Friday, June 29, 2012

Half A Life

Am I the only crazy one in the world or are there others? Let me explain why I ask this question. The process of my morning weigh-ins has become a bit of a ridiculous ritual around my home these days. Like most people I weigh myself in the morning but I only do so right after my morning pee because ya know that liquid can add valuable weight. I then proceed to take of my clothes and step on the scale, but while on the scale I make a good point to exhale all of the air out of my lungs and stand up properly. It is of course a commonly known fact that air in the lungs at just ounces of weight onto your frame and that when you stand as straight as possible it also reduces the amount of weight on your bones. I then step off the scale, look at my weight and repeat the process at least once more. Well ok I don’t try to pee again but I do get on the scale 2-3 times a morning. I just want to make sure that the weight is consistent and the same. I also don’t count for weight change unless the same number shows up two days in a row; it only seems the logical thing to do. This is all normal right? I must also admit to being just a little happy after a good morning Bowel Movement, because that means a lower number on my scale. Also because I am such a curious guy I will even weigh myself pre and post potty break because I find it fascinating how much that can change your weight.

So again I ask, is this crazy? Do I need to get rid of my scale for a few weeks? Do I need to start seeking help for some type of mental weight disorder? Or the final question of the day… Am I normal?

Elliptical Machine- 603calories and 3.7miles

Half A Life
The Enterprise is picking up a scientist named Timicin from the planet Kaelon III. The planet’s population is a race who prefers to be isolated from other worlds but they need help because their sun is going to collapse within the next 30 years and in the process it will destroy their whole planet. Timicin has found a potential way to solve the problem but when they reach the test site the experiment fails. Before the experiment thought Timicin meets Lwaxana Troi who is on board visiting her daughter. The two take an immediate shine to each other. On the way home it is revealed that Timicin is now on his way home to die, not because of the sun though. Apparently on Kaelon III the residents are forced to commit suicide when they turn 60 to prevent them from wasting away and becoming a burden to others. They do this in a ceremony called the Resolution. This is supposed to be a joyous ceremony to celebrate life and pass on in peace. Lwaxana is just beside herself because this Resolution is making her rethink her life and if she has become useless not to mention the fact that she is in love with the man. She talks to Timicin and through her words of wisdom he requests asylum on the Enterprise, this of course pisses the residents of Kaelon III who now want to exile him and blow up the Enterprise. It is at this time that Timicin’s daughter comes to visit and talk some sense into her father. She convinces him but he does atmit the decision is difficult. He returns to Kaelon III for his Resolution but Lwaxana insists on going with him to participate but she agrees to be on her best behavior.

The show is a statement on euthanasia and the rights of the elderly. It also shows that two older people can still get it on as there is a scene that clearly happens the morning after some serious booty call action has happened. The show also features a guest starring appearance by Michelle Forbes who later went on to play Ensign Ro during the fifth, Sixth and Seventh seasons of the show. 

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