure known as the Star Trek Workout. The one year anniversary is quickly approaching and I am looking forward to marking the event somehow.

Elliptical Machine- 3.33miles and 565calories

The Enterprise is playing host to an archeological conference in which Picard is giving the keynote at the opening ceremony. When he returns to his quarters he discovers a chalice sitting on his table and then Vash appears. She has snuck in his quarters to surprise him and he is surprised and not in the good way. Vash and Picard are discovered by Dr. Crusher when she comes by the next morning to have breakfast with him in his quarters. Awkward party of 3! We find out that Vash  has heard of everyone on board but none of them have heard of her which upsets her just a little bit. At this time our good friend Q appears and he has vowed to do Picard a favor since he is owed one. Picard of course refuses to accept any help but Q is determined to help him. Q eves drops and discovers that the Captain is currently unlucky in love so he helps. He helps by transporting the entire bridge crew and Vash to Sherwood Forest where Picard is Robin Hood and Vash is Maid Marian. The crew must go through the motions and fulfill the Robin Hood legend. In the end Vash and Picard admit to really liking each other but Vash decides to go off with Q and explore the vast unknown.

The show is just simply cute and silly which for the Next Generation is at times a welcome relief as the show gets a little too serious from time to time. There are a few really great gags in this show including a scene where Troi shoots Data with an arrow on accident. The other is a recreation of the guitar smashing scene from Animal House; LaForge is plucking the mandolin and an annoyed Worf smashes it against a tree then adds a very grim “sorry”. LOL I love this episode. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Nth Degree

Man was not made to be sustained alone on watermelon, a diet must contain protein. Since my last post… a few hours ago, I have been starving so I’ve had several helpings of watermelon and a few pieces of turkey and  a cheese stick. Again I am modifying the watermelon diet to fit my needs. I have a feeling that by the end of the week I will be snacking on watermelon and following my normal diet. Yeah as you can see I have done a second workout for the day. I am going to try to do two workouts a day on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Elliptical Machine- 604 calories and 3.54 miles

The Nth Degree
The Enterprise is investigating the Argus array because it has shut down where they discover a strange alien probe. LaForge and Barclay (the most nervous insecure man in the galaxy) go into a shuttle to take more in depth readings when all of the sudden a bright light flashes and Barclay is left unconscious. After the accident Barclay’s demeanor completely changes, he is now confident, charming and intelligent. He begins to make changes to the ship and act on his own ideas as opposed to following directions. Barclay even goes so far as to make a pass at Counselor Troi! LaForge recommends that Barclay goes to sickbay, in sickbay Dr. Crusher completes a full examination and finds that his brain chemistry has completely changed. His new brain allows him to process and think on a whole new level, and soon this goes to his head (no pun intended). He assists with the repair of the Argus array but when trouble occurs he takes over the entire ship and winds up going too far and brings the ship to the center of the galaxy. There they encounter the Cytherians, a group of aliens that experience the galaxy by bringing others to them and learning. The Cytherians keep the Enterprise for a total of ten days before returning them to their last coordinates. They also return Barclay to his former self so that all is well in the world again. 

Identity Crisis

The Watermelon diet is really hard! I’ve decided already to modify it a little to fit my needs. I wake up in the morning and ya know what… I’m hungry as a mo fo! So in response I have decided to start the day with a smoothie and then have watermelon the rest of the day, let’s see how that goes for me. Today I finally repotted my hibiscus tree into a large fancy pot. It was really starting to look like shit outside in the little plastic pot it came in. The new pot will match my downstairs so that in the winter it can come right inside and look beautiful year round in my house. I also continue to be addicted to The Office, I’m just about to finish season 3 and I started watching it on Sunday. Maybe I need to get myself out of the house?

