Monday, June 25, 2012

Identity Crisis

The Watermelon diet is really hard! I’ve decided already to modify it a little to fit my needs. I wake up in the morning and ya know what… I’m hungry as a mo fo! So in response I have decided to start the day with a smoothie and then have watermelon the rest of the day, let’s see how that goes for me. Today I finally repotted my hibiscus tree into a large fancy pot. It was really starting to look like shit outside in the little plastic pot it came in. The new pot will match my downstairs so that in the winter it can come right inside and look beautiful year round in my house. I also continue to be addicted to The Office, I’m just about to finish season 3 and I started watching it on Sunday. Maybe I need to get myself out of the house?

Elliptical Machine- 604calories in 3.56miles

Identity Crisis
Lt. Commander Susanna Leijten has come on board the Enterprise to assist in an investigation of a series of mysterious events. Tarchannen III was the site of a series of disappearances and five years ago Leijten and LaForge were part of an away team on the planet and now the members of that away team are starting to disappear as well. The Enterprise is now tracking a shuttlecraft carrying Lt. Hickman, a member of the landing team, who has hijacked it and is headed for Tarchannen III. The ship burns up in the atmosphere because it did not answer the calls of the Enterprise. LaForge and Leijten are now worried that something will happen to them next, which of course it does. Leijten begins to feel anxious and she has a bad case of the shakes. Cut to Leijten collapsing and LaForge noticing that she is starting to mutate. Crusher and Data look for an answer because this destroys their former hypothesis involving alien abductions. LaForge continues looking at the evidence and sees a shadow in the tapes that turns out to be some type of alien being in disguise, but at this exact moment he faints and the change happens much quicker than with the other people. Dr. Crusher discovers a parasite on the Thalamus of Leijten and then is able to reverse the effects of the parasite and cure her. LaForge makes his way down to the planet and the crew must now find him before it is too late. He is located and brought to the ship and cured. All is well for LaForge and Leijten but it is sadly too late for the other missing crew members from the landing party. 

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