Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Data's Day

Space Camp in T-Minus 10 hours from now, I am feeling the urge to “Boldly Go..” Today was spent packing and cleaning and prepping to go on this 5-day adventure.

Elliptical Machine: 420calories and 2.42miles

Data’s Day
This episode is a slice of life for Data who is journaling a daily log to Dr Maddox who continues to research how to mass produce androids for Federation use. Throughout the day Data is presented with several challenges. The best way to go through this episode is story by story:

Data is to be the “father of the Bride” in Chief O’Brien and his future wife Keiko’s wedding. To start the day Keiko intends to cancel the wedding as she is having cold feet about the whole thing. She asks Data to inform O’Brien about the change and things go downhill. He then seeks advice from Counselor Troi about what to do, Worf on what gift to buy the couple and Dr. Crusher on how to dance at the wedding. In the end everything works itself out and Data attends the wedding and even dances a little bit!

A key Starfleet Ambassador is on board being transported on a secret mission into the neutral zone. No one on board seems to know what the deal is but they are all suspicious. Even Data! The Ambassador asks several questions about the ship’s security to Data but he does not have an obligation to share because the request was withdrawn. The Enterprise rendezvous with a Romulan warbird and the ambassador apparently dies in a transporter malfunction. Data is put on the investigation and reveals that the Ambassador didn’t die but was transported by the Romulans to make it look like a death. The Ambassador was really a Romulan spy all along.

The Episode is really very interesting because it is completely told from Data’s point of view. It is also of note because we get to see Data interact in a variety of new and unique ways with the entire crew. His interaction with Dr. Crusher in the dance hall is maybe my favorite moment. 

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