Elliptical Machine- 604calories in 3.56miles

Identity Crisis
Lt. Commander Susanna Leijten has come on board the Enterprise to assist in an investigation of a series of mysterious events. Tarchannen III was the site of a series of disappearances and five years ago Leijten and LaForge were part of an away team on the planet and now the members of that away team are starting to disappear as well. The Enterprise is now tracking a shuttlecraft carrying Lt. Hickman, a member of the landing team, who has hijacked it and is headed for Tarchannen III. The ship burns up in the atmosphere because it did not answer the calls of the Enterprise. LaForge and Leijten are now worried that something will happen to them next, which of course it does. Leijten begins to feel anxious and she has a bad case of the shakes. Cut to Leijten collapsing and LaForge noticing that she is starting to mutate. Crusher and Data look for an answer because this destroys their former hypothesis involving alien abductions. LaForge continues looking at the evidence and sees a shadow in the tapes that turns out to be some type of alien being in disguise, but at this exact moment he faints and the change happens much quicker than with the other people. Dr. Crusher discovers a parasite on the Thalamus of Leijten and then is able to reverse the effects of the parasite and cure her. LaForge makes his way down to the planet and the crew must now find him before it is too late. He is located and brought to the ship and cured. All is well for LaForge and Leijten but it is sadly too late for the other missing crew members from the landing party. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Night Terrors

So this is post two for the day!

Elliptical Machine: 600 calories and 3.5miles

Night Terrors
The crew comes across the USS Brittain which is found paralyzed and adrift. Upon beam over the entire crew is found dead in a variety of odd ways, phaser fire, knife fights, strangulations, etc. One man is found alive, a betazoid who is in a catatonic state and will not speak. Soon after the landing party returns the crew of the Enterprise starts to go crazy, having hallucinations, paranoid thoughts, and Troi is having nightmares. The crew finds that they are in a space anomaly that sucks their power but it should not be resulting in the odd mental behaviors that have resulted on the Brittain and the Enterprise. Troi has had nightmares and hears the phrase “one moon circles” and other similar meaningless phrases. In an attempt to keep the crew safe Riker and Picard but Data in command of the ship because he is unaffected by the craziness. The problem continues to get worse but at least there is a reason for the paranoid behaviors of the crew. Crusher figures out that the crew is not dreaming and therefore not going into REM sleep which is driving them crazy. During a dream Troi figures out that there is another life form out there trying to communicate, these life forms are also caught in the anomaly. They work together through Troi and cause an explosion that allows the Enterprise to escape. In the end everything works out for both ships and Data commands the entire crew to go to sleep so that they can get some dreaming in and get back to normal. 

Galaxy's Child

So today I was a little crazy… I worked out on the elliptical two times and rode my bike for a half hour. I burned an estimated 1400 calories today between all of the working out! I am also a total ass and I’m going to try a crazy fad diet this week. The Watermelon Diet, I think this is a better option than the crazy maple syrup cayenne pepper diet because come on Watermelon is fricking delicious. Who can get sick of watermelon? I mean have you ever met someone who doesn’t like this fruit?? I have not but if I did I would have doubts about their patriotism!!!! I’ve also done some cleaning and laundry today but nothing to productive in all honesty.

Elliptical Machine: 605 calories and 3.55 miles

Galaxy’s Child
The Enterprise is one route to a Federation Starbase to pick up Dr. Leah Brahms, the designer of the Enterprise’s engine system. Geordi is beside himself with excitement because he has wanted to meet this woman ever since he created a fake version of her on the holodeck when he needed to solve an engineering problem. Needles to say the real woman is not what he was expecting. In his holodeck version she is sweet as pie and attracted to him, but in real life she is a stone cold bitch. Upon first meeting Geordi she does nothing but berate him for making modifications to “her designs”. The two have several rocky meetings and it gets worse when Geordi attempts to throw a romantic dinner for two which wierds her out just a little. She gets even more upset when she discovers his holodeck program of her and she reveals that she is in fact married. Meanwhile the Enterprise has come across a bizarre space creature but in an attempt to stop its attack they accidentally kill it. Soon they discover a baby inside the creature and help it out of its parent. The young creature latches on to the Enterprise because it thinks the ship is its mother. The crew now is faced with getting the creature off the ship before it drains all the power. In the emergency Dr. Brahms and Geordi work together and figure out a way to shake of the creature. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

First Contact

The past few days have been crazy busy with lots of things going on. Shopping with my sister, work around the house, a couple of movies, play practice, and other stupid shit. I am finally back down to the weight I was at before I went to space camp. The scale today said 208.. J

