Sunday, June 10, 2012

Final Mission

I have had an extremely wonderful weekend! I went Valley Fair on Friday with the students on their last day of school. I am amazed at how kids dress themselves when they have no rules or think they have no rules placed upon them. I went to a staff party on Friday as well which was great and then also went to see Prometheus on Friday night. I enjoyed the movie though it was not the movie I was hoping for, and I imagine several other people felt that way too. Saturday running my second 5K, which I finished in 31 minutes and then I ran errands!!! Today I really just hung out with friends and had a wonderful time. Tomorrow is my last day of regular work before summer and I can’t wait to have fun with coworkers and get all the loose ends taken care of before I leave.

Elliptical Machine: 572cal 3.33miles

Weight- 207 pounds! Which makes it a loss of 49 since July, one pound to go and I will get there soon.

Final Mission
Captain Picard has been requested to help with some negotiations and he has opted to take Wesley Crusher with him on the voyage. This will be Wesley’s last mission on the Enterprise as he has transferred to Starfleet Academy. The two are being transported by the miners involved in the negotiations but the ship is old and they are forced to crash land on a nearby desert moon. Picard, Wesley and Captain Drego are now faced with survival on this desolate planet. Meanwhile the Enterprise is called away to get a dangerous garbage vessel out of orbit around a planet. The Enterprise is notified of the crash and gets back to the planet as soon as possible. On the planet Picard and company find water but there is a force field around it so that they can’t get to it. Picard is injured badly during an attempt to get past the force field. Now Wesley must take charge to save Picard and get to the water. Wesley is talked into a bad plan by Drego who ends up dying during another failed attempt to get the water. Now Wesley is alone with Picard and the two share a few stories and bond a little bit more than they ever have in the past. Wesley gets to the water in the nick of time but then passes out apparently. He is woken up by the Enterprise crew who take him and Picard back to the Enterprise both alive.

The episode is a bit sentimental at times but it is a good story and serves a purpose to get Wesley off the ship. Wil Wheaton’s performance as Wesley Crusher got better and better as the show moved on but the writing for him was not great from day one. He was either the wiz kid helping out or the wiz kid fucking things up for everyone. In this episode his performance was very good and he truly stepped up to the plate. 

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