Sunday, June 24, 2012

Galaxy's Child

So today I was a little crazy… I worked out on the elliptical two times and rode my bike for a half hour. I burned an estimated 1400 calories today between all of the working out! I am also a total ass and I’m going to try a crazy fad diet this week. The Watermelon Diet, I think this is a better option than the crazy maple syrup cayenne pepper diet because come on Watermelon is fricking delicious. Who can get sick of watermelon? I mean have you ever met someone who doesn’t like this fruit?? I have not but if I did I would have doubts about their patriotism!!!! I’ve also done some cleaning and laundry today but nothing to productive in all honesty.

Elliptical Machine: 605 calories and 3.55 miles

Galaxy’s Child
The Enterprise is one route to a Federation Starbase to pick up Dr. Leah Brahms, the designer of the Enterprise’s engine system. Geordi is beside himself with excitement because he has wanted to meet this woman ever since he created a fake version of her on the holodeck when he needed to solve an engineering problem. Needles to say the real woman is not what he was expecting. In his holodeck version she is sweet as pie and attracted to him, but in real life she is a stone cold bitch. Upon first meeting Geordi she does nothing but berate him for making modifications to “her designs”. The two have several rocky meetings and it gets worse when Geordi attempts to throw a romantic dinner for two which wierds her out just a little. She gets even more upset when she discovers his holodeck program of her and she reveals that she is in fact married. Meanwhile the Enterprise has come across a bizarre space creature but in an attempt to stop its attack they accidentally kill it. Soon they discover a baby inside the creature and help it out of its parent. The young creature latches on to the Enterprise because it thinks the ship is its mother. The crew now is faced with getting the creature off the ship before it drains all the power. In the emergency Dr. Brahms and Geordi work together and figure out a way to shake of the creature. 

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