First Contact
The Enterprise is conducting a First Contact observation and introduction on the planet Malcor III. The planet is about to discover Warp Technology so the Federation wants to see what’s up. Riker is on the planet and somehow gets caught up in a riot; he is injured and taken into custody. It is soon after discovered that he is an alien intruder. Malchor III is a planet whose population still believes they are the center of the universe and the only life in the galaxy. Picard and Troi beam down to help make the initial contact.  The leaders of the planet are now faced with the decision to open relationships with the Federation or to remain isolated. Riker is being cared for by a group of scientists who appear to have his best interests in mind but one who would like to kill him and close the matter. He makes an escape attempt with the help of a horny female nurse. The government learns about the infiltration and spy network before first contact and things go south. Riker is freed but not before a crazy scientist tries to make it look like Riker attempted to kill him with a phaser. IN the end the people of Malchor III stay isolated but one scientist stays on the Enterprise.

The show features strong supporting performances by a few broadway superstars! The role of the alien Doctor is played by George Hearn, famous for originating the role of Albin in La Cage Aux Folles and staring in several other broadway shows. The Horny Nurse is played by Bebe Neuwirth  famous for a few broadway shows including the 1996 revival of Chicago and for playing Lilith on Cheers and Fraiser. 


So I did this workout on Thursday but I have not had time to write it since then.. YIKES!

The Enterprise is taking a leisurely jaunt through a nebula on its way to the nearest starbase and the crew is taking some time to relax. So Picard takes Guinan to the holodeck for yet another Dixon Hill mystery, but this is cut short when a few wormholes start to cause trouble. The crew is sucked into a wormhole and the whole crew wakes up 30 seconds later and they begin to move along their day without notice. That is until Crusher notices that a few plants she was growing now show a full day of growth as opposed to 30 seconds. The rest of the crew starts to realize that things are a little off and that all is not well on the Enterprise. Data seems to be holding all of the secrets and at the same time refuses to share what has happened until the matter is forced by Picard. At the same time a mysterious cloud appears and Troi is taken over by an alien force. These aliens don’t want to be discovered so they created the memory loss in the crew and sent them light years away. The ship is now on the verge of being destroyed because the first attempt failed and the aliens really don’t want to be discovered. Picard convinces them to make a second attempt at the memory wipe and this time it works better and everyone can live. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Devil's Due

What a long and crazy week this has been. I really feel that I need to sleep for about two days before I will feel really rested and ready to get back to my daily normal. But onwards and upwards, Right?

Elliptical Machine: 630 Calories and 3.47miles

Devil’s Due
The Enterprise is responding to a distress signal from a Federation science lab on Ventax II. The planet’s population is apparently going crazy because it is the day that Ardra is supposedly coming back to claim her right to the planet. Ardra shows up as scheduled and starts wreaking havoc by terrifying the people of the planet into mass hysteria. 1000 years ago the people of Ventax II entered into a contract with a mythical being named Ardra who granted them 1000 years of peace and happiness in return for their lives and control of the planet. Picard is sucked into this whole argument when it is revealed that she now technically owns the planet, everyone on the surface and everything in orbit around the planet. Picard is convinced that she is some type of fraud but can’t quite figure it out. Picard is seduced by Ardra pretty relentlessly but he does not give into her sexual charms. Picard and Data are now faced with trying put on a trial to test the validity of her claim on the planet based on Ventaxian laws. Picard once again is a wonderful negotiator and Data proves to be an adequate judge. Meanwhile LaForge is looking for the source of Ardra’s power and it is revealed to be a cloaked ship in orbit that she is able to control and use to produce her tricks. The ship is revealed and Arda is exposed as a phony who has been exploiting planets around the galaxy.

I’ve always enjoyed this episode and was looking forward to this viewing. It is not like this is one of the most wonderful episodes of the show but it is fun. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Wounded

Space Camp was a successful trip this year, with the exception of a few less than stellar counselors involved. I would say that my group’s trainer was good and did a fine job with my students. It is truly a different world traveling with students and I’m not sure it is relaxing in any sense of the word. I am dog tired at the moment so I don’t have a whole lot to share.

