Saturday, June 23, 2012


So I did this workout on Thursday but I have not had time to write it since then.. YIKES!

The Enterprise is taking a leisurely jaunt through a nebula on its way to the nearest starbase and the crew is taking some time to relax. So Picard takes Guinan to the holodeck for yet another Dixon Hill mystery, but this is cut short when a few wormholes start to cause trouble. The crew is sucked into a wormhole and the whole crew wakes up 30 seconds later and they begin to move along their day without notice. That is until Crusher notices that a few plants she was growing now show a full day of growth as opposed to 30 seconds. The rest of the crew starts to realize that things are a little off and that all is not well on the Enterprise. Data seems to be holding all of the secrets and at the same time refuses to share what has happened until the matter is forced by Picard. At the same time a mysterious cloud appears and Troi is taken over by an alien force. These aliens don’t want to be discovered so they created the memory loss in the crew and sent them light years away. The ship is now on the verge of being destroyed because the first attempt failed and the aliens really don’t want to be discovered. Picard convinces them to make a second attempt at the memory wipe and this time it works better and everyone can live. 

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