Sunday, June 3, 2012


Today was spent largely hungover. I usually don’t drink a lot and rarely do I get a hangover but today the universe was not working in my favor. I got to spend Saturday in a pretty amazing way though so it was all worthwhile. I helped out my mom and sister with some llama grooming which was fun but not super exciting but good bonding time with family. I then went out biking with my friend Derek. He informed me that it was a mountain bike park which ended up being something completely different than I thought. It was an extreme mountain bike park and it had to walk some of it and it got better as I was going along. At one point though I ended up going ass over tea kettle over the handle bars of my bike which actually made me laugh out loud at myself. After that I went out drinking with some of my friends from work, hence the hangover. I have spent some of the day in bed, doing work and now I’m shopping for a new mountain bike!

Today’s Workout- Elliptical Machine: 510 calories and 3.2 miles

The Enterprise receives a distress call from a Federation freighter ship but before they can reach the ship it explodes. The good news is that an escape pod containing the two crew members gets away from the explosion and the men are alive. The bad news is that the pod lands on nearby Turkana IV, a failed Earth colony that has officially cut ties with the Federation. The planet has crumbled into an anarchist society where factions fight each other for power and are locked into a never ending cycle of raids, death and violence. Turkana IV is also special because it is the birth place of former security chief, Tasha Yar. Upon beam down the landing party is attacked and gets taken in by one of two factions called the “Coalition”. They agree to help the crew locate their men because they want to possibly have good relationship with the Federation in the future. The “coalition” provides a liaison to help out who just happens to be Tasha’s sister, Ishara Yar. The crew is suspicious because Tasha never mentioned having a sister to anyone on board. Some DNA testing reveals that she is indeed who she says she claims to be. Ishara starts to get to know the crew of the Enterprise and they help to change her negative views on Tasha. Ishara has always thought that Tasha was a coward for leaving the colony instead of fighting with one of the factions. Her opinion is changed by the end.  Ishara agrees to help the Enterprise locate the crewmembers by going into the “alliance” headquarters. While there she ventures off from the rest of the group and attempts to disarm their weapons and security measures so that her faction could come inside and kill everyone. Ishara reveals that her entire time on the ship was a ploy to gain everyone’s trust. The crew is left bewildered and unsure of how to process their emotions, most of all Data who connected with her more than any other member of the crew.

This show is the 80th episode of the Next Generation, which is a distinction because the Original Series only had 79 episodes in its run by the time it was cancelled. I find it also fascinating that Tasha Yar is brought up quite a bit during the show even after Denise Crosby left the show. I think in a lot of ways the show became stronger when she left but I also find that she was an interesting member of the crew who could have been developed better with time. 

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