Elliptical Machine: 620calories and 4.2miles

The Wounded
The Enterprise is set to meet a delegation of Cardasians near the newly established border between the Federation and the Cardasian Empire. The two are set to discuss an issue that has arisen because a Cardasian base has recently been destroyed by a Federation starship. The ship was under the command of a Captain Maxwell. In order to find the ship and ensure trust Picard invites the three lead Cardasian officers to accompany them while the search for the USS Phoenix. There is a great deal of distrust on both sides but they agree to work together for the time being. It is revealed that Chief O’Brien used to serve under Maxwell during the Cardasian war and the two became quite close. We learn that Maxwell believes the Cardasians are trying to build up an invasion fleet to attack the Federation so he has gone AWOL in order to beat them to the punch. O’Brien must confront his own feelings about the Cardasians in order to help his former captain overcome his feelings, which of course happens. In the end war is averted and everyone goes back to life as usual.

This is our first introduction to the Cardasians, who eventually become a prominent figure in Deep Space Nine a few years down the road. The Cardasians are seen in ugly brown suits, which later are replaced for the very cool black costumes we are used to seeing them in. The episode is also very good because it helps to look at the feelings of war veterans and the parallel between Chief O’Brien and a Vietnam War Vet is pretty clear. Oh and it goes without saying that the Cardasian Look evolved over the years. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Data's Day

Space Camp in T-Minus 10 hours from now, I am feeling the urge to “Boldly Go..” Today was spent packing and cleaning and prepping to go on this 5-day adventure.

Elliptical Machine: 420calories and 2.42miles

Data’s Day
This episode is a slice of life for Data who is journaling a daily log to Dr Maddox who continues to research how to mass produce androids for Federation use. Throughout the day Data is presented with several challenges. The best way to go through this episode is story by story:

Data is to be the “father of the Bride” in Chief O’Brien and his future wife Keiko’s wedding. To start the day Keiko intends to cancel the wedding as she is having cold feet about the whole thing. She asks Data to inform O’Brien about the change and things go downhill. He then seeks advice from Counselor Troi about what to do, Worf on what gift to buy the couple and Dr. Crusher on how to dance at the wedding. In the end everything works itself out and Data attends the wedding and even dances a little bit!

A key Starfleet Ambassador is on board being transported on a secret mission into the neutral zone. No one on board seems to know what the deal is but they are all suspicious. Even Data! The Ambassador asks several questions about the ship’s security to Data but he does not have an obligation to share because the request was withdrawn. The Enterprise rendezvous with a Romulan warbird and the ambassador apparently dies in a transporter malfunction. Data is put on the investigation and reveals that the Ambassador didn’t die but was transported by the Romulans to make it look like a death. The Ambassador was really a Romulan spy all along.

The Episode is really very interesting because it is completely told from Data’s point of view. It is also of note because we get to see Data interact in a variety of new and unique ways with the entire crew. His interaction with Dr. Crusher in the dance hall is maybe my favorite moment. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Loss

What a gloriously beautiful cool summer day here in Minnesota and I love it! If summer could be like this every day it would be wonderful. I’m heading to Alabama this weekend and the predicted weather there is currently in the mid to upper 80s with really high humidity! Oh joy. I feel like this weekend is going to end up really fun but also extremely sweaty. Again,,, oh joy.

Elliptical Machine- 450 calories and 2.6miles

The Loss
The Enterprise encounters a mysterious shock that starts to set the ship a drift. Meanwhile Counselor Troi experiences some type of mini attack and ends up in sick bay. She has apparently lost her empathic powers and she becomes a stark raving bitch to everyone, but who can blame her really. The Enterprise continues to be lost adrift and they determine they are stuck in field of two dimensional creatures that are slowly moving towards a tear in space. This tear in space will destroy the Enterprise and now it becomes imperative to get themselves out of this mess. Picard forces Troi to help out even though she doesn’t think she can help because she has lost her powers. Troi ends up suggesting a course of action that saves the ship and suddenly her powers are restored.

