Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Devil's Due

What a long and crazy week this has been. I really feel that I need to sleep for about two days before I will feel really rested and ready to get back to my daily normal. But onwards and upwards, Right?

Elliptical Machine: 630 Calories and 3.47miles

Devil’s Due
The Enterprise is responding to a distress signal from a Federation science lab on Ventax II. The planet’s population is apparently going crazy because it is the day that Ardra is supposedly coming back to claim her right to the planet. Ardra shows up as scheduled and starts wreaking havoc by terrifying the people of the planet into mass hysteria. 1000 years ago the people of Ventax II entered into a contract with a mythical being named Ardra who granted them 1000 years of peace and happiness in return for their lives and control of the planet. Picard is sucked into this whole argument when it is revealed that she now technically owns the planet, everyone on the surface and everything in orbit around the planet. Picard is convinced that she is some type of fraud but can’t quite figure it out. Picard is seduced by Ardra pretty relentlessly but he does not give into her sexual charms. Picard and Data are now faced with trying put on a trial to test the validity of her claim on the planet based on Ventaxian laws. Picard once again is a wonderful negotiator and Data proves to be an adequate judge. Meanwhile LaForge is looking for the source of Ardra’s power and it is revealed to be a cloaked ship in orbit that she is able to control and use to produce her tricks. The ship is revealed and Arda is exposed as a phony who has been exploiting planets around the galaxy.

I’ve always enjoyed this episode and was looking forward to this viewing. It is not like this is one of the most wonderful episodes of the show but it is fun. 

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