Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Loss

What a gloriously beautiful cool summer day here in Minnesota and I love it! If summer could be like this every day it would be wonderful. I’m heading to Alabama this weekend and the predicted weather there is currently in the mid to upper 80s with really high humidity! Oh joy. I feel like this weekend is going to end up really fun but also extremely sweaty. Again,,, oh joy.

Elliptical Machine- 450 calories and 2.6miles

The Loss
The Enterprise encounters a mysterious shock that starts to set the ship a drift. Meanwhile Counselor Troi experiences some type of mini attack and ends up in sick bay. She has apparently lost her empathic powers and she becomes a stark raving bitch to everyone, but who can blame her really. The Enterprise continues to be lost adrift and they determine they are stuck in field of two dimensional creatures that are slowly moving towards a tear in space. This tear in space will destroy the Enterprise and now it becomes imperative to get themselves out of this mess. Picard forces Troi to help out even though she doesn’t think she can help because she has lost her powers. Troi ends up suggesting a course of action that saves the ship and suddenly her powers are restored.

The episode is kinda week in the story department but it does showcase a very strong performance by Marina Sirtis that helps to anchor and carry the entire episode. 

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