The episode is kinda week in the story department but it does showcase a very strong performance by Marina Sirtis that helps to anchor and carry the entire episode. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Final Mission

I have had an extremely wonderful weekend! I went Valley Fair on Friday with the students on their last day of school. I am amazed at how kids dress themselves when they have no rules or think they have no rules placed upon them. I went to a staff party on Friday as well which was great and then also went to see Prometheus on Friday night. I enjoyed the movie though it was not the movie I was hoping for, and I imagine several other people felt that way too. Saturday running my second 5K, which I finished in 31 minutes and then I ran errands!!! Today I really just hung out with friends and had a wonderful time. Tomorrow is my last day of regular work before summer and I can’t wait to have fun with coworkers and get all the loose ends taken care of before I leave.

Elliptical Machine: 572cal 3.33miles

Weight- 207 pounds! Which makes it a loss of 49 since July, one pound to go and I will get there soon.

Final Mission
Captain Picard has been requested to help with some negotiations and he has opted to take Wesley Crusher with him on the voyage. This will be Wesley’s last mission on the Enterprise as he has transferred to Starfleet Academy. The two are being transported by the miners involved in the negotiations but the ship is old and they are forced to crash land on a nearby desert moon. Picard, Wesley and Captain Drego are now faced with survival on this desolate planet. Meanwhile the Enterprise is called away to get a dangerous garbage vessel out of orbit around a planet. The Enterprise is notified of the crash and gets back to the planet as soon as possible. On the planet Picard and company find water but there is a force field around it so that they can’t get to it. Picard is injured badly during an attempt to get past the force field. Now Wesley must take charge to save Picard and get to the water. Wesley is talked into a bad plan by Drego who ends up dying during another failed attempt to get the water. Now Wesley is alone with Picard and the two share a few stories and bond a little bit more than they ever have in the past. Wesley gets to the water in the nick of time but then passes out apparently. He is woken up by the Enterprise crew who take him and Picard back to the Enterprise both alive.

The episode is a bit sentimental at times but it is a good story and serves a purpose to get Wesley off the ship. Wil Wheaton’s performance as Wesley Crusher got better and better as the show moved on but the writing for him was not great from day one. He was either the wiz kid helping out or the wiz kid fucking things up for everyone. In this episode his performance was very good and he truly stepped up to the plate. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Future Imperfect

I cannot believe how much of an old man I am sometimes. Today I was done making dinner and then wound up watching a little tv on the couch just to pass the time. I was then awoken almost two hours later when a friend called me. I proceeded to have maybe the most awkward, semi-awake conversation for the next few minutes. How exactly can I behave this much like an old man at my relatively young age… WTF! Would someone please get me a set of house shoes, a robe, and a bunch of neighborhood kids to yell at!

Elliptical Machine: 470calories and 2.5miles

Future Imperfect
It is Riker’s birthday and amidst the celebration he is called for away team duty with Worf and Geordi. They are to investigate a mysterious signal on an otherwise abandoned planet. While investigating the group is overwhelmed by toxic gasses and the Enterprise his difficulty getting them back on board. We then cut to Riker waking up in the Enterprise’s sick bay but it is not quite the Enterprise he knows and then Crusher refers to him as Captain Riker and reveals that he has been in a coma for ten days, not mention that sixteen years have passed. It is explained that he is suffering from a Talarian Virus that has erased his memories from the time he was on the planet and passed out until the moment he just woke up. Riker continues to struggle with whole deal including meeting his son, negotiating a Romulan peace treaty and Picard being an Admiral on board a Romulan ship. When looking at a picture of his family it is shown that he is married to Minuet, a woman from a fantasy of his years earlier. The whole deal is revealed to be a Romulan ploy to get secret information. In the Romulan prison Riker is introduced to the young boy used as his model, Ethan. He and Ethan escape the prison camp but it is then revealed that Ethan made the whole thing up and is actually an alien stranded after being left by his mother. The young alien goes with Riker and things are back to normal. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So yes everyone I am doing a play this summer, even though I said I wouldn’t be doing a show. I have changed my mind for several reasons but this doesn’t mean that I am not going to have a fun summer. I love theatre and it is a hobby of mine, but it will not take over my entire summer. So the moral of the story is this folks, If you want to see me and hang out just let me know and I will figure out a time to make it happen. As summer approaches I have been working on my reading list and I have a few books to start off the list but if anyone has suggestions let me know. I love humor, sci-fi, and pretty much anything that isn’t too sad. DO NOT recommend the book “50 shades of Gray” someone already did and I told them I was not interested in that porno, LOL

