Tuesday, June 26, 2012


50 pounds have left the building! Is it odd to say that one is proud of oneself? If it is I really don’t care. I could not be more pleased with myself today, because I have lost a total of fifty pounds since beginning this adventure known as the Star Trek Workout. The one year anniversary is quickly approaching and I am looking forward to marking the event somehow.

Elliptical Machine- 3.33miles and 565calories

The Enterprise is playing host to an archeological conference in which Picard is giving the keynote at the opening ceremony. When he returns to his quarters he discovers a chalice sitting on his table and then Vash appears. She has snuck in his quarters to surprise him and he is surprised and not in the good way. Vash and Picard are discovered by Dr. Crusher when she comes by the next morning to have breakfast with him in his quarters. Awkward party of 3! We find out that Vash  has heard of everyone on board but none of them have heard of her which upsets her just a little bit. At this time our good friend Q appears and he has vowed to do Picard a favor since he is owed one. Picard of course refuses to accept any help but Q is determined to help him. Q eves drops and discovers that the Captain is currently unlucky in love so he helps. He helps by transporting the entire bridge crew and Vash to Sherwood Forest where Picard is Robin Hood and Vash is Maid Marian. The crew must go through the motions and fulfill the Robin Hood legend. In the end Vash and Picard admit to really liking each other but Vash decides to go off with Q and explore the vast unknown.

The show is just simply cute and silly which for the Next Generation is at times a welcome relief as the show gets a little too serious from time to time. There are a few really great gags in this show including a scene where Troi shoots Data with an arrow on accident. The other is a recreation of the guitar smashing scene from Animal House; LaForge is plucking the mandolin and an annoyed Worf smashes it against a tree then adds a very grim “sorry”. LOL I love this episode. 

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