Thursday, June 7, 2012

Future Imperfect

I cannot believe how much of an old man I am sometimes. Today I was done making dinner and then wound up watching a little tv on the couch just to pass the time. I was then awoken almost two hours later when a friend called me. I proceeded to have maybe the most awkward, semi-awake conversation for the next few minutes. How exactly can I behave this much like an old man at my relatively young age… WTF! Would someone please get me a set of house shoes, a robe, and a bunch of neighborhood kids to yell at!

Elliptical Machine: 470calories and 2.5miles

Future Imperfect
It is Riker’s birthday and amidst the celebration he is called for away team duty with Worf and Geordi. They are to investigate a mysterious signal on an otherwise abandoned planet. While investigating the group is overwhelmed by toxic gasses and the Enterprise his difficulty getting them back on board. We then cut to Riker waking up in the Enterprise’s sick bay but it is not quite the Enterprise he knows and then Crusher refers to him as Captain Riker and reveals that he has been in a coma for ten days, not mention that sixteen years have passed. It is explained that he is suffering from a Talarian Virus that has erased his memories from the time he was on the planet and passed out until the moment he just woke up. Riker continues to struggle with whole deal including meeting his son, negotiating a Romulan peace treaty and Picard being an Admiral on board a Romulan ship. When looking at a picture of his family it is shown that he is married to Minuet, a woman from a fantasy of his years earlier. The whole deal is revealed to be a Romulan ploy to get secret information. In the Romulan prison Riker is introduced to the young boy used as his model, Ethan. He and Ethan escape the prison camp but it is then revealed that Ethan made the whole thing up and is actually an alien stranded after being left by his mother. The young alien goes with Riker and things are back to normal. 

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