Elliptical Machine: 410calories and 2.6miles

The Enterprise is intercepted by a Klingon attack cruiser carrying Ambassador K’Ehleyr, Worf’s one time love interest. K’Ehleyr is there to gain Picard’s help with a situation involving the current leader of the Klingon Empire K’mpec. K’mpec reveals that he has been slowly poisoned over the past few months and is dying. He has traveled this distance to enlist Picard’s help to become the overseer of the transition to the new leader of the Klingon Empire. The two options are Duras, the man we found was the true traitor the Empire for conspiring with the Romulans, and an outsider named Gowron. Picard and K’Ehleyr begin an investigation into who killed K’mpec all the while delaying the transition of power. Eventually it is revealed that Duras once again is up to no good and  Gowron takes control of the empire. The subplot involves the continued drama of Worf and K’Ehleyr’s love for each other which is now further complicated when she shows up with a young child named Alexander. Alexander is revealed to be Worf’s son though he struggles to accept him knowing that the boy will carry his shame for being from the family of a traitor. Duras kills K’Ehleyr during a heated discussion and Worf is faced with now being a single parent to young Alexander. Worf decides to do what he feels is best for the child and sends him to live with his human parents on Earth. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Today was spent largely hungover. I usually don’t drink a lot and rarely do I get a hangover but today the universe was not working in my favor. I got to spend Saturday in a pretty amazing way though so it was all worthwhile. I helped out my mom and sister with some llama grooming which was fun but not super exciting but good bonding time with family. I then went out biking with my friend Derek. He informed me that it was a mountain bike park which ended up being something completely different than I thought. It was an extreme mountain bike park and it had to walk some of it and it got better as I was going along. At one point though I ended up going ass over tea kettle over the handle bars of my bike which actually made me laugh out loud at myself. After that I went out drinking with some of my friends from work, hence the hangover. I have spent some of the day in bed, doing work and now I’m shopping for a new mountain bike!

Today’s Workout- Elliptical Machine: 510 calories and 3.2 miles

The Enterprise receives a distress call from a Federation freighter ship but before they can reach the ship it explodes. The good news is that an escape pod containing the two crew members gets away from the explosion and the men are alive. The bad news is that the pod lands on nearby Turkana IV, a failed Earth colony that has officially cut ties with the Federation. The planet has crumbled into an anarchist society where factions fight each other for power and are locked into a never ending cycle of raids, death and violence. Turkana IV is also special because it is the birth place of former security chief, Tasha Yar. Upon beam down the landing party is attacked and gets taken in by one of two factions called the “Coalition”. They agree to help the crew locate their men because they want to possibly have good relationship with the Federation in the future. The “coalition” provides a liaison to help out who just happens to be Tasha’s sister, Ishara Yar. The crew is suspicious because Tasha never mentioned having a sister to anyone on board. Some DNA testing reveals that she is indeed who she says she claims to be. Ishara starts to get to know the crew of the Enterprise and they help to change her negative views on Tasha. Ishara has always thought that Tasha was a coward for leaving the colony instead of fighting with one of the factions. Her opinion is changed by the end.  Ishara agrees to help the Enterprise locate the crewmembers by going into the “alliance” headquarters. While there she ventures off from the rest of the group and attempts to disarm their weapons and security measures so that her faction could come inside and kill everyone. Ishara reveals that her entire time on the ship was a ploy to gain everyone’s trust. The crew is left bewildered and unsure of how to process their emotions, most of all Data who connected with her more than any other member of the crew.

This show is the 80th episode of the Next Generation, which is a distinction because the Original Series only had 79 episodes in its run by the time it was cancelled. I find it also fascinating that Tasha Yar is brought up quite a bit during the show even after Denise Crosby left the show. I think in a lot of ways the show became stronger when she left but I also find that she was an interesting member of the crew who could have been developed better with time.